55 Most Wanted Free WordPress Themes You Should Grab

It can pretty tough to decide whether to invest in premium WordPress themes or just simply stick with the free WordPress themes. It is because most of us have the perception of premium WordPress themes are always better than the free WordPress themes in terms of designs especially.

However, for today post, I’m going to proof that the perception is baseless. I will show that there are actually a lot of awesome free WordPress themes. You are going to impress with the free themes that I have found for this post.

What you need is actually a little effort to look for the free themes and you will find awesome free WordPress themes which sometimes ‘hidden’ among billions of websites out there.

No worries because I have helped to find the themes. You just need to decide which one that suits you best.

So, enjoy the 55 Most Wanted Free WordPress Themes You Should Grab!

Stunning Press

Stunning Press - Best Free WordPress Themes

Features | Demo | Download


Berita - Best free WordPress themes


Shopping Press

Shopping Press - Best Free WordPress themes



Marangal - best free WordPress themes


Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker - Best Free WordPress themes


Adding jquery – colorbox,thickbox popup on your blog/site with a time delay

Happy New Year, Everybody !!

You may have seen many sites/blogs use a time delayed light weight Jquery popups like colorbox,thickbox and lightbox etc. for capturing leads or promoting something. See a example here -> Facebook Profits ( First we see their normal salepage, but after some seconds they serve a discounted price page with the help of colorbox )

Lets do this here. I hope it will help you.

We are going to setup a content colorbox using a “settimeout” javascript function. For this we need to include two .js files and a .css file in our webpage’s header.

1. jquery core file        2. colorbox widget files

Add following lines before </head> tag of webpage.

<script src="file-path/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="file-path/colorbox.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="file-path/colorbox.css" type="text/css" />

Download these files via following links :

Jquery.js : jQuery JavaScript library
Colorbox : colorbox widget

Colorbox can be used in many different ways like showing any outside URL in a frame box on any trigger of html element. You can find all example in the colorbox download. We are going to supply a url to colorbox main function which will popup a box with the supplied url.

So here is the colorbox function, we will use to pass url… 

10 WordPress Plugins That Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Blog

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world because of its open source capabilities. Anyone can program a plugin for WordPress, so there are thousands of options out there for any budding blogger. The list has been culled, and here are ten of the best WordPress plugins that can make a huge difference to your blog.

1. SEO Smart Links

This is a great solution to interlink your blog posts, getting the most out of your SEO. SEO Smart Links will automatically take the keywords and phrases on your blog and link them to the relevant categories and tags. Increasing the number of links within your blog has a chance to boost your page ranking and page views.

2. Subscribe to Comments

Keep your readers informed with a link to subscribe to comments on your posts. Readers are notified by email about further entries to a post, enticing them to return to your page and respond to the response. Commenters have plenty of options available to them: they can block the notifications, unsubscribe to posts, and even change the email address to which they are notified.

3. Top Commentators Widget

Top Commentators creates a widget in your sidebar to show who is commenting the most on your blog. There are options and customizations for this plugin that make it even easier to use.

4. Mingle WordPress

Mingle WordPress changes your WordPress blog into a social water water cooler. The plugin allows for Profile Pages, Friending, Friend Activity Pages and a Full Member Directory. Instead of having ‘just a blog,’ you can develop a full blown community with this plugin.

ShopperPress: Online Store WordPress Theme With 23 Awesome Design Options

For the last couple of months, I have share a lot of WordPress themes for online store as base on my observation, WordPress themes developers have started to develop more WordPress themes which outside the scope of magazine/blog styling to focus on more advanced WordPress themes such as online store, portfolio site, micro-blogging and Q&A site like Yahoo! Answers.

For example, WooThemes start to develop few WordPress themes such as Retreat and Cinch that will make your WordPress blog works like Tumblr which will come with iPhone app to make it easier for you to update your blog and share what is happening around you straight away.

And for ShopperPress which comes with the $79 price tag, has developed a really good WordPress theme for online store which I think the best among other online store WordPress themes. It is because Shopperpress is jam-packed with great features and comes with 23 great templates that come for free.

Among features that you will fall in love are:

  • Sales Analysis & Tracking – You can view newly placed orders and exporting sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet or QuickBooks.
  • Inventory and Promotions – ShopperPress includes full inventory control, order management for viewing newly placed orders, “Out of Stock” Messages and discount coupon codes for gift certificates. It has also built in price variable options such as “buy 1 get 1 free” and a fixed cost mark-up on the entire store prices.
  • Security – ShopperPress is a secure online system that supports hundreds of extra security plugins for WordPress as well as HTTPS/SSL secure page.

For today post, I would like to share 14 Shopper templates which have the best look from all 23 templates which are available for you to choose from.

Shopperpress - Best Online Store WordPress Theme

Camera shopper is a very popular shopping cart theme for selling electronic products online such as TV’s and cameras.


Shopperpress - Best Online Store WordPress Theme

This theme is popular among the animal lovers, this shopping cart theme is ideal for selling all sort of animal and pet products online.


30 Awesome ThemeForest Themes That Will Kick Your WordPress Theme’s Ass!

I am pretty sure that most of us have heard about ThemeForest as it is the biggest marketplace for website templates and CMS themes especially for WordPress. There are actually 610 WordPress themes for you to choose from at extremely reasonable price ($40 at most) for the quality that you will get.

However, one thing that you probably don’t know is ThemeForest is the first place you should visit if you are looking for WordPress themes that out of ordinary and have new features that most of WordPress theme developers don’t offer.

Need proofs?

One of the examples is the usage of CU3BER. At the moment, there is no other premium WordPress developers have used such great and awesome 3D slider tool except those in ThemeForest marketplace. Most of them still ‘stuck’ with the boring 2D slider.

Another example is ThemeForest is the first place where WordPress Theme with ‘one-page’ concept first introduced which I love so much. In case you have no idea what is the ‘one-page’ concept, you can check out the Shape Shifter and SOFA theme below. From these WordPress themes, you will get the idea on what is the ‘one-page’ concept is all about.

So, for this post, I would like to share with you top 30 WordPress Themes from ThemeForest from the 610 WordPress themes collection which I regard as the best among the best. I am actually impressed how great and well-built these themes. I am sure you will too.



Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes Design

Hyperion is clean and stylish WordPress theme well suited for any business, portfolio, blogger, or anyone needing a beautiful website.

Features | Demo


Best Themeforest WordPress Theme Design

Minimalista is an Ajax WordPress theme, best suited for a professional and minimalist portfolio. It comes with 6 colors skins, and one custom file to put easily your own colour.

Features | Demo