Get Your WordPress 2 Application for Better Blogging Experience

For this post, I would love to share a great news – WordPress for Iphone 2 has just been launched!

As most of us know, the app has been developed to keep up with the latest ipod touch and iphone firmware which has better functions and capabilities. With this new version of this WordPress app, it will bring better experience for WordPress bloggers either your are a or self hosted WordPress user blogger.

The major aspects that have been taken into account in the development of this version is to keep at minimal level of the bugs in the app and incompatibility issues with some self-hosted WordPress bloggers.

So, the features and fixes that you will find in the version 2 of the WordPress app are:

  • A new, more efficient user interface that makes it faster to switch between comments, posts, and pages.
  • Various user interface refinements and bug fixes
  • New Comments interface, with Gravatars and the author URL shown in the comment list
  • Passwords are now stored in the keychain
  • Posts are now automatically saved and restored if network connection is lost during publishing
  • Added persistence, so the app re-opens in the blog you last used
  • Added an interface for manually entering the XMLRPC endpoint for non-standard setups
  • Fixed rotation-related visual glitches
  • Fixed errors where malformed XML prevented access to XMLRPC endpoint
  • Fixed edge case where local drafts were sometimes not saved
  • Fixed the order of photos so that they’re displayed in the order they’re uploaded

    If you want to know more about this latest news, you can head to its official announcement page at WordPress for iPhone 2 now available in the App Store.

    By the way, to keep up with a lot of support requests, a specific forum has been launched to cater this problem at WordPress for Iphone Forum and there is also a blog – Making WordPress for Iphone that will be used as the place where any new features that will appear in the nest version be announced, keep you up to date on the progress of the app development and to be the place where you can share your idea and opinion with the WordPress team.

    Have you download this WordPress app? What do you think it? Is there any improvement in the app that is worth sharing?

    17 Responses to Get Your WordPress 2 Application for Better Blogging Experience

    1. Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    2. It is a great news for blogger that use iPhone.

    3. Mikkel says:

      Just downloaded it, it really has improved the use of WordPress on a iPhone. Seriously go try it 😉

    4. Hu hu hu! More ways to remain hooked to your website 😀

      This is awesome for bloggers. Ahh I wish I had an iphone.

    5. Ricky says:

      I show some awesome updates for iPhone users. Good to see wordpress 2 for iPhone users. Unfortunately I don’t own no iPhone so I couldn’t try it. Few days back they have released photoshop for iPhone users which is a really cool application.

    6. That would have been great if they could think other touch phone brands, such as Nokia.

    7. ariff says:

      This is free right? It’s odd that there’s no update notification on my iPhone about this app update.

    8. ariff says:

      You should get one. iPhone is worth the money

    9. Mike says:

      I think iphone is cool but blackberry seems a little better for business applications. I may be wrong.

    10. Kushal Chap says:

      I would try this but I don’t have an iphone to test it out on 🙁

    11. Kushal Chap says:

      I like iphone better. it looks so much more slicker and its touch screen 🙂

    12. Kushal Chap says:

      I didn’t know Nokia had a touch screen phone. Do they have a smartphone

    13. Kushal Chap says:

      I am just 16 so definetly in my budget and hate how you have to get a certain service .

    14. ariff says:

      Dont know a thing about blackberry, but then again with the app store running iPhone is already the best phone in terms of apps availability

    15. Mike says:

      Thats true, the iphone and blackberry go back and forth in terms of functionality.

    16. Mike says:

      wow kushal you are sixteen. you are young and getting an early start on blogging. keep it up

    17. Mike says:

      Blackberry also has a touchscreen, the blackberry storm

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