Free WordPress Blog Setup

WordPress is definitely the best place to start blogging as it provides you with a reat features in terms of user friendliness, flexibility, search engine optimization and the most important think, safety – help your blog to be hack-proof.

However, if you think that WordPress is just simply a one clicked blogging platform just like Blogger, you have definitely does know the true potential of WordPress.

With proper guidance, I will show you how you can have a blog that will outshine others by installing plugins that we will recommend and some site tweaking that will help improved your WordPress blog. We will give you quick training on the first few steps that you need to take before you launch your WordPress blog.

What is Kissing Crust?

Kissing Crust is one of my projects that focuses on providing the easiest way to set up your very own web site that you’ve ever met before.

In Kissing Crust, I am focusing in providing the best service for those who are not only interested in having their own web site, but want their web site looks great.

So, as part of my contribution and sign of appreciation to Huzzer Magazine’s audience and readers, I will provide the service of setting up your WordPress blog for free.

You can check out the website which I developed using WordPress and hope you can join its Facebook Fan Page through below links.

Kissing Crust | Facebook Fan Page

I believe in…

I do believe that the best way to learn something that is new is by seeking help from others. Rather have to go through the try and error process which can be tiring and time consuming, I will share the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my experience in blogging which are most of them are self taught.

So, I do know what your needs and the problems that you probably will encounter as I have gone through the painful try and error process. Rather I keep it with myself, it is way better I share the experience with you.

This offer comes with…

Besides helping you to install WordPress, I will also help you with:

  • Purchase of web hosting and domain name
  • Quick guide on Cpanel
  • WordPress set up through Fantastico
  • Essentials steps before launch your blog such as search engine listings, plugins and theme installation
  • Make your blog hack/spam proof
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Tips on site traffics
  • Free support via email

Free? Are you serious?

Yes, I am serious. All of the things that come with this offer are free of charge; there will be no hidden charge at all.

However, it would be great if you can help to promote my latest project – Kissing Crust to any of your friends and people that you know that need help in not only site development but services such as logo design, consultation and coaching for their site or blog.

I would also like to invite you to sign up with our recommended web hosting partners as they have been proven to provide great products and services.

So, besides getting this offer free, you will also help others get this offer for free too as I will some commissions from the purchase that you make with our partners. Those commissions will really help me to maintain this service.

Kissing Crust’s web hosting partners

These are the hosting companies that I recommend you to buy your hosting from. If you would like me to get some commissions out of your purchase, simply click on the links below but please clear your internet browser’s cache first (located under Tools > Clear Recent History if you are using Mozilla)

WpWebHost is a web hosting company who is specialized in hosting WordPress site and most of their customers are WordPress owners.

Because of this, it would be easy for you to get support on any problems that you face with your WordPress blog.

Base on my experience, web hosting company’s support tends to give only general answer for any problem that you are facing which can be problematic for beginners.

I highly recommend WPWebHost for WordPress bloggers especially for beginners.

Host Gator is a really popular web hosting company due to the packages that they offer.  The cost of the packages is also relatively low as compared to other companies.

Plus, there are a lot of discount coupons available in the internet. I will teach you to find one.

All of my sites are under Hostgator and so far, I have no problem with the company.

What I love about Host Gator is it has great customer support that available around the clock and their response to our problem is really fast.

What you should do now?

If you are interested in getting this free offer, do contact me using below contact form.

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I hope that our project can help you to have better and great WordPress blog.