Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Integrate Facebook Elements in Better Ways

Alongside Twitter, Facebook can also be source of quality WordPress blogs’ visitors. This is because most of the visitors will be those who intentionally be our ‘followers’ i.e. friends as most of those people will definitely from the same circle of interest.

Unfortunately, the development of Facebook plugins for WordPress as compared as Twitter is way slower.

This is probably because the nature of Twitter itself as it is more open for developers including WordPress plugin’s developers. Facebook has much secured and closed nature as it has more users and store way a lot of users’ personal information. Without proper control, those  information can be used for inappropriate purposes and then, pen Facebook for legal consequences.

So, for this post, I would like to share with all of you among the Top 6 of  WordPress plugins to integrate and blend in Facebook element into your WordPress blogs. A sharecount button for Facebook

The sharecount button for Facebook displays the number of times the current page has been shared on Facebook and allows visitors to share it themselves.

Inspired by the popular Retweet buttons, it was built by us folks behind on top of our new data API.


  • Displays the number of shares and on hover the total number of clicks for those shares (displays Facebook logo when 0 shares)
  • Large or small button
  • Track the shares from the button using your API Key or links
  • Add Google Analytics parameters to links

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Facebook Dashboard Widget

This plugin will process your Friends status updates, posted items and/or your Facebook notifications RSS feed, and add a widget for each to your WordPress admin dashboard.

So now you can keep up with whats going on in your friends lives from anywhere without needing to access Facebook!

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StatusPress: Facebook Status on your WordPress Blog

This plugin that takes your Facebook status updates and puts them onto your WordPress blog.  So, you will always keep updating your followers – in Facebook and WordPress blog at the same time. This will definitely make you to be  and look more approachable.

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Facebook Comments

Facebook comments is a WordPress plugin that will import comments from your Facebook notes back into your WordPress blog.

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WP-FacebookConnect adds Facebook functionality to WordPress using the Facebook Connect APIs.


  • Single-signon with your Facebook account
  • Publish comments to the newsfeed
  • Comment avatars display Facebook profile photos

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Gigya’s WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin is a powerful addition to any WordPress blog or site, enabling a wide range of features that are fully configurable using the WordPress Administration Panels.


  • Secure authentication (signup and login) of users for your WordPress blog or site. The plugin integrates fully with WordPress’s user management system and keeps both WordPress and Gigya Socialize synched at all times.
  • Send comments to Facebook profile feed.
  • Invite your friends from MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and others to your blog’s community.
  • Update your status on social networks using a friendly status update widget.
  • Fully configurable user interface design which can be controlled via WordPress’s back-office.

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Base on my observation, most of the WordPress plugins for Facebook integration are developed to integrate Add to Facebook link into WordPress. However, I don’t include in such plugins in the above list as I believe the above WordPress plugin is the best way to integrate in Add to Facebook link to WordPress.

I have also left out plugins that I consider impractical and do not have value added features that will bring your WordPress blogs a step ahead such WordPress plugin that let you import and use your Facebook’s image in your new blog post.

Hope you can bring more quality visitors into your WordPress blogs through Facebook with the help of the above WordPress plugins. Feel free to share other WordPress plugins that you think will help WordPress bloggers integrate in Facebook element in easier and better ways.

15 Responses to Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Integrate Facebook Elements in Better Ways

  1. Just Tweeted:

    and, Stumbled this post!

    I’m a huge fan of WordPress, and a developer/theme modifier and I’m really looking forward to your updates. I found you via ProBlogger’s community and am going to subscribe to your RSS Feed right now!

  2. Helmi Asyraf says:

    Thank you for following and subscribing Huzzer Magazine. If you find it to be worth reading, I really appreciate it if you can share it with others.

    Great to know you. Cheers!

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  4. Mike says:

    Some interesting plugins.

    I am still unsure about the best way to use Facebook to get more traffic to my site. I’ve created a fan page for it, and would ideally like to have posts from my wordpress blog end up on the fan page (maybe in the notes?).

    I haven’t found anything that will do that yet – any ideas?

  5. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I’m glad that you found interesting.

    About the blog post update, it is hard for me to explain it over here.

    Howver, I have searched out for you on the solution and find in the Blogging Tips blog. You can find the solution through below post’s link

    Hope this help you. Cheers!

  6. Mike says:

    Thanks for that!

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  8. I haven’t really used facebook to promote my blog. I mostly concentrate on twitter. I know for a fact to get better results from social networks, you need to participate and engage with your friends and followers. That is way I finding bit difficult get involve multiple social sites.

  9. ariff says:

    I guess majority of my blog readers came from Facebook. So you should try it too

  10. ariff says:

    Just added the Fb share. Hopefully people will start sharing my posts on FB

  11. Mike says:

    The status press looks really good. I have something similar on my blog for twitter. If I can get it working on my site and looking nice ill try it out thanks!

  12. Mike says:

    There is a post on this site that teaches exactly that. It will teach you to import wordpress posts on your facebook page. Type in facebook in the search bar and you will find it.

  13. Mike says:

    I use the facebook comments one already. It is good since it is easier to get comments on facebook. You can also add their picture after the comments are imported. The comments link back to each individuals fbook profile

  14. We do like the plugin, but “Digg Digg” is an all-in-one solution including Retweet, Digg it, etc. buttons. Worth checking out.

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