Contest Update: Comments, Promote and Enjoy!

Do you interested in being part of contest and have the chance of winning prizes that are worth more than $600? If you do, you are definitely at the perfect site.

At the moment, Huzzer Magazine is having contest that will reward the winner with huge list of great prizes to the winners which is base on the number of comments that have been left.  The best part of this contest is it has been sponsored by great sites and people.


AdesBlog is a PR 4 blog which has roughly monthly unique visitors up to 13000 visits base on Compete. The blog is about blogging, usability, entrepreneurship, making money online, web2.0, novel ideas, future forecasts etc.

RobsWebsTips is a PR 3 blog which 20,000+ unique page views monthly. It’s a blog that focuses on articles all about SEO, coding tutorials, blogging discussion,  Thesis, WordPress and more.

  • Writer Seven – 1 copy of ‘Choosing the Right Words’ eBook worth $7.77

Writer Seven is written by Corey Freeman and about writing, freelance writing, and basically anything that refers to content generation online and offline.

  • Ben-Lang – 10 Sponsored Tweets worth $10 to help to promote this contest.

Ben-Lang is a blog written by Benjamin Lang, entrepreneur, 16, currently living in New York. The blog is about blogging, entrepreneurship, social media and WordPress. At this moment, he has 4650 people who are following him through Twitter.

  • StudioPress – one copy of premium WordPress theme (individual licence) from StudioPress worth $59.95.
  • Obox Design – one copy of Hash One (individual licence – without support) from Obox Design worth $50 and lots of coupons worth up to $30 each!
  • WPWebHost – one Freedom Hosting Plan (1 year free) and lots of coupons worth up to $176 each.

WpWebHost is a hosting company which specialised in WordPress Hosting. The biggest distinctive difference between WPWebHost and other WordPress compatible web hosts are – they provide WordPress-related support (and do it very well).

If you want to know more about this contest, you can head to the contest page: Contest – Comments, Promote and Enjoy! Prizes Worth More than $500 Can Be Yours!

By the way, the purpose of this post to give quick updates on the contest and to share how the contest has helped this site for the past 1 week.

Update – Great news for the contestants

The best news is the contest has received two new great sponsors which will definitely bring this contest to a new level. The sponsors are:

  • ClassiPress – one developer licence of ClassiPress theme worth $149

ClassiPress is the first and only premium classified ads theme for WordPress and can be called the Craigslist of WordPress. The idea behind ClassiPress was simple — creates an easy to use classified ads system at a low cost just for WordPress.

Gyutae Park is an Internet entrepreneur, SEO, and blogger at Winning the Web who writes about Internet marketing strategies to make money online.

The Winners Circle is a new kind of Internet marketing training program & community that uses case studies, interviews, and examples to show you how to create winning businesses in various niches.

For the ClassiPress, it will be given to the commentator that has left the best comment in this site in terms of the quality of the comment left and how it will help others to improve in WordPress related topics.

And, for the Winners Circle, it will be given to the first and second winners.

Contest – The Extended Version

However, due to the fact that the new sponsorships that have come into picture, this contest has to be extended to another 2 weeks i.e. 19 November 2009 as it will be fair to the sponsors in terms of exposure and publicity of the sponsors.

This will also to give others the chance to others to catching up and be part of the massive comment contest as rather just trying to catch up to be the top commentators, you will also get the chance of leaving more quality and constructive comments to get higher chance of winning the prize from our new sponsors – one developer licence of the ClassiPress theme.

How the contest helps Huzzer Magazine for the past 1 week?

To give quick update on how the contest helps Huzzer Magazine, I have made simple statistic on it.

Comments – Up by almost 64%

Visitors – Up by almost 44%

Pageviews – U up by almost 64%

In general, for the past 1 week, the contest has brought a lot of improvement and value added elements into this site. I have not put other statistics as other statistics will not represent the objectives of this commenting contest.

What now?

You just have to leave your great comments and have the chance of winning of great prizes from our great sponsors. Good luck!

28 Responses to Contest Update: Comments, Promote and Enjoy!

  1. This is a very generous contest! It’s great that it’s being extended.

  2. This contest surely will be success. Hope i can get something from it. 😀

  3. Mikkel says:

    Amazing. Very nice, generous and all!

  4. Sounds like a pretty awesome contest!

  5. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I hope that it will be a great success as what you have said.

    There is still a a lot of time to leave great comments in this site and win the great prizes.

    Really hope to see more great bloggers like you in this site and participating in this contest.

    Good luck!

  6. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Feel free to join this contest and really hope to see you to be part of this massive contest.

    It would be great to see more and more great bloggers join this contest.

  7. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Hi Mary,

    How about you join this contest and get the huge chance of winning a lot of great prizes? It would be great then.

    By the way, I’m planning to give out a lot of coupons for the contest participants.

    So, join this contest quick and you can save a lot in purchasing great online products.

    Good luck!


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  9. mytheory says:

    wow.. sounds interesting!
    i never join any comment competition like this before. And i want to give it a try this time.
    Thanks for establish this great content huzzer!

  10. Yeah! New prizes! 😀 Worth the two week extension.

  11. Well this is your chance to start. The prizes are great and the contest is super!

  12. Hi Helmi. Your blog rock, great design.

    This contest is a great idea, tons of good prizes. We have 17 more days to participate :).

    Thanks for your advice regarding the “reply” subject.


  13. ZXT says:

    Too bad I just learned about this now. Oh well I might leave a comment because I can see good conversation going on and cool people here leaving comments.

    May the best commentator wins.

  14. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Thank for the compliment David.

    Hope that you enjoy this site (plus the contest) and will see you again over here soon.

    Good luck!

  15. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    No worries because you still can win the Classipress if you leave high quality and constructive comments in this site.

    Hope you enjoy this site and to see you again soon!


  16. Ricky says:

    I am in. I would love to participate in such contest. Now I have got a reason to spam your ;).
    I would like to offer 125×125 ad spots on my blog. Let me know if you are interested in. I guess you know my blog URL.

  17. mytheory says:

    yaa. that’s true. I even have posted about this contest on my blog. This is the fun-side of blog commenting.
    Anyway, do you join this contest also?

  18. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I am really glad that you want to sponsor this contest.

    However, it seems to be slightly late to update the commenting contest.

    How about you sponsor future contest which I will held? It will definitely great to have you to be part of the sponsors.

  19. Ricky says:

    I guess I am late for the party. It is still ok. I’ll dfefinitely be interested in sponsoring the upcoming contest. Feel free to contact me anytime 🙂

  20. mytheory says:

    sounds interesting ricky!
    maybe i need to contact you later..
    hehe 🙂

  21. Wow, the prices are really good. I think i will start commenting.

  22. mytheory says:

    Yes I agree!
    the prizes are great!

  23. mytheory says:

    Good Luck Bro!
    I’m sure you can get more things from this contest
    besides the prizes, you can get more exposure from other blogger as well

  24. mytheory says:

    Glad see you here brother…
    we’re on the same boat then 🙂

  25. Yes 🙂 I want to take advantage of free goodies as well. Plus I found this blog really useful with great content.

  26. Ariff says:

    cool. Thanks for extending the period of competition

  27. Ben Lang says:

    Wow, great contest. Would love to win something 🙂

  28. Mike says:

    so you went from 600 dollars in prizes to 3500! Congrats! You are defintely doing something right here.

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