Screenr – Instant & Free Screencast Solution for Your WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

Screenr - Instant Screencast for WordPress blogScreencast video can be another selling point of our WordPress blog as it will give us the capability of giving something for example tutorial on topics that need step by step guide in a way that far easier to be understood and followed.

For those who are not familiar with sreencasting, it is one of method in giving tutorial on what is happening on our computer screen.

Through screen casting, we will record on all the process that we do in our computer and convert it into video format with the help of screencasting software.

In order to have proper to have the screencast software that can deliver to you a good quality tutorial, it can be expensive while if you want to use free screencast software, it will probably give you low quality video as the end result.

This can be a disappointing news as without having high quality tutorial video for our WordPress blog, it will probably give the wrong impression to your readers by failing to deliver clear and clean tutorial video.

However, there is web-based screencast software which have the ability to give you high quality – clean and clear tutorial video. The software is call Screenr – a screencast software developed by Articulate.

Screenr - Instant Screencast for Your WordPress blogScreenr‘s main idea is to provide a free web-based screencast software especially for Twitter. It lets you to record the activities in your computer – either Mac or PC which then, can be published to all social networking site besides Twitter such as YouTube and WordPress blog.

The best feature of Screenr website is the site is iPhone compatible Рmeans when you watch the screencast video through  Screenr website using your iPhone, the site will be optimized. The site will have unique design and structure specifically for iPhone. For me, this is such a good feature as more and more persons has started using ipod touch and iPhone to surf the web.

This web-based free software also has the capability of playing screencast video in HD (high definition). It is definitely a great news for those who have tutorial-based WordPress blog and are trying to look screecast video for tutorial that can deliver high quality end product.

Here is the sample video of Screenr – the end product of the screencast software and how the Screenr website will appear in iPhone.

What do you think about Screenr – a free web-based screencast software? Can it replace the well established paid screencast software? I would love to know your opinion.


5 Responses to Screenr – Instant & Free Screencast Solution for Your WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

  1. Stefan says:

    The last two links in this post are dead.

  2. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Thank you for the info Stefan. Great to see you again in Huzzer Magazine!

  3. ariff says:

    This could somewhat be useful as I write tutorials on my blog. I should try this sometime

  4. Kushal Chap says:

    Cool. i want to see how it looks. Don’t think I would want to high light myself that much and have never been in the spotlight that much.

  5. Mike says:

    That is great. I have never been willing to pay 300 for camtasia. Ill check this out.

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