Generate Fresh and New Blogging Idea through TweetDeck.

Look for Blogging Idea Through TweetDeckFor those who are familiar in Twitter especially if you are frequent Twitter user, you must have heard about TweetDeck.

For those who are not, TweetDeck is a Twitter application for desktop and ipod touch/iphone. This application is well-built software which has considerable number of users.

This is because the features that have been well integrated into the software. Besides the normal Twitter site features, among features that can be regarded as handy and user friendly are TweetDeck has the capability of allowing us to manage multiple Twitter account at the same time, function that let us to search keywords and will give us list of real-time tweet that has one particular keyword, has the ability of letting us to updates our Facebook status and has the short url integration – function that let us to shorten your normal site address.

Tweet Deck's toolbar

Tweet Deck's toolbar

The feature that I would like to highlight is the function that let us to search keywords and will give us list of real-time tweet that has one particular keyword.

Through this feature, it can be the another source that can help you to generate new idea for your WordPress blog’s latest articles based on the latest issues and news which are within your WordPress topic’s communities.

It is my daily routine to use this function in helping me to generate new and fresh idea through the conversation and problems that are been ‘tweet’ed by the people of the same interest or focus.

TweetDeck's keywords search function

TweetDeck's keywords search function

For example, I usually will search for ‘WordPress’ keywords. Through this process, I will get every tweets that have the ‘WordPress’ keyword. The tweet that I will get that only confine among the persons that I follow. Instead, I will get every tweets of all people around the world. I will have the chance of knowing what are their problems or the latest issues that are related to WordPress.

TweetDeack's Search Results for Keywords

TweetDeack's Search Results for Keywords

This process will not only help WordPress blogger to harvest new and fresh idea that can be put into my latest WordPress blog’s article, it will also help me to create articles that are focused on the possible WordPress blog readers’ needs.

Another advantage of this process is we as WordPress blogger, at the same time can create a huge community for our WordPress blog. We can help those who having problems (which we know from their tweet) through the TweetDeck, by replying to their tweet and offer our help to them.

This process will increase our exposure and publicity as a WordPress blogger with knowledge – not otherwise which will lead them to follow us and be our WordPress blog’s loyal follower.

Give this process a shot in helping you to be a more concerned and readers’ centric WordPress blogger. It will definitely give you the results that you have not achieved before.

Leave your opinions and experience in using this process and how it affects you and your WordPress log at the comment section below. I am eager to know how does it helps you.

13 Responses to Generate Fresh and New Blogging Idea through TweetDeck.

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  3. Mike says:

    wow. This is HUGE for me. I have always had a problem finding a use for tweetdeck. I have installed and uninstalled it on my computer many times. Now I have an actual use for it. I can use it to find potential readers and listeners to my podcast and blog. Twitter has been an un-tapped resource for me, maybe I can change this through tweetdeck. As a matter of fact I found Huzzer magazine through twitter when you followed me. And you probably found me using this strategy.

  4. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    It is good to know that the article has bring new perspective on how you see TweetDeck.

    I heavily rely on it as compared to twitter site itself.

  5. Mike says:

    Honestly I’ve never really understood the whole use of twitter. I have an account but to me it just seems like another social service. I sort of abandoned it along with myspace. I know it has power that I need to tap into. I usually put all of my efforts into facebook which has been very rewarding for my blog. I have my tweetdeck open now. Where is the keyword search option?

  6. Mike says:

    Ah I see. You have to add a column with a search term. This is phenominal! I can connect with others in my same genre instantly and be tapped into the heart of what is going on in my niche.

  7. Kushal Chap says:

    Twitter has become really big these days.

  8. Mike says:

    I had no idea what I was missing. By using tweetdeck search columns I have already met tons of people involved in the same arena that I am in.

  9. Kushal Chap says:

    Yea, thats why twitter is awesome

  10. Mike says:

    yeah twitter with tweetdeck is great. You can see peoples updates that you aren’t even connected with yet. That makes networking even greater

  11. ariff says:

    Not using tweetdeck, I use mixero instead. I like the simple sleek and clean interface.

  12. Mike says:

    wow thats interesting I have never even heard of mixero at all.

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