Top 3 WordPress Classified Theme Developers You Must Know

Nowadays, WordPress boundary has been pushed each days to a new level to improve WordPress usability.

Besides using WordPress for blogging purposes, theme developers has pushed themselves to bring new dimension into WordPress world.

Started from magazine theme for WordPress, the trend then has gone towards newspaper WordPress theme such as from Gabfire. The trend then has changed into more ‘out-of-the-box’ idea such as to make WordPress into online store, auction site, classified site and even replicating Yahoo Answer through WordPress theme.

So, today I would like to share with you the trend setter i.e. the developers of changing WordPress theme into well-functioning, well-designed and user friendly classified site through WordPress theme.

The Top 3 WordPress Classified Themes Developers You Must Know are:

WordPress classified theme

ClassiPress is the first and premium WordPress theme designed to easily turn your Web site into a classified ads system. This feature-rich theme was built for ease of use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and selling classified ads on your site within minutes.

Top Features:

  • Customer DashboardNow your customers have one place where they can login and view, edit, and pause all their ads. Again, no need for them to access your WordPress back office. It’s easy for them to see the status of each one of their ads line by line.
  • Category-Level PricingYou can set individual prices for each category with no limitations. You can also have free categories if you set the price equal to zero.
  • Percentage-Based PricingThe ad cost will depend on what the item listing price is. Great for larger priced items and gives you profit.
  • EditingYour customers can now edit/pause their own ads from a custom page without ever having to see your WordPress back office. Not only does this provide better security, it makes your site look much more professional.
  • Customer Profile PageMake your site more interactive and personal with customer profiles. Now any registered customer can update their own info, change password, upload a picture, and much more. Anyone viewing their ad can click on the authors name to see their profile page. This feature leverages the WordPress author page functionality without providing access to your WordPress back office.
  • Embed Video – It’s now easy for your customers to include videos in their classified ads. ClassiPress supports YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, Vimeo or any site that provides “embed” code.
  • Google Maps – See exactly where each ad listing is physically located. This feature utilizes the Google Maps API so each ad will show a map of the item location. Accurate down to the street number.

Go to ClassiPress


WordPress Classified Theme

ClassifiedsTheme (CT) allows anyone to easily turn a standard WordPress blog into a powerful community driven classified ads serving platform. This well designed and clean classified WordPress theme is among the top theme in classified WordPress theme categories.

Top Features:

  • Ad rotation – This can avoid banner blindness which can be a selling point for you to advertiser who want to have advertisement campaign in your classified site.
  • PayPal integration – By having this feature, you will able to increase your paying customer significantly as with this integration, it will helps any payment can be made right away without having late payment in future.
  • Adsense integration – Besides having paying classified ads, Adsense can also another flow of income which can easily be managed.

Go to Classifieds Theme


WordPress Classified Site

ClassifiedTheme is a coded and ready to install theme and script for any WordPress blog, that will let you transform your blog into a veritable classified ads website. You will be able to post blog articles too, along with the ads.

Top Features:

  • Custom Fields – Ability to add custom fees for your ads, allowing you to transform the site into any classified website type.
  • Customize Fee – Allow free and paid/featured ads.
  • Google Maps – Google Maps Integrated on ad’s page that will show directions of the location.
  • Analytics Integrated – Set your analytics code from admin.

Go to ClassifiedTheme


Besides the above Top 3 WordPress Classified Themes’ Developers, there are other developers that you would like to know that have created WordPress Classified theme for the WordPress community. They are:

The Yoodle with The Yoodle WordPress Classified Theme.

Antisocial Media Productions with WP 2 CL Classifieds Theme ( Craigslist replica)

I hope you share with others who either, want to create online classified site through WordPress about this impressive WordPress classified themes’ developers. I believe that by creating online classified site with WordPress structure, it will help us especially in administrative works and issues as our site will definitely user friendly.

This is because we are used to WordPress structure and know basic tweaking skills which then help us in bringing our own identity to the online classified site.

Feel free to share your opinion about these developers with us – your first impression or experience with us. Others would definitely love to know more about these developers .


19 Responses to Top 3 WordPress Classified Theme Developers You Must Know

  1. yassar says:

    hi..i have been googling my eyes out on how to actually start a classified ads site for my local community were people post items for sale with images for a fee which they are automatically charged when they post their items plus a feature were a percentage of the payment goes to their chosen local charity.

    do i have it right by saying that i need to start a wordpress blog then buy classipress and find a host to host the site for me and how to i change the domain name of wordpress blog/classified ads to my chosen domain.

    thanks in advance

  2. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Actually the first thing that you have to do is to buy your own domain name and hosting.

    From this, you will have proper name for your classifieds site and space to host the database and blogging software i.e. WordPress.

    With the hosting, there will be an application will help you to automatically install WordPress without much hassle and fast.

    Then, after set up your WordPress blog, you have to buy the classifieds WordPress theme like above and upload it to your WordPress as there will be Add New Theme button in the WordPress.

    After you have completed all the details required, you will have your very own online classifieds site through WordPress.

    Hope this will help.


    p/s: Do contact me if you any help to do any of the steps. The best possible way is through Twitter. Good Luck!

  3. Sounds interesting.

    Helmi, can you also provide a comparison of the three solutions? I mean which one of them is the most value for money?

  4. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I am afraid that I can’t do it any time soon.

    However, for me, ClassiPress is the best as it is the only theme that actively improved and updated with new features.

    From what I heard, ClassiPress will launch new version at back of November.

  5. Okay, but try and put in your to-do posts list – the comparison will be very useful for many.

    I’ll check out the new version when it comes out.

  6. ClassiPress looks beautiful! We’ve had a domain name we’ve been holding onto for a long time, wanting to do something cool with it. I’m thinking this theme could be the answer to getting it on the road!!!


  7. You plan on making it like Gumtree?

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  9. I have never heard of Gumtree! Going to look now, as I’m buying this theme TODAY!

  10. So, I bought ClassiPress and installed in and had it up and running, ready for business in one afternoon. It was VERY simple to use and looks SHARP! I’m very impressed.

    Thanks, Helmi. If it weren’t for you, I never would have known about this theme/system and I wouldn’t have started a new business this month!

  11. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Hi Erica,

    Glad to know that my post has helped you out.

    By the way, for your information, Classipress is going to launch new version of the theme and it comes with more great and better functions.

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  13. dan says:

    I can’t find dowonload link for The Yoodle WordPress Classified Theme.

  14. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    It seems Yoodle has been put for sale. I just found about it.

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  16. Kushal Chap says:

    ClassiPress is my choice.

  17. karina says:

    I have been looking for ages for a bussines directory script, bought a few and haven’t found what I needed. I finally came to realise that WP can do the job too and it is what I am actually using. I am also confused in what would be best classipress or classifieds theme. Thanks for the tips!

  18. jobsnepal says:

    i m have my own calssified themes too for my job website

  19. Usman Latie says:

    It’s good theme! I’m refering a classified theme by dailywp for my bussiness, it’s also have many good features but a don’t decide yet. Now,your theme have any discount? Please feedback soon! Thanks!

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