How to Intergrate FAQ Management Sytem into WordPress Blog?

FAQ system plugin fow WordPressHaving Question and Answer’s section in a WordPress blog can definitely enhance your credibility as a WordPress blogger. It will give the impression that you are an approachable and most important thing knowledgeable WordPress blogger.

This feature can be the proof that your blog is not the kind of blog that just cut and paste the article that you found in other blogs.

It will show you that you are knowledgeable enough to write the contents of your blog by yourselves and can help others who need some assistance in the topics that you are blogging about.

By using WordPress as your blogging software, it has made the process of creating a good and effective FAQ (Frequent Ask Questions) Management System easier and simple. You just have to install the FAQ plugin into your WordPress and then, you will have your very own FAQ management system in your WordPress blog.

Tribulant Software has created a powerful plugin that can help you set up your own FAQ management system for you WordPress blog. This plugin has almost complete essential elements that a FAQ management system should have.

For WordPress blogger, this plugin comes with a full featured administration dashboard where you can manage question groups and questions. A configuration section is available where you can tweak the plugin according to your needs and preferences.

For the visitors of your WordPress blog, they can browse through your FAQs, flipping through your questions with an easy to use, sliding accordion feature. Users can search the FAQs and also submit questions of their own.

This plugin can be considered a premium plugin which you must have to pay for it. The cost of buying this plugin is minimal – $19.99 for a single license and $89.99 for developer license.

WordPress FAQ plugin

Few screenshots:

FAQ system plugin fow WordPress

Form for your visitors to ask questions

FAQ system plugin fow WordPress

Configuration page for your FAQ system plugin

FAQ system plugin fow WordPress

Page for you to manage FAQ questions

FAQ system plugin for WordPress

Search form for your visitors to search about certain topics

FAQ system plugin for WordPress

FAQ system plugin's widget settings

In case you have limited blogging fund or want try something free first before invest your money to FAQ Management System, there is another option.

There is a plugin – FAQ-Tastic Lite which is being offered for free by Knowledge Construct. This plugin contains major elements of FAQ management system but however it comes with few restrictions which will not dramatically affect the function of the FAQ Management System.

However, if you find this comfortable, you can upgrade it to advanced version – FAQ- Tastic Pro in future as the developers are in the process of making it.

What do you think about this? Share your experience if you have tried before or your thoughts on the role of FAQ Management System for WordPress blog. I would love to hear about it.

7 Responses to How to Intergrate FAQ Management Sytem into WordPress Blog?

  1. This would be a good idea for my design site, as well as my informational/how-to site! Thanks for pointing it out!!

  2. Aren’t there any free alternatives to this?

    If there are how do they compare?

    Also, I doubt someone needs a huge FAQ list unless they have a big client base or its some sort of a Browser MMO.

  3. ariff says:

    This is great but you just need a very responsive community to make this plugin worth the money.

  4. Kushal Chap says:

    Agree with you.

  5. Kushal Chap says:

    This is an intereesting idea.

  6. ariff says:

    FAQ system is great for blogs with info and tutorials. Why dont you put this on here too?

  7. Awesome article! Your style is so refreshing in comparison to most other bloggers. Thanks for posting when you get the chance to, I will be sure to subscribe!

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