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Sometimes tutorial is better presented and taught in video format especially in complex topics which need detailed explanation and deep understanding.

I do realise on this issue. So, Huzzer Magazine has developed another section of this site which is Huzzer TV.

The main purpose of Huzzer TV is to collect and share the videos of WordPress tutorials that spread all around internet especially in Youtube, Vimeo and Viddler.

I found that it is extremely difficult to look for a site that have a huge collections of WordPress video tutorials. The only site that has such feature is WordPress TV. However, I found that WordPress TV’s video tutorials only covers basic sections of WordPress such as introduction of WordPress main feature and how those feature can be used.

Basically, Huzzer TV will try to cover topics and issues from basic tutorials to advanced tutorials, covering WordPress main features, plugins and themes. Although there will definitely high possibility that there are videos that can be considered duplicated contents, I believe that it is better to have videos of same topic from different authors as it will give new and different perspective on that particular WordPress video tutorial.

The main focus of Huzzer TV is to compliment Huzzer Magazine in providing tutorial about WordPress –  tweaking and modifications and let others to share their expertise and experience in using WordPress through video sharing.

In order to built site that have enough collections of WordPress video tutorials, Huzzer TV hopes and appreciates if any bloggers that have created any WordPress related videos – not only tutorial videos to share their code to Huzzer TV and to be published into Huzzer TV. Besides helping others to know and understand WordPress further, you can also increase your reputation in and bring more traffics to your WordPress site.

So, there will definitely a ‘win-win’ situation right?

Feel free to submit your video through below button.


Hope you can share this good news with others and if you have WordPress related videos, feel free to submit it to us. Huzzer Magazine and Huzzer TV really appreciates with your support and eager to publish your videos.

5 Responses to Huzzer TV – Make WordPress Ridiculously Easy!

  1. Kushal Chap says:

    Wow this is impressive.

  2. Mike says:

    this is great I can download the videos and put them on my ipod to listen to on the go

  3. Mike says:

    I think this is going to become a huge resource. Great idea. Hopefully you will keep compiling videos.

  4. ariff says:

    Whoa. This is good! You should advertise this or there wont be people coming to watch the tutorial videos

  5. Mike says:

    I agree, it seems too important to get lost in the shuffle. I can imagine it would take a lot of time to sort through the videos though since you have to watch multiple videos to get good ones.

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