6 Counter Button Plugins You Should Have in WordPress Blog

It can be pretty boring if we only put static social networking buttons. Your blog readers will get more excited to help you to promote your blog post if they can see that there are a lot of people have help you to promote your blog post.

Plus, for me personally, I prefer to click on a counter button as compared those static button.

So, for this post, I would like to share counter buttons that you can put in your blog post and brag to others about the numbers of people that you have get to help you promote your blog post.


With more and more people join Twitter and start to get the feel of what Twitter is all about, you should have the TweetMeme button in your blog post. Let others to help you to promote your blog post.

For me,this the easiest way to promote a blog post for you and for those who want to help you.

Download the plugin

Facebook Share

I am sure that those who read your blog and who are interested with your article will have Facebook account. Why don’t you take the chance and make full use of it.

With this button, you can know how many times others have share your blog post in the Facebook. This WordPress plugin is superior than other plugins that do the same thing and even the official share button.

It is because it has Analytics page in your WordPress admin. In the page, it will give you the stats for share counts, like counts, comment counts and click counts.

Cool right?

Download the plugin

Digg Digg

With this plugin, it will help you to have various type of counter for first few websites which being set up for sole purpose of sharing news and blog post such as Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz and Delicious.

With this plugin, the process of having counter buttons of those sites will be easier and faster.

Download the plugin

I Like This

The ‘like’ feature in Facebook is pretty sleek right? What do you think if that kind of feature is in your blog post?

With this plugin,you will able to put such feature in your blog post for your readers to click if they love your post. I am sure everybody will be get excited with just us when we first found out about the ‘like’ feature in Facebook.

Download the plugin

Thank You Counter

The way how this plugin works is almost the same with ‘I Like This’ plugin. However, besides using ‘Thank You’ instead of ‘Like’ , the difference is this plugin offers more flexibility.

Thank you counter

You can change the ‘Thank You’ caption to other words such ‘I Live You’, change the font and color of the caption and change default button with your own image which you should. The default button design is terribly ugly, unfortunately.

Download the plugin

Reactions Button

You are confident with the quality of your article and would love to get criticism about your blog post? If the answer is yes, you definitely want to get this plugin for your WordPress blog.

With this plugin, your readers can easily give feedback about your blog post without have to go through the hassle of leaving comments.

With this this plugin, it will be simple, straightforward for your readers to leave their feedback and for you to have the feedback and know what kind of feelings that you readers have with your blog post.

Download the plugin

Do you have any suggestion?

Do you know any other counter button plugin that I have missed? Feel free to share it in the comment section. And if you have used any of the above counter buttons, what do you think about? Is there any better option that WordPress bloggers can use?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Massive Giveaway Craze – Prizes Worth Up to $3500 (including $300 cash prizes) to be Won!

To bring some spice into Huzzer Magazine, I’m launching bumper giveaway to thank all of you who have supported this site and bring some excitement to the WordPress communities. All of you have helped me to make this site what it is today.

I do not want to talk much about all those boring stuffs. I am sure that all of you are excited to know more about this contest and the best part of this contest – the prizes that are up for you to grab.

One last thing, I want to thank all of the sponsors who are very generous as all of the prizes for this contest are sponsored items and have make this contest a massive one as the total value of the prizes is up to USD$3500.

Please do visit them – they’ve been generous with this contest – so please be generous with them!

What is the contest all about?

Due to the large numbers of sponsored products that I have received, the contest will be held into 4 categories. They are:

Top Blog Commentators

This category is the main focus of this contest. Prizes will be awarded to those who leave the most comments in Huzzer Magazine. However, the comments need to be legit and not ‘spam-like’ comments.

I am sure that you know what I’m trying to say right?

# Language – English

Top Tweeters

This is the simplest way to win the prizes of this contest. You simply need to type less than 140 characters and you could walk away with prizes in hand.

The concept is simple. Use your imagination and tweet about this contest as many as you like. WordPress Blog TwiterPlease be sure that that the URL of this contest is being included in your tweets and your tweets are related to this contest. Any unrelated and ‘spam-like’ tweets will not be taken into consideration.

The winners will be randomly chosen base on the tweets that I can detect by using BackTweets. The more you tweet, the higher the chance for you to win.

#Language – It is up to you as long I can roughly understand through Google Translate 😉 .

Best Contest Promoter

For this category, if you have limited amount of time to be put into this site to leave comments or even to tweet this contest, you can make a blog post to review and promote on your blog about this contest. The chance for you to win will be greater if you also promote this post in other sites especially social networking sites such as Facebook.

However, due the difficulties for me to detect all of your efforts for this category as compare to the ‘Top Tweeters’ category, you need to send me email with the URL of your promotion with the subject of  ‘Best Contest Promoter in Huzzer Magazine’.

#Language – It is up to you as long I can roughly understand through Google Translate 😉 .

Subscriber’s Lucky Draw

This is another way you can win this contest with little effort. You just need to subscribe Huzzer Magazine by email so that I can check your email of those who have subscribed with Huzzer Magazine. Your email will then be randomly chosen.

And another thing you probably want to do is to pray more :mrgreen: . I am sure there are a lot of people who are going to join this category.

You can subscribe Huzzer Magazine by using this link.

How long is the contest?

This contest will be held for the duration of one month. So, it will be from 8 February 2010 to 9 March 2010. However, if there are any changes, you will be updated through blog post.

# The most important thing you should note:

You MUST claim your prizes within 2 weeks from 9 March 2010. If you fail to claim the claim within that period, your winning will be forfeited to avoid future problems between winners, Huzzer Magazine and sponsors.

I strongly recommend you to subscribe us by email as besides can get automatic update of the contest; you will also have the chance of winning prizes.

Prizes for you to grab

Now, comes the best part that you have excited about, the best prizes that you can win from this massive giveaway craze. The value of each prize I put in bracket.

Top Blog Commentators

1st place

Total value: $1100.95

2nd place

Total value: more than $313.95

3rd place

Total value: $184

6x Consolation Prizes

6 winners will be selected in random from those who have left at least one comment in Huzzer Magazine.

  • 1 pro license theme from ThemeMX ($97)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Zidalgo ($75)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Gabfire ($59)
  • 1 developer license WordPress theme by Kreative Themes ($99.90)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Sarah Neuber who specialized in online store WordPress themes ($45)
  • 1 Sunset WordPress theme by Template Life ($35)

Total value: $410.90

Top Tweeters

1st place

  • $50 cash from Hongkiat.com ($50)
  • $40 marketplace credit from Envato – the company who owns ThemeForest ($40)
  • phpBay Pro & phpZon Pro for WordPress plugin bundle – lifetime subscription ($99)
  • 1 custom Twitter page design by Twarks($59)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Templatic ($75)

Total value: $323

2nd place

  • Twitter package (logo branding and design) by Joidiamonds ($35)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Templatic ($75)

Total value: $110

3rd place

  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Zidalgo ($75)

Total value: $75

Best Contest Promoter

1st place

Total value: $319.35

2nd place

  • 1 3 months link advertise in Theme Blogger ($60)
  • 50% discount in custom Twitter page design by Twarks ($29.5)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Zidalgo ($75)

Total value: $164.50

3rd place

  • 50% discount on Twitter package (logo branding and design) by Joidiamonds ($17.50)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Kreative Themes ($49.90)

Total value: $67.40

Subscriber’s Lucky Draw

Only one winner can win each of below prizes below. The prizes are:

  • $50 cash from Hongkiat.com ($50)
  • $20 marketplace credit from Envato – the company who owns ThemeForest ($20)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Gabfire ($59)
  • 50% discount in custom Twitter page design by Twarks ($29.5)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Sarah Neuber who specialized in online store WordPres themes ($45)
  • 5 copies of Smarter Theme by Cozmoslabs (25×5)
  • 1 individual license WordPress theme by Gorilla Theme who specialized on real estate WordPress themes ($79.95)
  • Blog review by Kissing Crust ($70)

So, there will be 12 winners for this category.

Total value: $478.45

Who have made this contest a massive one?

The answer is definitely not me. The persons, who have for sure, make this contest a great one are the sponsors who have provided this contest with great products and services.

So, it is important for you to know them and visit their site.


This is a project management & collaboration tool that you can set up on your own server or local network. You can check out more about this tool in its Tour page.

Here is the demo on activeColab that I found in YouTube.


This website is a popular website for those who are looking tips and resources about graphic designs, art, photography and WordPress themes. This site is definitely a must visit website for designers, developers and WordPress bloggers.


This is the company behind ThemeForest, the most popular marketplace especially for WordPress themes. If you are looking for great WordPress themes at an affordable price as compared to others, ThemeForest is the first place you should go. It has also great collection of portfolio WordPress themes.

At the same time, Envato also owns other 6 marketplaces beside ThemeForest, manage 6 websites and has another 9 websites under Tuts+ Network.


WpWebHost is a web hosting company who specialized in hosting WordPress blog. I personally recommended this company especially for those who are still new with WordPress. Their staff in customer service can easily help you out if you face any problem related to WordPress.

phpBay Pro & phpZon Pro for WordPressheart

If you are planning to gain income from affiliate program, these two plugins will definitely make the process to be easy. It is because these plugin will help you to integrate Ebay and Amazon affiliate program into your WordPress blog.

Digging Into WordPress

Sometimes WordPress can be pretty tough for some of us. So, if you need a book that can give you in-depth practical information about WordPress, you find that information in this book.


This is another premium WordPress plugin that will help you to set up to review site in simpler and faster way. With this plugin, you can earn affiliate income from the sites/product that you review. The best part is it is user friendly.

Just Creative Design

This is portfolio website for Jacob Cass, a freelance graphic designer. If you are planning to have new logo for your site, need site redesign or anything that is related to graphic and design, Just Creative Design is the site you should visit first.

Kissing Crust

This is my portfolio site that I just developed couple weeks back. If you are looking with for help for your WordPress blog or planning to have one, I can help you out to bring out the best of your WordPress blog.

Web Traffic ROI

Web Traffic ROI is a web marketing blog aimed at people passionate about their web business and blogging. You can learn a lot of web marketing over there as it has a lot of quality articles that you can learn from.

Kreative Themes

Kreative Themes is a collaboration of young people from Malaysia. It was just been launched in October 2009, to provide you with creative & high-quality premium CMS themes.


Zidalgo is premium WordPress themes developer that you can easily fall in love to as it provides straight forward framework. It is built from the ground up with clean, documented code.


If you are looking for premium WordPress theme that can offer flexibility to have your own style in your blog and to easily configure the structure of your WordPress blog, ThemeMX is the answer.

Gabfire Theme

Gabfire Theme provides specifically premium newspaper WordPress themes for those who want to develop online newspapers. How about you use this theme for your university’s online newspaper?

Sarah Neuber

Sarah specialized in developing online store WordPress themes. Besides have all the features of online store, the WordPress themes look stunning.


Frugal is a premium WordPress theme that is specifically for WordPress beginners. It is because it is fully customizable without coding.

Pro Theme Design

In Pro Theme Design, you can find premium magazine WordPress theme which have professional element in it. So, it will suit to those who want to have online magazine with much serious topic such as business and education.

Gorilla Theme

You are a real estate agent and plan to set up a website? I recommend you to use WordPress with premium theme from this developer. It is because there are specialized on real estate WordPress themes.


You are looking for premium WordPress theme’s developer that has a huge collection of great looking WordPress themes from various types which you can buy form? Templatic is the answer.

Cozmos Labs

The developer of this site has developed few child themes for Templatic theme – a free WordPress theme framework. He also provides WordPress related services such as creating custom WordPress theme and consultation.


To stand out from the crowd, you need to have something that is unique and customized for us. This is including Twitter. Twarks can help you out to design custom Twitter page at a really affordable price.


Looking for someone that can help to help you with site branding? In Joidiamonds, you can get designing service for business card, web site and even Twitter page at a great price.


You are looking for best ways to be a successful blogger and make money online? You definitely need to visit this blog as you will find a lot of ways over there.


This is a blog which will help you to how to blog effectively and efficiently. The author of this blog has also another great site you should visit – Theme Blogger.

That are all of the sponsors that make this contest a massive one. Give these sites visits as I am sure that you will find and learn something from them – directly and indirectly.

By the way, if there is anyone who interested in sponsoring this contest to make it better and bigger, you can contact me through my contact form. It would be great to have your products/services as part of this contest.

What you should do know?

Have fun while participate with this massive contest and have the chance of winning the great prizes. Good luck and enjoy!

Coupon for Bloggers – Best Way to Save Money for WordPress Bloggers

For those who just started blogging, the cost of setting up WordPress blog can be pretty high for some of us. Bloggers that will definitely feel the impact are especially for those who want their WordPress blog looks great but at the same time, they are in country which the currency makes them to be at the losing end.

However, in this internet age, it is almost possible to get something at a lower cost if we know the way. Rather than have to pay the full price, we can at least save few dollars which can be used for the purchase of other products, for example.

Online coupon site – The best place to start

For those who do not know, there are a lot of online coupon sites which you find discount coupons for most of online products in the internet. The most popular online coupon site is RetailMeNot. For your information, I have saved a lot from the coupons that I found in the site.

However, to find online discount coupons that are related to WordPress can be tough as in the site such as RetailMeNot have no specific area allocated to WordPress. So, it can take a lot of our time to find discount coupons for WordPress related products from what RetailMeNot claimed, 50000 online stores.

Coupons for Bloggers – Online coupon site for bloggers

For your information, there is new online coupon site, Coupon for Bloggers that has just been launched by the owner of WpRecipes.com, Jean-baptiste Jung. The best part is the coupons that are being listed are only for blogging related products. So, it would be easy for to find any interesting coupons which can save a lot of money if know how to use it well enough.

Coupon for bloggers

For your information, the coupons are being categorized into 5 groups. They are:

Hosting – For those who are planning to buy new web hosting for their WordPress blogs

Domain names – For those who want have new domain names for their latest blogging project

WordPress – For those who are looking for premium WordPress themes and plugins to make their blog looks and works better

Ebooks – For those who want to broaden their knowledge and skills on blogging

Blogging tools – For those who are looking for blogging tool such as Aweber for newsletters

Need other alternative?

Besides the normal online coupons site like RetailMeNot to get bargain on blogging related products, there is also another online coupon site that you can go. It is called Theme Coupons.

As compared to Coupon for Bloggers, this site focuses on more specific area i.e. premium WordPress themes. However, this site is still new and not many coupons that are available for the users. I expect that this site will grow bigger and have more coupons in few months time when the site gets the attention of the WordPress communities.

Have you use online coupon site?

Do you usually visit online coupon sites first before making any online purchase? Which site that you usually go? And what do you think about the two new online coupon sites which have been set up specifically for bloggers?

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. I am eager to know more about them.

WpVote – Digg Site for WordPress Fanatics

For most of us, it is for sure that we have used a lot of news aggregation website out there to promote our blog post as it can bring massive incoming traffics. Some of the sites are focusing on general audience while some of them are strictly focusing on smaller market and in more specific area.

The problem is…

The problem that most of WordPress bloggers are facing are when they submit their blog post especially the beginners is the post have to compete for vote with other post from websites that have a really huge follower and fans that will push the votes for post from those websites up and into the front page.

In the end, only the same websites will be appear in the front page and get massive votes while blogs that are pretty new and have less followers will still get less attention and votes although the post that have submitted can have better quality than the popular sites.

WpVote – Digg Alternative for WordPress bloggers

However, realizing that there is huge demand for news aggregation site that can cater WordPress bloggers, Jean-Baptiste Jung from WPRecipes.com has developed a news aggregation site,WpVote that is strictly for WordPress related articles. Initially, this site gained a lot of attention and however, after a few months, the buzz started to fade.


It is because previously, WpVote was using Pligg, a CMS that help to develop site that is similar to Digg. This CMS wasn’t easy to modify and had some annoying bugs which makes WpVote harder to maintain. To make things worse, the site was constantly being spammed.

However, a new version of WpVote has just being launched under a new owner, Ben Gillbanks who bought WpVote from the previous owner in December 2009.

Why you should use WpVote?

WordPress bloggers should use the WpVote as it can provide the exposure that your blog post should get for the quality which it has as this site is strictly about WordPress. So, there will be less ‘noise’ in the site which can affect the attention of any visitors who visits WpVote. They will know what to expect from WpVote.

Here are few details on how WpVote works and the rules which you should.

How it works

WpVote works just like any other social bookmarking site:

  • User creates her free account
  • User submit stories about WordPress
  • If other users enjoy the story, they vote for it
  • If the story has 5 votes or more, it is promoted to the homepage as a featured article


  • Only stories related to WordPress can be published on WpVote
  • No affiliate links
  • No spam.
  • Only stories in ENGLISH are allowed.

If you break theses rules, your story and your account will be deleted.

Unfortunately, it does not come with button which we can embed into our blog post which I think a crucial element for the success of news aggregation site. Besides it makes it easy for bloggers to promote their posts, it can also be a marketing tool for WpVote.

Have you used it?

Have you use WpVote? What do you think about it and how well your post performs in WpVote? It would be great to know more about WpVote and your opinions are definitely much needed.

9 Mind Blowing WordPress Online Store Themes That You Will Love

For the past few months, I have posted reviews about couple WordPress online store themes as at that time, it is pretty tough to look for WordPress online store theme that has decent design and theme structures. This probably due to the fact it can be pretty tough and has pretty steep learning curve.

Having online store now, is easy!

However, for the last few weeks, I just discovered that there are actually a lot of WordPress online store themes that we do not have any clue of their existence. Maybe, it is probably due to the theme developers, themselves. Although they are good in developing good WordPress theme, it is no necessary that they are good in marketing too.

There are also couple nice looking WordPress themes that have just been launched that still get a lot of attention yet.

WordPress online store themes you will love

So, for this post, I think it would be a great idea to make a list post about the WordPress online store themes as most of us will definitely want to know all the great themes that can help them to set up online store in easy and cheaper way.

It would be great if you can share this list to anyone that you know that need or planning to set up online store for their business.

By the way, for this list, I have categorized the themes into premium and free themes.

Premium WordPress Online Store Themes


ShopperPress - Best WordPress Online Store Theme

ShopperPress is the most advanced WordPress online store theme as it has a lot of features that other WordPress online theme doesn’t have. The features are more towards the expensive online store software and not using the simplicity concept of WordPress.

The advanced features that you will get are ‘Amazon, Ebay, Datafeedr Import Tools’ and ‘CSV Product Import Options’.

Features | Demo

The Furniture Shop

The Furniture Shop - Best WordPress online store themes

The Furniture Shop is developed by Sarah Neuber and for me; it is the prettiest WordPress online store themes. The structure and design is amazing. When I see the theme, it is so relaxing.

The feature that I love most is the Magic Zoom which when you hover your mouse on the product pictures, it will automatically zoom without any unacceptable lagging or delays. This feature is almost the same with the feature that you can find in Topman’s online store.

Cool right?

Features | Demo

The Clothes Shop

The Clothes Shop - Best WordPress Online Store WordPress Themes

This WordPress online store theme is also developed by Sarah Neuber which means it has the same features with The Furniture Shop.

However, The Clothes Shop has been designed in a way that it will perfectly suit for those who are planning to have online clothes shop. It is because there is feature which will show picture of the front part of our products i.e. clothes and when we hover our mouse over the picture, it will give us view from the back.



eshop - best WordPress online store theme

This WordPress online store is developed by Templatic. This WordPress theme is pretty basic but it still has the features of an online store.

In the front page, there is image slider for your featured products. It can be handy as you can use it as tool to promote products that give you a lot of returns and give some exposure for less popular but have huge potential products.



Store - Best WordPress Online Store Theme

This WordPress online theme focuses on making the online store to be simple and easy. Customers can straight away view the products that we are offering by clicking the slider that is situated on the tight hand side. The can also view product without have to click the slider by clicking on the products’ links located besides the slider.

You can also have blog for the online store which can help you to build closer relationship with your customers.



eGoods - Best WordPress online store themes

eGoods is the first WordPress online store theme that is developed by Sarah Neuber. In terms of design, it is pretty basic and unfortunately, the color scheme that is being used was badly chosen as it is pretty dull and unattractive.

However, it is still have basic features of an online store. Personally, if you are looking for WordPress online store theme, there are better option such as The Furniture Shop and The Clothes Shop.


Free WordPress Online Store Themes

Simplecart (js)

Simplecart (js) - Best WordPress Online Store theme

Simplecart (js) is a really good looking free WordPress online store theme. This online store is based on one page online store concept to make the process to be straight forward and fast for your customers.

In my opinion, this theme will only work effectively if it is being used for a limited number of products. It won’t look good if the page is lengthy.

FeaturesDemo | Download


Appcloud - best free WordPress online store theme

Appcloud is another simple free WordPress online store theme. The main feature of the online store theme is the image slider which covers almost half of the main page. It can work great for you if the products that you want to sell have designs that your visitors would like to see closer and clearly.

However, if you want more features, you can get those by purchasing the premium theme of Appcloud.


WordPress Store

WordPress store - best free wordpress online store theme

WordPress Store gained a lot of attentions from WordPress communities and pretty popular free WordPress online store theme. It is because it is the first WordPress online store theme that has shopping cart and have been integrated with Paypal. It was developed when others still busy using WordPress blog for blogging.

Other than the cuteness of this free WordPress online store theme, this theme cannot offer you much. There are still other themes that are better in terms of design and structure.


How mind blowing these themes are?

What do you think about the themes that I have listed above? Do the theme look great? In case if you have tried any of the above themes, would you mind to share your experience and thought?

It would be great to have it here!

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