How to Integrate Testimonial Section into WordPress blog

Integrate testimonial section into WordPress blogIf you are using your WordPress blog to showcase your online product or business, testimonial section can be crucial besides having proper WordPress theme. If you are still looking for suitable theme, check out my previous post on Top 7 of Most Creative and Fresh Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes.

Both of this element is definitely a must factor in increasing your business or product’s credibility and pulling factor.

By having testimonial section, your product and business will able to show and give the impression on how can it help your prospect customers and how it affects those who have bought your product.

Now, you can easily integrate testimonial section into your WordPress blog by installing Testimonials Manager for WordPress Plugin.

Testimonials Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage and display testimonials for your blog, product or service. It can be used to build your portfolio or to encourage readers to subscribe / buy your products.

With user friendly plugin’s setting page, you can easily add and edit any testimonial by your customers. For the image of your testimonial section, it can easily embed through Gravatar feature or manually upload through the setting page.

Integrate testimonial section into WordPress blog

Add new testimonial section in plugin's setting page

Edit testimonial and embed image into testimonial section

Edit testimonial and embed image into testimonial section

You can also edit or delete existing testimonials easily within your WordPress dashboard itself.

Besides having specific section or page for testimonial in your WordPress blog, you can also display and has the ability to rotate a predefined number of testimonials in your sidebar using WordPress widgets. It will link automatically with a “Read More” link which will lead to your WordPress blog’s testimonial section.If you’ve put the code in more than one page, you can also choose which page to link to.

Integrate testimonial section into WordPress blog

Testimonial in sidebar

Testimonial widget in WordPress sidebar

Testimonial widget in WordPress sidebar

You can further style the testimonial section by tweaking it through custom.css box. For those who do not have knowledge in CSS, it is enough for you to use the default styling that comes along with the plugin.

If you are interested in having testimonial section in your WordPress blog through this plugin, feel free to download through below download icon.

Download icon

Share your opinion on Testimonial Section plugin. Do you think that it can help in terms of functionality, practically and user friendliness to boost online product or business through WordPress blog? Feel free to share your experience if you have tried or are using this pluging. Cheers!

3 Responses to How to Integrate Testimonial Section into WordPress blog

  1. Another awesome looking plugin I’d never heard of! Getting ready to re-vamp my design portfolio site and I’m totally checking this out!


  2. Wow. This is going to help me too! Great share.

    It is free right? Or I am missing something?

    Wow, this plugin is really worthy of the paid status 😀

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve just added it. This will be great for my HVAC contracting site as I get so many comments from customers as I am working on their homes. Now I can actually do something with these comments. My next step is to find a way to have the testimonials stand out more. It seems to get lost in the sidebar. Any suggestions? Maybe I just need a new theme.

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