Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The 58th Quadrennial U.S. Presidential Election is commencing its way to the final step for November 8, 2016, when the new President and Vice-President of United States of America will be declared. The Presidential Primary Elections and Caucuses is processing in a series between 1 February 2016 to 14 June 2016 among the 50 states in the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories.
As the campaigning is on its highest level, the rise in the activity of posting photoshopped images of presidential electors is also on its topmost level. No single politician is left safe from the attack of these photoshopped images. From Barack Obama to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and Macro Rubio all of them were targeted in a funny manner.
Here present you the list of most Popular photoshopped Images for US President Election 2016.
1.Rouhani-Obamas photoshop

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Picturing Obama and Rouhani together, they seem to meet is fake. The image is photoshopped from the picture in which Former Indian Prime Minister met US President Barack Obama and is replaced by the President of Iran met. The picture is made for a promotion of incumbent Republican Sen.

2.Obama laughing on Hillary and Trump

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Current president Barak Obama is taking a dig at both Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. Quite well photoshopped, in this President Barack Obama is laughing at Hillary Clinton who put a Caption America Mask on her face and Donald Trump who is tied with ropes. Hopefully, it tries to show that Hillary Clinton put an effect to tied Donald Trunk due to which she wears Superhero Mask.

3.The Incredubyas

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Picturing the U.S presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama as the famous “The Incredibles”, or as this photoshop is titled, “The Incredubyas”.

4.Ben Carson enjoying his Yo-yo skills

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This picture is perfectly photoshopped, describe the retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson showing yo-yo skills in his hands when he was speaking in his way in an event. The Neurosurgeon mostly remains far away from these types of news, but this time, he did get caught.

5.Is it, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This photoshopped picture, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are their faces as a single. It seems that this picture shows that the next President is inside it whether it may be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as both may have a large number of Delegates as expected.

6.Clinton Trolled Obama

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The President Barack Obama with one of his official seems that Hillary Clinton will love the new video of Justin Bieber whereas The Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton told to her officials for back to work. This shows the consistency in the campaign to become the U.S. President.

7.Macro Rubio The Waterboy

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

In another Rubio photoshop, U.S. Senator from Florida is titled The Waterboy due to his thirst in events. Macro Rubio used to drink more water as compared to other peoples and there is an unforgettable moment in an event with his water bottle.

8.Trump cant control his hairs

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Another Trump Photoshop, it shows the carelessness of Businessman Donald Trump who cant even control his hairs but wants to control the Country. The picture perfect it is.

9.Rubio-Obama “the handshake” by Ted Cruz

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This is an unsuccessful attempt by Ted Cruz campaign to defame Marco Rubio. Such a bad Cruz photoshop skill by Cruz, which just revoke the whole which can be created by this picture of Rubio handshaking with Barak Obama.

10.The “Trumpbrige”

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The mash-up of famous harry potter character Dolores Umbridge with one of the favourite for US presidency, Donald Trump. One of the favourites of this list, this definitely earns the top spot on the list.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

WordPress is a renowned and most used platform for web development today. Not only website development, it has taken place in the market of blogging. Creating a website on WordPress, the first thing is to look for an exquisite theme to make your website stand out crowd. Here are the 10 best free WordPress theme most downloaded in 2016.

1. Sparkling

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

The Sparkling is the most accurate theme which developed by Bootstrap of version 3. This free WordPress theme is simple and clean mainly optimized for the smartphones and tablets and it is SEO friendly. It is the most downloaded theme in 2016 for the WordPress.

2. Illdy

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016
It is a modern designed theme with bright colours. It is flexible and can use easily as a WordPress multi-purpose theme. It is designed in the Bootstrap. This theme is designed for providing so many features from a single theme to any category website.

3. Parallax One

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

Clean and simply designed theme that can use for multi-purpose. It is beautiful and elegant free WordPress theme which designed in Bootstrap. This theme is designed to put the content of website first. This theme is featured in a large number of special icons, parallax effect, multiple colour scheme and custom logos, icons, and menus.

4. Travelify

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

Travelify, responsive WordPress theme with some features. It is a free WordPress theme which provides premium functionality also. It consists of pixel perfect design and attractive slider and blog templates and many other features. It is a free theme which a person can use for his personal blogs.

5. Zerif Lite

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

It is an interactive theme with a single page theme. It can be mainly used for product showcase, digital studios, and business portfolio. Its background is a full-width image and a menu bar at the top. Black and White are the main colors in the theme but Red and Green are also there for some special section. Mainly this theme is designed to support different WordPress plugins.

6. Enigma

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

This theme is basically known for its response function. This theme can work on any platform. It is an excellent WordPress theme which can use to fulfill any purpose. It is a versatile theme which can fit into any role. It is mainly usable for business work it includes an impressive slider, user-friendly themes options, and completes CMS control.

7. Regina Lite

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

Regina Lite is a clean and simple theme which is well organized. Basically, this theme is for health and some medical purposes. It has a full-width header and a wide layout. This theme has various features like easy booking form, woo commerce support, digitized menu and fully responsive.

8. Ascent

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

Ascent theme is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes with an impressive feature Roaster. It uses HTML5 and CSS3. Each site made by this theme will be different from other sites as there is a feature to customize the page background.

9. Dazzling

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

A fully responsive WordPress theme which is clean, modern and minimal. This theme is well suited for blogs and e-commerce websites. There is a feature in this theme to full screen the optional slider. This theme is made in Bootstrap 3 due to which it becomes more friendly and responsive.

10. Onetone

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Themes in 2016

Onetone theme me is the favourite choice if anyone want to build an impressive website. It is flexible, charming and light coloured theme. It also helped to customize the relevant options. This theme is SEO friendly by which it effects to the site rankings.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms : Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?

Blogs have become an important tool to share information in this era of Social media and Networking. Today, blogging Network is a most influential platform for passionate writers and provides the opportunity for the young talent to stage themselves online with their blogs and creative views on different topics.
We have many success stories of entrepreneurs turning their ideas into reality and earning million dollars by blogging websites. There are many ways to create a free blog and start earning as an earning writer. It is an amazing work and have become and trend to write your heart out and see what others think.
Here I give you the detail Information and tell you about best 5 blogging platform and tell you who’s the best of best and why.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is wordpress Best free blogging platform?
Vast features and good rating over the internet make WordPress most popular blogging website on the internet. It provides you with 35,000+ plugins and 3000+ theme design. It is being the most popular of all blogging platforms with free publishing tool, Search Engine Optimization friendly Content, and user-friendly functions. Enriched with WordPress system software, WordPress is highly flexible, user-friendly, and scalable and search engine optimized. This is what makes it best of the best today, the most lovable blogging platform.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Renowned by its popular name Blogspot, it is one of the first blogging platforms. This is one of the best bloggers for a new user and new blogger and it is very simple to use. The salient feature of blogger is that it is a product of Google and holding on the blogging platform for a very long time. Much loved by new blog writers, this is entirely free and does not cost any hosting fee. It has an overall rating of 8. You can earn money with AdSense Services.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Best known for micro-blogging, Tumblr is placed third on our list of the free blogging platform. Tumblr has quite an impression over the youngster, mostly used by them. Tumblr mainly focuses on visual sharing, like images or videos with very less amount of text with it. This is what attract user most towards it. Easy to handle, varying option in themes and also not to forget the mobile friendly look, some of the eye-catching features of Tumblr.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Created by the one of the masterminds behind the origin of twitter, Evan Williams. Acquire a very snappy user interface of all 5 listed blogging platform, medium sure is something to go for. This free blogging platform is very popular nowadays. Fast and growing, giving tougher competition to its rivals in the market. Medium allows you to set your customized domain and focuses mainly on the content-based blogs.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Comes with a motto of “Blog Forever”, this blogging platform is to its competitor Medium. Not so old but still have managed to mark its feet in the market. It helps you write as easy as it can be, this is what SVBTLE focuses on. With needed customization control on its dashboard, the founder has tried to keep things very straight and manageable.

12 Best WordPress hosting provider

WordPress is known to be the best blogging and best platform to launch your website today. Considerably easy to implement and handle. Launching your website over WordPress, you need to have a WordPress host. And, choosing one is not an easy task. The question here arises that are we choosing the best? There is numerous paid and free WordPress hosting provider. Settling down on a best paid or free hosting, it all depends on upon the distinctive attributes, stature on the web, reliability, services and the price for services provide by these hosts.

There are few contenders who top the lists of WordPress users looking out for best WordPress host.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider
Rated above 9 on almost every review site, Bluehost is compared to be the best WP hosting provider. A paid WordPress hosting comes with the basic monthly price of $4.95. Bluehost provides two account privileges, the standard one and the shared with their respective features. With such basic price, Bluehost provides unlimited installs, storage, bandwidth, domains and account. Bluehost is also recommended by itself.

Inmotion Hosting

12 Best wordpress hosting provider
Though a Linux based hosting, Inmotion is recommended as a most affordable option for WordPress hosting and makes second to our list. Inmotion accumulates you with a business class hosting. Rated to 8 on most of the sites, provides you paid hosting service and offers three types of hosting plans; Launch, Power, and Pro.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider

SiteGround is running their service for over 15 years now. They are in process since the year 2003. SiteGround deliver a distinctive speed and security with their hosting solutions. They also accommodate you with the plan of auto updates and fewer in the list of providing location-based hosting.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider

Unlimited data transfer on a monthly basis, with unlimited disk space, Arvixe also has grabbed a place in our list our list. Arvixe is a leader in hosting industry for over one decade. Arvixe is mainly noted for their speed and security of a WordPress website. Arvixe also includes other features like shared, dedicated and cloud hosting and is more compatible with any WordPress theme or plugin.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider

Dreamhost provides a customized WordPress hosting called DreamPress which consists of so many features that help?to create amazing Website. It automatically updates to the latest version of the WordPress. DreamPress provides you an isolated virtual private server so that traffic cannot disrupt the website.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider

One of the most popular WordPress hosting providers which consist of a large number of features. They categorized their services into different plans as a user can enjoy their service according to his need.All the plans include free domain with an annual plan, free daily backups and 1 click restore as well, access to thousands of themes and plug-ins.


12 Best wordpress hosting provider

Hostgator provides almost the same features as other WordPress hosting providers but the other things that make The Hostgator into top 12 are that they help the user if they faces some problems in the service by giving VIP attention personally to a user instead of 45 days money back guarantee. They have hosted 8,000,000 domains which also take them into a good reputation.

Green Geeks

12 Best wordpress hosting provider

The GreenGeeks basically focus on the security rather than other services which other companies already providing. They have Real-Time security scanning and Brute Force and DDoS Protection which actively scan and block known vulnerabilities to protect a site. They also have the best hardware and Multiple Data Centers which integrate into the best Content Delivery Network with a single click.

WP Engine
12 Best wordpress hosting provider

The WP Engine has made a remarkable point in the list of best WordPress hosting providers as they have technology, innovation, and experience. They beautifully explore their services for personal, professional, business and premium use. They also have 24/7 technical support from WordPress experts, daily backups, firewall and malware scan.

Host Papa

12 Best wordpress hosting provider

The HostPapa includes free migration from a users existing host. Their team works hard to do a transfer without any downtime and worry. There are more than 300 free open-source applications can be installed in one click. There is also industry-leading control panel which helps to manage websites, domains and files in one location. They have multi-language support which is always available.

Web Hosting Hub

12 Best wordpress hosting provider

Web Hosting Hub is another WordPress hosting provider which offering managed hosting that specifically suits their needs.This hosting provider is considered pretty effective for small businesses, as its online review says it. A user can manage all his/her site with one attractive dashboard. In addition, they have very impressive prices as compare to other WordPress hosting provider.

Media Temple

12 Best wordpress hosting provider

MediaTemple are the WordPress Hosting provider which mainly relies upon their facility to make the website more attractive.Like all, they have same features as other WordPress hosting providers but they have some far better themes which keep them in the top 12.

10 Most Important things, you must know for monetizing any blog

Blogging is the well known money making way. You may notice that whenever you google anything, there will be more than 70% of results from sites that are actually blogs.  All these blogs can give you every bit of information you want and these blogs are not only surviving but also making big bucks. Blogging is the way that everyone can adopt to make money online. But every blogger is not making money from their blogs, though most of them are trying hard.

With all my blogging experience and researches, I have managed to identify the secrets of  the popular money making blogs. Here are the 10 most important things that a blogger or blog owner must know for monetizing any blog.

1.  Content is King

content is king

Every reader or visitor of a blog expect some new information with each post. So it is extremely important to provide unique and  fresh content with each post. This is also important to get maximum exposure in search engine results. Blog’s content is primarily responsible for blog’s search engine rankings. Google and other popular search engines are always hungry of fresh and unique content. Good Search engine positions can provide you massive organic traffic.

2.  Presentation of Content

A blog can have lots of good, fresh and unique content and it will be well appreciated by search engines. But all of this will be worthless, if blog reader does not find it interesting to read.  In this era of web 2.0, a page full of only text lines will look so boring.  So it is very important to use other media like Images, graphs, slideshows or videos at every possible part of each post.

3.  Impress the visitors, Do not irritate them

Impress or irritate

As mentioned in top 2 points, we really want to impress search engines and blog readers/visitors. Blog readers have very important role in any blog’s success. With my research on popular money making blogs , I found that each one of those blog has massive amount of regular readers of their respective blogs.  They impress new visitors to make them regular reader and subscriber of their blog posts.

Placing many ads,many social media icons and many links around blog posts, really irritates readers/visitors and they feel like leaving those blogs quickly, no matter how good information you have provided in your blog posts.

 4.  Communicate with your readers/visitors


Replying or commenting to the readers comments, make them feel that their views are important to the post author or blog owner. Sharing thoughts and resources is extremely important in this social media dominated cyber world. This is very certain that it is impossible to attend each comment of  each post but a time to time commenting from author, will make post more lively.