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Sharing blog post through email has not really get into attention among blog readers as compared to the social media site such as Twitter and Facebook.

Base on my observation, WordPress bloggers themselves are the reason as they are hardly focus on this and highlight how blog readers can share the blog post through email.

Email: Its importance for WordPress blog

I believe that it is crucial for our WordPress blog and we should ‘invite’ our blog readers to help us promote our blog posts to their friends through email. It is because I’m sure that most of us will check out inbox for at least once each day.

There will also high possibility for the receivers of the emails to do same thing if they find our blog posts are worth sharing. The reason is for me, email has closer and more personal connection with me as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

The best way is

Before this, our blog readers can hardly find the icon that let them to email our blog post to their friends due to the size of the icon. It is definitely a huge lost as email can be another great source of quality traffics.

With the influence of TweetMeme and Facebook share button which we can easily see in most of blog posts, MailCounter has been developed by The Next Web to encourage more readers of our blog to share with their friends through email.

Email Counter button

Rather simply a sharing tool, it will also count the amount of emails that have been sent by your readers to their friends for one particular post. It will give psychological affect to your readers as if they find out that others are sharing our blog posts, they will feel that should too.

The best part of MailCounter is its simplicity. For you to have MailCounter button in your WordPress blog, you do not need to set up and install anything. You just need to have copy and paste below codes into your WordPress blog’s single.php file.

echo ‘<iframe src=”’;
echo ‘&title=’;
echo ‘” height=”64″ width=”50″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” ></iframe>’;

However, the weakness that MailCounter has, base on my opinion is when your readers want to share your blog post with their friends through email, they will be directed straight away  to Microsoft Outlook when they hit the MailCounter button.

Unfortunately, not many of us are comfortable and familiar with Microsoft Outlook.

What do you think?

What do you think on email’s role in bringing traffics to our WordPress blogs? Will it be substituted by social media sites in terms of bringing quality traffics?

And have you used MailCounter? What do you feel about this latest WordPress tool?

Share with us. It is great to have your thoughts and opinions over Huzzer Magazine.

8 Responses to Share Blog Post Through Email With MailCounter

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  2. Mike says:

    I think it is a good idea but as you have stated not many people use outlook. It is far too difficult to set up on a pc

  3. ariff says:

    I’d stick to email subscriptions for my readers. Don’t think people who read my blog would actually email my content to others.

  4. Mike says:

    If they do email something it will be a forward of an email newsletter.

  5. Kushal Chap says:

    True. Most people would think it was more like a spam

  6. Kushal Chap says:

    Interesting idea but not too practical

  7. Mike says:

    I agree, I dont think this will work at all. Seems better to put the time on something else.

  8. ariff says:

    I’d prefer concentrating to Facebook and Twitter in this case

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