Tweet and Win an iPhone Everyday for 10 Days! contest

Sometimes, it is pretty hard to look out for the best web hosting company for our WordPress blog.

This is because most of web hosting company out there do not have deep knowledge on WordPress issues. Base on my experience, when you bump into problem and try look for solution from the support centre, the staffs in charged, most of the time will give general solution which can worth close to nothing for WordPress beginners.

This issue arise as the result of those web hosting companies are not specialised in WordPress and the staffs that they are working for them are also not being stressed and trained in dealing with WordPress issues.

It is fortunate for WordPress communities as WordPress is being supported by huge fans which consist of avid users, developers and contributor. This has led to the formation more web hosting service that caters and specialised in WordPress hosting such as WP Web Host.

WP Web Host is a web hosting service that are specialised in WordPress and currently under Exabytes – a Malaysia based web hosting company.

Base on the status, I believe it is reliable and can be trusted as the parent company has the strength in terms of resources, technical capabilities and human resources which can be redirect into WP Web Host. This will ensure your WordPress will get what it deserve for the price you have paid.

This is what it claims that make it different from other web hosting service:

The biggest distinctive difference between WPWebHost and otherWordPress compatible web hosts are – we provide WordPress-related support (and do it very well). Our team has average 2-3 years of experience using, customizing and hacking WordPress. We’ve built many sites using WordPress, tried literally hundreds of plugins and customized thousands of themes. Any WordPress problems (albeit a technical one) are within our reach.

By the way, WP Web Host has just launced a new contest –  iPhone Giveaway Craze: Tweet and Win an iPhone Everyday for 10 Days! to promote its service to greater extent.

The rules of the contest and how it works is pretty simple. You just need to follow @wpwebhost, send out of tweet with #wpwebhost and have the chance of winning Iphone. The winner will be selected everyday base on random basis.

So, join the the contest now and get the chance of winning the latest iphone by heading the the contest page to know more about this contest.

iPhone Giveaway Craze: Tweet and Win an iPhone Everyday for 10 Days!

Good luck and have fun with the contest!

9 Responses to Tweet and Win an iPhone Everyday for 10 Days! contest

  1. mytheory says:

    Nice information here bro!
    and it’s about contest!
    i would like to say that you have a lovely blog!
    i would say Huzzer – the blog of contest

  2. ariff says:

    There’s something similar to this, just started today. Check it out. THe prize is and Apple iPad, and more to come!!

  3. Mike says:

    wow an apple ipad! Im in.

  4. ariff says:

    You got to love it! All the best to you

  5. Kushal Chap says:

    I am too late for this one 🙁

  6. Mike says:

    I didnt even go for it. I dont have enough time for two contests.

  7. ariff says:

    You just have to retweet. As simple as that!

  8. ariff says:

    Maybe next time

  9. Mike says:

    If I won an iphone I would probably sell it cause I dont want to pay $35 data fees just to get online

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