Appreciate Your Commentators With Comment Redirect

Comment is definitely an important element that will determine success of WordPress blog. Interactions between blog authors and readers are essential as this is what blog is all about. If not, it will simply a normal website.

Appreciate your commentators

Without our commentators, we will definitely feel that the time we have spent on our WordPress blog is a waste and start to feel demotivate to keep blogging. Therefore, it would be great idea to at least say ‘Thank You’ to our commentators after they left their comments for our WordPress blog post.

By saying ‘Thank You’, I am sure that we will not lose anything but will get more loyal readers and followers. It is because if I’m the commentators, I will definitely feel happy and being appreciated by the blog authors for the comment that I have left if the author says ‘Thank You’ to me.

Comment Redirect is the answer

There is plugin that let you to redirect your commentators after they hit the “Submit” button in the comment section. With this plugin, you can redirect your commentators to any page of your choice.

With this feature, you can use the plugin to redirect your commentators to your own ‘Thank You’ page. Therefore, rather losing them right after they leave the comments, you can use the “Thank You” page to show your appreciation to them and use the chance to convert them from one time visitors to loyal blog readers.

Creativity is the key

Besides thanking them, you can also use the “Thank You” page to promote other posts by categorizing them under “Most Popular Post”, “Related Post” or “Most Recent Post”. With this, you can ensure them to stick longer and give exposure to other blog post especially the good one.

For me, this method will work well and better as compared to the plugin that will send “Thank You” email to your commentators as through this method, you can show your appreciation straight away and use it as a tool to retain and let the commentators enjoy your WordPress longer.

What you should do now?

If you are interested with this plugin, you may find below links to be handy:

Details | Download

After you have downloaded and activated the plugin, you have to its setting page. From there, you can select the redirect page you want to use from the list of pages that you have created before. Then, you are good to go.

What do you think?

Appreciating your commentators is definitely a good way to convert one time visitors to loyal blog readers. So, what do you think about this plugin? Will it works great for our WordPress blog?

And have you used it before? It would be great if you can share your experience with us.


13 Must-Have Twitter Plugins and Tools for WordPress Blogs

Alongside Facebook, Twitter has become increasingly and ridiculously popular and gains a lot of users. This is definitely good news for us as WordPress bloggers as we do not have to rely only Google to gain massive incoming traffics.

Social networking sites V Google?

We can now rely more on social networking sites as we can easily gather friends and fans that have same interest and would love to keep supporting us. Rather just reading our blog post, I am definitely sure that they would not mind to help us to promote our post if the post deserves to be shared with others.

Through this, we can diversify our source of traffics and reduce the risk that we have to face by relying too much on Google for example to be too focussed on SEO and improving pagerank at the expense of, for example the quality of our WordPress blog contents.

Here are your bullets…

Realising the importance of Twitter in the success of WordPress blog, I would love to share must-have Twitter Plugins and Tools for WordPress blog.

With these tool and plugins, hopefully they will help you to effectively integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog, improve your interactions with your fans and followers and make use at the fullest the potential that Twitter has for your WordPress blog.

Twitter Plugins


Tweetmeme is a digg-like site which let you to share your blog post and for others to retweet it. The site will record how many ‘digg’ your blog post get.

Tweetmeme also provides you plugin that let you to place retweet button i.e. Tweetmeme in your WordPress blog.

Tweetable Twitter

Tweetable Twitter - WordPress Twitter Plugin

Tweetable Twitter let you to update and manage your Twitter profile from your WordPress blog’s dashboard. Rather tjust let you to only tweet your latest blog post and update your Twitter, you can also display your latest tweets and number of followers in the sidebar.

TwitterLink Comments

With this plugin, it let you to add another extra field in your comment form for the commentators to enter in their Twitter ID. This plugin is actually an improved version of WP Twitip ID plus the WordPress plugin no longer supported by its developer.


Sometimes interactions related to our blog post do not only happen in our comment section. It can be also happened in Twitter. Therefore, this plugin will help you to bring the interactions in Twitter right back to your comment section as it brings tweets about your post as comments.


TweetStats - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin has been developed to compliment the TweetBacks plugin. With this plugin, it will add two new widgets to your WordPress blog – “Most Tweeted Post” and “Recently Tweeted Post”.

However, to let this plugin works, you have to install the TweetBacks plugin first.

@ Reply

@ Reply - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin let you to add Twitter-like reply icon for your readers to reply on any comments on your comments section. Their replied comments will then, have @user id – exactly the same with Twitter.

Twitter Avatars in Comments

Twitter Avatars in Comments - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin integrates Twitter avatars in the comment section of your WordPress blog. Rather just only use Gravatar, this plugin let your commentators to use their Twitter profile picture in the comment section.

This plugin will definitely help you to promote your readers involvement in Twitter with you.

Twitter Tools

Friend or Follow

FriendorFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

This tool let you to know who are the persons that you have followed but not following back and user that have followed you but you are not following back. You can also check out the growth of Twitter users and couples of interesting statistics.


WeFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

WeFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

With this Twitter tool, it can help you to find others in Twitter within your niche and industry as WeFollow groups out Twitter users into different categories base on their interests. The informations about the interest are being gathered during registration – therefore the categorization can be considered accurate.


Twitterless - WordPress Twitter Tools

Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views. You can also filter your followers by keywords in their description, sort them by a variety of attributes, and search for terms in their tweet history.


Qwitter - WordPress Twitter Tools

With Qwitter, it will inform you if there are Twitter users that have stopped following you. With this tool, you can then look to the matter in depth especially the reason why they have stopped follow you.

Nearby Tweets

Nearby Tweets - WordPress Twitter Tools

Nearby Tweets let you keep up to date with the latest tweets that have been sent by Twitter users around your area by integrating Google Maps and Twitter.

Therefore, rather just focussing on online networking, you can get more serious in building your network through the conventional networking such as through meet up with Nearby Tweets’ help.


Twitoria - WordPress twitter Tools

Sometimes, Twitter users that we are following not exactly a Twitter user as after using after a while, couple of users will abandon their account and will hardly use Twitter. Therefore, to keep us update with the actual status of our friends, Twitoria can help us to check who are the Twitter users have never tweeted or hardly tweeted.

Then, we can take necessary action from there.

How about you?

Do you have any WordPress Twitter plugins or tools that you would like to add? In case you have tried any of the plugins and tools that I have mentioned above, it would be great you can share your experience and opinions.

And you can keep up to date with what is going on with Huzzer Magazine through Twitter. Follow Us.

Secret Of Getting Hundreds Dollar Sponsors for Your Blog Contest

Holding contest for our WordPress can be a brilliant idea especially for a newly developed blog as it can help to build strong foundation made from huge followers and loyal readers. It is because by having only good content for out WordPress blogs, it will not necessarily guarantee you huge incoming traffics.

Sweetener For Your Blogs

You need to have something to attract your prospective readers before you can retain and convert them into your loyal followers. This is the part which contest plays its role.

Realising the importance of contest for WordPress blog, I had previously hold a contest which I considered a huge success. You can have give it a look through below link:

Contest – Comments, Promote and Enjoy! Prizes Worth More than $500 Can Be Yours!

However, by only holding contest without prizes that will match the efforts that your readers will put on, there are high chance that your contest will fail miserably. Unfortunately, in ensuring such thing will not happen, it can cost us a lot especially those who just started blogging.

Sponsorship For Contest

One of the ways that you can take in helping you to have great contest for your WordPress blog is by looking for sponsors for your contest instead of you are the one who will bear the cost of having the contest.

Rather just focussing on cash prizes, you can look for sponsors that will provide sponsorships in terms of advertisement spots, online products such as web hosting, sponsored tweets, eBook, discount coupons and WordPress themes.

Hundreds Dollar Sponsorship

However, you should know 3 methods in getting sponsors for your WordPress blog contest as without it, you will find it hard to get even one sponsored prize.

The methods that I’m going to share are proven to work as I had successfully used them in the contest that I previously held in Huzzer Magazine. I managed to get sponsorship worth more than $700 although on the date I launched the contest, Huzzer Magazine is only merely 2 months old.

Here are the 3 method that will help you to get sponsors for your WordPress blog’s contest:


If you are an active member in the forum which specifically for the market that your WordPress blog is in, try to create a new thread asking others to sponsor the contest that you are going to launch. In the post, try to briefly elaborate what actually your WordPress blog is all about and how will the contest runs.

Do not make the details to be too long – try to make it as brief as possible as it will help to send your message easier and faster. It will ensure that other forum members who are your prospective sponsors not get irritated with your long winded ‘brief’ elaboration.

Usually, through this method, you can easily get sponsorship in terms of advertisement spots especially the 125×125 ad spots and in certain cases, eBook from couple forum members. It is because rather remain idle, it is better for them to use the chance as their free promotion tool and possibly get free back links.

# You can also pitch your request directly to popular and active forum members. Sometimes, they don’t have such great amount of time to contact you to show their interest although they don’t mind to throw couple sponsorships for your contest.

Contact form + email

Another method is you can directly contact persons or companies through the contact form in their sites or by emailing them. The critical element of the success of this method is you must ensure that there are possibilities that they will get interested in sponsoring your contest especially if they are within or related to your niche.

The easiest way that you can get the list of persons or companies is by looking at the contests that had been held by other sites and check out their sponsors.

The approach that you should us should be the same with the first method which give brief overview on your sites and your contest.

# Usually this type of sponsorships wants only reputation and their brand all over the market i.e. indirect return. They hardly ask for direct return such as want certain amount of sales through the contest page in our blog.

Contest page

The last method that you could use is by stating that you are looking for sponsors for the contest of your WordPress blog. It can be done at the same page which you announced about the contest or by creating specific banner which you put in your WordPress blog for example in the sidebar.

Through this method, those who are interested in your contest and visited the contest page may want to sponsor your contest if they feel the contest will go further and therefore help them to promote their site.

# It is important to clearly state our intention and put it at area that others can easily notify. This method will not work well if your intention is well-blended with the contest page’s contents.

What You Should Write?

In order to make it easier for you to pitch your request for sponsorships, below template can be handy for you. This template is created by Corey Freeman who have helped to improvise my original ‘brief note’.


My name is Helmi and I blog over at Huzzer Magazine – Making WordPress Seem Easy. It’s a blog that focuses on articles all about WordPress.

Anyways, I’m planning on holding a contest on my blog to generate some buzz and promote interactivity between others in my niche. With that idea in mind, I’d really appreciate some sponsors. In return, you’ll get some backlinks and some information about yourself and your website on the contest page.

I have to be honest…I don’t have massive amounts of traffic. However, I’m hoping that this contest will bring more exposure to my blog, and by extension, to yours as well. Something is better than nothing, right? And hey – relevant backlinks!

So if you have a request, please reply to this thread or PM me. I seriously appreciate your help and support!

What Else You Should Know?

The key of success in getting sponsorship for your contest is do not feel that you are too small to get huge sponsorships from huge sites and companies. There are a lot of success people who would love to help and have others to be at their side.

Plus, do not easily get demotivated by others who ridicule your efforts.

How About You?

Are you ready get huge sponsorship for contest? What do you think on the above 3 methods? Will it work well as what they did for my contest? And do you have other tips to share?

Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below. It would be great to have constructive ideas and discussions with you.


Top 26 Photo WordPress Themes Which Photographer Should Use

WordPress has now bec0me a platform that suits everybody. It can be the platform for blogging, internet marketing, online business, online classifieds site and even for conventional business which want internet presence via their own online portfolio site.

How could this happen?

This is happening due to the huge communities that keep supporting WordPress by not only using it but also have actively developed plugins and themes for the WordPress which bring WordPress to the position that it is at, at the moment.

Due to the active development, it has changed WordPress rather just be a simple blogging platform, it is a platform for everyone.

How about photographer?

So, for today post, I would like to share list of WordPress themes (free and premium) that will transform WordPress to a site for those who would like to showcase their photo collections to the online communities.

The themes that I am going to share has been developed with the support of WordPress plugins which have made process of showcasing our photo to be swift, user friendly and can bring huge impact to those who are viewing.

Although there are a lot of themes that suits the purpose  i.e. showcasing out photos and artwork, I only select few (free and premium WordPress themes) out of the bunch as not every photo WordPress themes have the quality and give good value for our money especially if it is a premium WordPress theme.

I am going to share with you the list of free photo WordPress themes first and then follow with list of premium photo WordPress themes.

Free Photo WordPress Themes


Galleria Themes - Free Photo WordPress Themes

Details | Demo | Download

Preview - Free Photo WordPress Themes



Grace - Free Photo WordPress Themes



Viewport - Free Photo WordPress Themes



FotoFolio - Free Photo WordPress Themes



Bueltge - Free Photo WordPress Themes



Monolit - Free Photo WordPress Themes



Zack-990 - Free Photo WordPress Theme



Gallery - Free Photo WordPress Themes


Folio Elements

Folio Elements - Free Photo WordPress Themes


Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Black Canvas

Black Canvas - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Focus - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Emulsion - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Viewfinder - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

John Smith

John Smith - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

Photographer Logo

Photographer Logo - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Photoblog - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Portfolio - Free Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

Photo Graphic

Photo Graphic - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Contrast - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Photobox - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Pholio - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

Blog Gallery

Blog Gallery - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

Photo Nexus

Photo Nexus - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

Photo + Blog

Photo + Blog - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo


Gallerific - Premium Photo WordPress Themes

Details & Sales PageDemo

What is your take?

What do you think about the photo WordPress themes that I have compiled above? Which one do you think have the greatest design and structure?

And which one would you choose – free or premium themes?

Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions. Cheers!

How To Import Back Comments In Facebook Into WordPress Blog?

In the previous post, I have shared a detailed tutorial on how can you import your WordPress blog’s latest post to your Facebook’s wall for you to share with your friends. Personally, it is a great way to have quality incoming traffics and bring more exposure to our blog post to greater extent.

If you have missed the post, you can check out the post using below link:

How to Import Latest WordPress Blog Post to Facebook Page

Embed Official Facebook Share Button Into Your WordPress Blog

Comments in Facebook?

Comments are important for blogs – it is the blood. By failing to integrate our WordPress blog and Facebook well enough to let any comments in Facebook to appear in our WordPress blog, it would be a waste for us.

It is because well commented blog will definitely give great first impression and great environment for our blog.

Facebook Comments

Due to this fact, a plugin - Facebook Comments TNG has been developed. With this plugin, it will import comments from your Facebook notes back into your WordPress blog. Therefore, you can reconcile back the comments that you received in both platforms.

Facebook Comments TNG

If you are looking this kind of plugin and want to know more about it, you can head to the plugin’s site through below link:

Facebook Comments TNG

What is my take?

However, as for me, I still prefer to use the Facebook button to share my latest blog post to my friend which they still have to go to this blog to read the full blog post.

It is because I find that the post that is being imported to Facebook through Notes application do not look good in terms of type and size font that is being used and its structure. It looks really boring.

How about you?

What do you think about this plugin? Is it practical for our WordPress blog? Which method do you prefer – use Facebook’s notes application or Facebook button to share your latest blog post?

Feel free to share your thoughts and says. It would be great to have them over here.