Refresh WordPress Blog Design with Hand-Drawn WordPress Theme.

Sometimes it can be pretty boring to see WordPress blog to have design that is also being used by other WordPress blog. This can be the result when majority of WordPress blogs tend to use magazine style or clean and minimalistic WordPress theme – free or premium.

Due to the high demand on this kind of WordPress theme’s style, more WordPress theme developers are focusing their effort on developing better looking and well structured WordPress themes of those styles.

However, Obox, new member of ‘WordPress Developer’s Club’ has set a new standard by developing and selling a fully hand-drawn WordPress theme called Left Handed. This theme if I’m not wrong, it is the first of its own that being built for WordPress community.

The theme is developed following the success of Obox members’ blog – We Are not Freelancers which is also a fully hand-drawn WordPress blog.

Hand Drawn WordPress theme

Header section of Left Handed

Footer section of Left Handed

Footer section of Left Handed

Comment section of Left Handed

Comment section of Left Handed

Commenting form for Left Handed

Commenting form for Left Handed

For the price of only $50 for individual licence and $100 for developer licence, Left Handed is definitely a bargain for those who are to give a new and fresher look to their WordPress blog. By the way, Left Handed comes with two colour options – Blue/Black and Red/Black.

The other feature that make buying Obox’s WordPress theme is such a bargain is due to the fact the theme that you buy will come with OCMX Live.

OCMX-Live system that comes along with Left Handed

OCMX-Live system that comes along with Left Handed

OCMX-Live is the content management system that will enhance your Obox Signature Series WordPress theme. Features such as advert, gallery and comment management give you more control than you will ever need in order to stay on top of your site.

Feel free to go to the COMX-Live site to know further about this system – OCMX-Live: The Engine That Powers The OBOX Signature Series Themes.

This is what the Obox team said about Left Handed:

Left Handed is perfect for those who have an art orientated blog and don’t want to be left in the field with just another blog template. This theme will impress your readers with its attention to detail in the custom hand drawn fonts and comment sections.

If you are interested and wanted to know more about Left Handed, feel free to follow below links:

Details | Demo

What do you think about Left Handed? Is it looks great? Feel free to share the links of other WordPress theme’s developer that develop and sell a fully hand-drawn WordPress theme to WordPress communities. I have probably missed it, though.


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7 Responses to Refresh WordPress Blog Design with Hand-Drawn WordPress Theme.

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  2. Kushal Chap says:

    Yea, having a hand drawn theme would be awesome. It’s awesome. I am gonna have to try this one day 🙂

  3. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Do share with Huzzer Magazine when the site is up ok? I am interested to look the theme in real life 😉

  4. ariff says:

    Themes like this, you could either love it or hate it. That’s why I always prefer minimalist styled themes, without all the illustrations, pictures etc.

  5. Mike says:

    I think hand drwan themes are good for quirky or modern sites like bands and such but dont really work for professional sites

  6. ariff says:

    Totally agree!

  7. Mike says:

    yeah, it would be a huge mistake. Can you imagine a real estate site with a hand drawn theme? I have seen a lot of bands use it though and it seems cool. it makes the band seem more approachable

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