Embed Official Facebook Share Button Into Your WordPress Blog

Facebook has massive fans and followers all over the world which this can be definitely a great source of incoming traffics if we able to expose our WordPress blog to its maximum level.

One of the way is the by integrating the Facebook element into our WordPress blog. There are few ways to integrate it in especially through plugins. I have covered this topic through one of my post before – Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Integrate Facebook Elements in Better Ways.

In the post, I have shared with you a plugin called fbShare.me which has identical function like the TweetMeme button. It will show how many times one particular WordPress blog post is being shared in Facebook.

FbShare.me is an unofficial plugin and base on my experience through Huzzer Magazine, it has bugs and do not work perfectly as what I expected.

However, Facebook has developed and just launched its official Facebook Share button widget which let webmasters i.e. WordPress bloggers to embed Facebook Share button into their WordPress blog.

Facebook Share button

Facebook gives us few options in modifying and select the best design that will suit with our WordPress blog. They are:

  • Style of the button – Normal button or link
  • Counter – Located above the button or in line with the button

After you have selected the options that suit you best, the code for the Facebook Share button will be generated. You just need to paste the code to the place that you want it to appear through the theme editor.

If you are planning and looking for the best ways to publicize latest blog post, this Facebook Share button can be the perfect choice.

To know more about it, you can head to its official site – Official Facebook Share Button

What do you think about this button? Will it help us to improve our WordPress blog especially in terms of quality traffics? Is there any difference between the official button with the fbShare.me plugin?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts. I would love to hear it.

19 Responses to Embed Official Facebook Share Button Into Your WordPress Blog

  1. I use “add any” WordPress plugin for facebook sharing.

  2. Totally depends on the target audience. I am using the share/save button.

    But facebook one is pretty good too!

  3. Mikkel says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing! Definitely worth adding to your blog!

  4. bbrian017 says:

    You know I might consider adding it but for now I think I will pass. I have never been a big fan of facebook and don’t use it to market that often. Tho I shouldn’t I’m still ignoring this marketing median.

  5. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Although you do not use facebook much for promotion, it can can still help you to bring value added element into your site.

    It is because your readers can still promote your blog post in their facebook page and this will definitely be handy if they have huge friends list.

    Give it a shot and if it works great for you, good for you then.

  6. bbrian017 says:

    Hey that’s a good point. It seems I was only thinking about the value I could have using it myself and didn’t include the important element such as my readers.

    Great point Helmi

    P.S. you need to add the admin@huzzer.com e-mail to your word press installation because hotmail see’s your e-mails as dangerous and asks me for permissions to open them. This might also be the case with your subscribe to comments seeing I’m subscribed.

  7. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    No problem at all and thank you for the help about the email. Hope to see you again soon.


  8. Glad to see there’s finally an official button. I’ve tried a few others and they just didn’t work, so I’ll be trying this one!!

  9. Helmi,

    If you’ll delete the last two comments where the code didn’t come thru right, that would be cool.

    I posted about it tonight, with a link to you, and I put the modified code up in a grabbable fashion on my site in case anyone wants it!


    I hope this is helpful for those who want a little customization and need help knowing where to put the code and how to format it!

  10. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Thank you Erica for the great quick tutorial. I’m glad to have you over here.


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  12. You mean “Add to Any” plugin?

  13. Thats a great tutorial Erica! Thanks. And thanks to you too Helmi 😀

  14. Ricky says:

    It is good to have such share button. I am not a big fan of facebook but I can’t ignore the power of facebook as well as it can help us to get some good traffic.
    As far as plugin is concerned I am reluctant to use many plugins in my blog. I hope to find out some other way to integrate with the blog. Thanx for sharing the information.

  15. Yeah, i mean add to any plugin.

  16. Mike says:

    I added the official facebook button last week. It makes your blog very powerful because it is so easy for readers to share. I noticed it is better to add at the bottom of the post because if you add it at the top of the post the word “share” shows up in the description.

  17. ariff says:

    I see. Thanks for the heads up =)

  18. Poppy Scott says:

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