Top 10 Must Have Plugins for New WordPress Blog

Top 10 Must Have Plugins for New WordPress BlogFor those who are still new WordPress blog,you may not familiar with the structure and the elements of WordPress blog. In getting to know and understanding them, it may take time. It will probably demotivate you right before you can get the hang of WordPress.

It is important to know the WordPress plugins that are important in ensuring our WordPress blog to be regarded as ‘completely set up’. It must cover the element on behalf of WordPress bloggers and also for the WordPress blogs’ visitors plus must be simple enough for a new user of WordPress blog.

By knowing the perfect plugins that can help WordPress bloggers to manage your WordPress blog plus improve the experience of WordPress blogs’ visitors, it can definitely be a jump start to the newly set up WordPress blog.

The plugins that you should have for a new WordPress blog are:

1. Akismet

This plugin can be regarded as the most popular plugin for WordPress blog. This plugin will help you to filter out any spams that try to get into your blog through the commenting section.

In order to properly activate this plugin, you have to get API key that you can get when you register for You can find the API key under Users section – Your Profile.

If you DO NOT want to promote for Viagra pills for free in your WordPress, Akismet will definitely help you.

2. All in One SEO pack

This plugin is crucial for a new blog as it can help you to build up your WordPress blog’s traffics. This is because it will help you to gain more traffic from search engine by making your WordPress blog and its content search engine friendly and will get higher rank in the search engine result.

If you still new with SEO term, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This plugin is suitable for new user of WordPress and also can be highly modify for the advanced users.

3. Easy Contact

Contact form is a must have element in a WordPress blog as it shows how you are open to any inquiries and questions from your blog readers. If not contact form, I can’t see any way that anyone can have a contact with you. Comment section is definitely out as it is for your readers to share their view on your blog’s article – not asking questions that are totally unrelated with the articles.

This plugin is easy enough to use as there is not much ‘weird looking’ words – technical jargon that are being used. There no modification that needs to be done. You just need to put this [easy-contact] to the area you want to put your contact form.

4. Highlight Author Comments

This plugin helps you to differentiate your comments with the comments of your WordPress blog’s readers. This is handy if there are a lot of interactions between you and your blog’s readers as it will show you as more approachable and concern person. This will help you a lot to build up your WordPress blog’s fan base.

5. OpenID

OpenID let your WordPress blog to more user friendly and hassle-free for your blog’s readers as do not have to register with your blog to leave a comment or become a member.

Top 10 Must Have Plugins for New WordPress Blog

This is because OpenID let its user to use the same identification for multiple sites and without have to create multiple passwords.

6. TinyMCE Advanced

Creating WordPress blog’s article will be much easier as this plugin will improve your existing WordPress blog’s WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editor. It let your editor to be more straightforward and offer your editor’s toolbar more options.

7. Statpress Reloaded

In order to success in blogging, it is important to match the actual result with our target as without it, it is hard to monitor and know what type and amount of efforts that are effective to our blog. With some statistic in hand, we can know the effect and impact of our actions towards our WordPress blog.

This plugin is a good alternative to get simple statistics in terms of our blog traffic. If you want to get more detailed data,Google Analytics is definitely a better choice then.

8. Top Commentators

It is important to give or show our appreciations towards our blog readers. Some of us may hold some contests or give out some coupons or freebies. Unfortunately, it is understandable for those who just start blogging, it is hard to get and have such resources.

This plugin can help to solve this problem as it helps to highlight the blog’s readers that leave blog comments the most. This will channel decent traffics to their sites through the link embed in the list. This will not only show our appreciations to our WordPress blog’s readers, it will boost the response level of your blogs’ visitors.

9. WordPress Database Backup

This plugin may not be seen important in the initial stage of WordPress blog. However, if you seen it in a longer term view, it can be regarded the most important plugin in this list.

It is because we can’t expect what are going to happen in the next day especially if we still learning about the WordPress. With a single and unintentional mouse click, you can lose all you well written WordPress blog’s articles. You can also lose those articles with something goes wrong with your hosting server.

This plugin will be your saviour as the backup files created by this plugin will help you to retrieve the lost files. It may not be seen important at this moment but it will definitely important one day.

10. Yet Another Related Post Plugin

This plugin will help you to retain your WordPress blog’s readers longer as it will provide the links of related articles that you have written right below your blog post.

If the visitors are interesting in one subject, this is helpful for them as they can keep reading on the articles that are related to the subjects.

For you, if you are trying to earn some income out of your blog, this can be a good sign as the longer your visitors stay in your blog which then will reduce the bouncing rate, the chance of you to capture them as your customers is higher.

These are Top 10 Must Have Plugins for a New WordPress Blog which a new WordPress blog must have before it can start moving forward.

What do you think about above plugins? Are there any plugins that you want to add up? I am eager to know more about them.

8 Responses to Top 10 Must Have Plugins for New WordPress Blog

  1. Good list.

    I prefer Platinum SEO Pack over All In One. Has the same options, plus a few specifically for no-follow options.

    Also prefer Contact Form 7 over any contact form I have every tried!

    Going to try out the Top Commentator’s plugin!!

  2. ariff says:

    been using YARPP for quite a while now and I love it!
    Akismet is essential to every WP bloggers.
    Statpress is pretty much better than wp-stats.
    Top commentators is also a must. People would be excited when the get on the list.

  3. Mike says:

    Thank you. I have installed all in one seo pack, wordpress database backup and tiny mce advanced.
    I am most excited about wordpress database backup. Prevention is the best medicine.

  4. ariff says:

    You know I’ve realized something, before using akismet, I used the traditional all comment must be moderated method. No spam came in. But after I use Akismet, spam started to come in.

    Akismet is like a spam magnet. I dont know whether it’s just me, or some other people experiencing the same phenomenon

  5. Mike says:

    I don’t know I don’t use akismet on some of my sites and I still get tons of spam.

  6. ariff says:

    So you’re not using any spam guard?

  7. Mike says:

    Im not using any right now. I need to activate my akismet. I have the plugin its just not activated

  8. ariff says:

    I guess the only time to know when to use a spam guard is when the spams already came in. But the again is you’re using comment moderation, you don’t really need a spam guard

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