Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking TutorialsTweaking our WordPress blog is a very difficult stuff for us due to our limited knowledge in programming and coding which has a ‘weird looking’ language which we probably have no clue about.

Below, I have compiled Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials which will help you in understanding and tweaking important elements of your WordPress blog. Most of the the tutorials are meant for those who have no knowledge about coding and programming. You just have to follow the clear cut and simple instructions that are given and you should be alright then.

1. Display Thumbnails for Related Posts in WordPress

By Build Internet

This post will help you to have related post section right below your WordPress blog’s post using Yet Another Related Post plugin (YARPP) with image thumbnails instead of words.

Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

2.  10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks for WordPress

By Smashing Magazine

This blog post will help you to tweak almost all aspect that is related to RSS. It will help you in increase your WordPress blog’s subscribers which is definitely a good news if your are planning or is trying to monetize your WordPress blog.

Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

3. Adding Big Social Bookmarking Icons in WordPress

By Byte Tips

If you want to add fancy and big social bookmarking such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Twit This icon below your blog post, the article suits you. The article will help you to tweak Sociable plugin in terms of changing the default icons to your favourite icons.

4. How to highlight author comments in WordPress

By Matt Cutts

In order to build more interactive and user friendly WordPress blog, it is definitely crucial for you interact with your readers. One of the ways is replying or responding back to your readers’ comment but it is important to differentiate your comments with your readers as it will be easier for your readers to know your response and you definitely do not want our efforts are being notified, right?

Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

This article is definite for those who want more interactions in their WordPress blog!

5. Display Post Excerpts Only In WordPress

By Lorelle

This tweak will let you WordPress blog to display its excerpt. This will help your blog readers to browse through your blog quicker and better ways. If they found any interesting article, they can click on the article’s title to read the full articles.

6. How to create a File Upload Form in WordPress?

By Bloggers Base

In case you want to create a portal from WordPress blog such as for WordPress themes or plugins, this article will help you to create an upload form for your WordPress blog’s contributor to upload their files to you. You can share their files afterwards in your WordPress blog.

7. Separating Trackbacks from Comments

By Problog Design

Trackbacks are the messages displayed in the comments list whenever another blog links back to one of your posts. Many blogs disable trackbacks, but not all.

If you use trackbacks on your blog, it is best if they are not mixed with the comments. The comments are a conversation between real people. Having machine-generated links in the middle of that will only serve to disrupt the conversations.

8. Styling Your WordPress Comments

By Darren Hoyt

In case you want to add some funkiness in your WordPress blog’s comment section, this article will able to guide to tweak your comment section in terms of its design and colour scheme. Daren also provide you the file of the codes that you just need to download into your computer and embed it into your WordPress blog.

9. How to Track RSS Subscribers in a Blog Contest

By Web Blog Tools Collection

After your WordPress blog is stabled in terms of initial installation and setup and have decent amount of quality contents, it is a great idea to hold a blog contest to encourage more interactions within your WordPress blog and can be one of way to promotion tools.

One of usually requirements that always been used in blog contest is the participants need to subscribe the RSS. It can be a difficult task to detect this aspect of contest. This article will help you to overcome this problem by embedding a special contest code into your RSS feed which will not be visible in your WordPress blog.

10. Add a Twitter Field to Your Comment Form

By Huzzer Magazine

For those who are ready to join the latest buzz on the planet – Twitter, you must watch this tutorial on how to create additional field in your commenting section that let your WordPress blog’s commentators to leave their Twitter ID alongside their name, email and website address.

Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

One of WordPress blog that has successfully implemented this is Twitip by Darren Rowse, the author of Problogger and of course, Huzzer Magazine.

What do you think about the above tweaking tutorials? Are they helpful? Plus do you have any tweaking tutorials that you would love to share?

Feel free to share with Huzzer Magazine. I am eager to know about it.

9 Responses to Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials

  1. kandi says:

    Hi there, yeah I should your suggestions. I’m having problems on all of that. Like for example on this “technorati authority” thing, although my blog has too many blog linking to it, technorati doen’t seem to see all of that. Thank you very much.

  2. Helmi Asyraf says:

    About the technorati issues, have you register and put the meta code/technorati button into your blog?

  3. ariff says:

    Talking about RSS, do you know why there’s no image in wordpress’ original feed? It’s a waste that the images does not appear in ping sites whenever I ping new posts

  4. ariff says:

    I don’t think Technorati is any good nowadays. People seem to forget it already

  5. Mike says:

    Is there a reason to allow trackbacks and pingbacks to show up on the blog at all? I usually dont approve them so they dont show up.

  6. ariff says:

    If you’re talking about your own ping backs from different posts in your blog, there’s a plugin that makes the pingbacks disappear. Trackbacks from twitter or other sites could somewhat be useful.

    But surely you have to separate them to avoid confusion in the comment section

  7. Dikorifo says:

    Прикалываетесь чтоли, серьезные люди такого писать не будут.

  8. Thanks for tip number 9 (How to Track RSS Subscribers in a Blog Contest). Taught me a cool new trick!

  9. great theme says:

    love the themes, please post more of these

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