Quick News: WordPress New Partner, Contest and WP API.org

For today weekend post, I would like to share with you the latest WordPress related news that you may have missed.

WordPress Partners With PicApp – Premium Images Provider

It can be hard and costly to get good non-copyrighted images that can be published with our WordPress blog’s article. WordPress realised this issue. Therefore, WordPress has partnered with PicApp – a service that lets you embed legal premium images on your site.

This service will be available for WordPress.com users (click here for its announcement post) and also self hosted WordPress users through PicApp plugin.

However, there is a catch for this plugin – the published images will come with advertisements most of the time.

So, try it and decide whether this service suit you or not. I would love to hear your experience and feedbacks.

Promo video by PicApp

Demo video by WordPress

WordPress Contest – How Creative Are You?

WordPress at the moment is organising a contest to see who can use the WordPress logo in the most creative way. You can use whatever ways or methods that will show how creative you are as long as it will not any harm to anyone and anything.

However, it is only open to WordPress.com bloggers.

In order to join, you have to create a post on your WordPress.com blog, upload your image or images, and leave a comment here with the URL of your post. Please make sure to leave the URL to your post in the comment section in the contest page or the entry will not be accepted.

For more information, you can go to the contest’s announcement post – Support Hours and WordPress Logo Fun.


WP API – Tweak for Free WordPress Plugins and Themes Developers

For free WordPress plugins and themes developers, number of downloads can be a really important aspects of that can give theme sense of self achievements and motivations.

However, when developers submit their free themes or plugins into the official WordPress plugin and theme directories, they will not able to publish the download statistic in their own WordPress blog as the information is being kept and published in the those directories.

WP API will teach you how use API that gives you access to plugin and theme stats which you can use on your own blog or website.

Through this simple tweak, hopefully both sides – developers and WordPress can get something out of the free plugins and themes.

4 Responses to Quick News: WordPress New Partner, Contest and WP API.org

  1. *sigh* I missed this contest. Sounded like a good one.

  2. Very nice, this information I was looking for. This can give a lot of knowledge to me. Thank you!!

  3. Mike says:

    The pic idea is really cool but if there are ads on the pic it will make your blog look really cheesy. Ill stick with google images for now

  4. ariff says:

    Whoa. This is good but the ads is a bit setback. Usually I choose images manually, or create a banner on my own

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