Secret Of Getting Hundreds Dollar Sponsors for Your Blog Contest

Holding contest for our WordPress can be a brilliant idea especially for a newly developed blog as it can help to build strong foundation made from huge followers and loyal readers. It is because by having only good content for out WordPress blogs, it will not necessarily guarantee you huge incoming traffics.

Sweetener For Your Blogs

You need to have something to attract your prospective readers before you can retain and convert them into your loyal followers. This is the part which contest plays its role.

Realising the importance of contest for WordPress blog, I had previously hold a contest which I considered a huge success. You can have give it a look through below link:

Contest – Comments, Promote and Enjoy! Prizes Worth More than $500 Can Be Yours!

However, by only holding contest without prizes that will match the efforts that your readers will put on, there are high chance that your contest will fail miserably. Unfortunately, in ensuring such thing will not happen, it can cost us a lot especially those who just started blogging.

Sponsorship For Contest

One of the ways that you can take in helping you to have great contest for your WordPress blog is by looking for sponsors for your contest instead of you are the one who will bear the cost of having the contest.

Rather just focussing on cash prizes, you can look for sponsors that will provide sponsorships in terms of advertisement spots, online products such as web hosting, sponsored tweets, eBook, discount coupons and WordPress themes.

Hundreds Dollar Sponsorship

However, you should know 3 methods in getting sponsors for your WordPress blog contest as without it, you will find it hard to get even one sponsored prize.

The methods that I’m going to share are proven to work as I had successfully used them in the contest that I previously held in Huzzer Magazine. I managed to get sponsorship worth more than $700 although on the date I launched the contest, Huzzer Magazine is only merely 2 months old.

Here are the 3 method that will help you to get sponsors for your WordPress blog’s contest:


If you are an active member in the forum which specifically for the market that your WordPress blog is in, try to create a new thread asking others to sponsor the contest that you are going to launch. In the post, try to briefly elaborate what actually your WordPress blog is all about and how will the contest runs.

Do not make the details to be too long – try to make it as brief as possible as it will help to send your message easier and faster. It will ensure that other forum members who are your prospective sponsors not get irritated with your long winded ‘brief’ elaboration.

Usually, through this method, you can easily get sponsorship in terms of advertisement spots especially the 125×125 ad spots and in certain cases, eBook from couple forum members. It is because rather remain idle, it is better for them to use the chance as their free promotion tool and possibly get free back links.

# You can also pitch your request directly to popular and active forum members. Sometimes, they don’t have such great amount of time to contact you to show their interest although they don’t mind to throw couple sponsorships for your contest.

Contact form + email

Another method is you can directly contact persons or companies through the contact form in their sites or by emailing them. The critical element of the success of this method is you must ensure that there are possibilities that they will get interested in sponsoring your contest especially if they are within or related to your niche.

The easiest way that you can get the list of persons or companies is by looking at the contests that had been held by other sites and check out their sponsors.

The approach that you should us should be the same with the first method which give brief overview on your sites and your contest.

# Usually this type of sponsorships wants only reputation and their brand all over the market i.e. indirect return. They hardly ask for direct return such as want certain amount of sales through the contest page in our blog.

Contest page

The last method that you could use is by stating that you are looking for sponsors for the contest of your WordPress blog. It can be done at the same page which you announced about the contest or by creating specific banner which you put in your WordPress blog for example in the sidebar.

Through this method, those who are interested in your contest and visited the contest page may want to sponsor your contest if they feel the contest will go further and therefore help them to promote their site.

# It is important to clearly state our intention and put it at area that others can easily notify. This method will not work well if your intention is well-blended with the contest page’s contents.

What You Should Write?

In order to make it easier for you to pitch your request for sponsorships, below template can be handy for you. This template is created by Corey Freeman who have helped to improvise my original ‘brief note’.


My name is Helmi and I blog over at Huzzer Magazine – Making WordPress Seem Easy. It’s a blog that focuses on articles all about WordPress.

Anyways, I’m planning on holding a contest on my blog to generate some buzz and promote interactivity between others in my niche. With that idea in mind, I’d really appreciate some sponsors. In return, you’ll get some backlinks and some information about yourself and your website on the contest page.

I have to be honest…I don’t have massive amounts of traffic. However, I’m hoping that this contest will bring more exposure to my blog, and by extension, to yours as well. Something is better than nothing, right? And hey – relevant backlinks!

So if you have a request, please reply to this thread or PM me. I seriously appreciate your help and support!

What Else You Should Know?

The key of success in getting sponsorship for your contest is do not feel that you are too small to get huge sponsorships from huge sites and companies. There are a lot of success people who would love to help and have others to be at their side.

Plus, do not easily get demotivated by others who ridicule your efforts.

How About You?

Are you ready get huge sponsorship for contest? What do you think on the above 3 methods? Will it work well as what they did for my contest? And do you have other tips to share?

Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below. It would be great to have constructive ideas and discussions with you.


20 Responses to Secret Of Getting Hundreds Dollar Sponsors for Your Blog Contest

  1. I second the directly email to potential sponsor is a greatest way to get sponsor.

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  3. Thanks for this great post. I was recently thinking about “How do some bloggers provide such a big giveaway in terms of software & other subscription”.

    Thanks Again. Bookmarked this post for later detail analysis and relating the same to my blog.

  4. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Good to know that this post has helped you. Hope you enjoy Huzzer Magazine.


  5. titan says:

    haha. no wonder you get many sponsor for wordpress theme. 🙂

  6. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Hope that others will learn a lot from my post and get great sponsorships for their contest in future.

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  8. Interesting Bro. I m looking for sponsors too. This may help.

    p.s: I like your theme, much. Is that a custom made?

  9. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Hi Senthil,

    Good to see you over here and know the tips can be handy for you.

    About this theme, it is not custom made. Actually it is by Obox Design. I only made few tweaking to make it looks the way you seen it at the moment.

    Hope to see you again soon.

    Happy new year and have another great year!

  10. ariff says:

    I’m amazed by your ability of getting all these huge sponsorship. For my upcoming competition, I already have a partner and now looking for small co-sponsors.

  11. Mike says:

    This is brilliant! You even give the script to us. When I get my new niche site up and running for a few months I am going to try this. It definitely works for you!

  12. ariff says:

    You know I’ve gotten some sponsors already. I got 5 times from my initial budget. That’s a great start for me I guess.

  13. ariff says:

    Make sure you invite me to join any competitions hosted on your site =)

  14. Mike says:

    haha sure thing! I am going to try it on my brothers percission site first. Maybe in a month or so.

  15. Mike says:

    wow! That’s very encouraging for me. Thanks for sharing

  16. ariff says:

    Well you just have to ring the right doorbell to get people sponsoring. Try looking for some other bloggers who share the same interest and goals with you. They’d be more than glad to contribute if they know that it would benefit them.

  17. Mike says:

    I am definitely going to try this. from what i can see Helmi has already gotten over 600 comments on his site and who knows how many visitors just in the last two weeks through this contest.

  18. Mike says:

    What about your strategies forbreaking up the prizes? any strategy in that? I can see that 1st place is much better than second or third which really seems to push for the competitive edge. anything else?

  19. ariff says:

    With people tweeting, I guess the traffic stream is humongous. Hopefully the contest reaches it objectives

  20. ariff says:

    I’d be getting headaches breaking up the prizes when there are lots of sponsors like this. It’s a tough job

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