Contest – Comments, Promote and Enjoy! Prizes Worth More than $500 Can Be Yours!

I love comments as I find it is the best way to interact with Huzzer Magazine’s readers .

I want to see Huzzer Magazine to be a site that is being built from its first few months around great supporters and readers, strong communities and stands out with the help of great, genuine and creative discussions through the comments section.

In order to encourage more interactions and build a greater relationship between me and my readers, I would love to reward my readers for leaving great comments through this contest.

When – What – How

When? This contest will be from 22 October 2009 until 5 November 2009 – exactly 2 weeks from this post.

What? The winner will be judged based on the number of comments that had been submitted for any articles in Huzzer magazine. Any comment should be considered acceptable and legitimate. Any comments that are deemed unacceptable will not be counted.

How? You can monitor your ranking through the widget that I put in the footer section.

The Great Collections of Prizes to Be Won

I do appreciate my readers for the time spent on commenting which really help to create Huzzer Magazine to be a really interactive and community based site. In returns, I would love to reward those who have actively participated and support Huzzer Magazine by leaving a lot of great comments.

I am really lucky as there are a lot of sponsors that I have got that make this contest a really great one. You will have a huge chance to get those massive prizes from Huzzer Magazine and which have been sponsored by great online site and WordPress developers.


AdesBlog is a PR 4 blog which has roughly monthly unique visitors up to 13000 visits base on Compete. The blog is about blogging, usability, entrepreneurship, making money online, web2.0, novel ideas, future forecasts etc.

RobsWebsTips is a PR 3 blog which 20,000+ unique page views monthly. It’s a blog that focuses on articles all about SEO, coding tutorials, blogging discussion,  Thesis, WordPress and more.

  • Writer Seven – 1 copy of ‘Choosing the Right Words’ eBook worth $7.77

Writer Seven is written by Corey Freeman and about writing, freelance writing, and basically anything that refers to content generation online and offline.

  • Ben-Lang – 10 Sponsored Tweets worth $10 to help to promote this contest.

Ben-Lang is a blog written by Benjamin Lang, entrepreneur, 16, currently living in New York. The blog is about blogging, entrepreneurship, social media and WordPress. At this moment, he has 4650 people who are following him through Twitter.

  • StudioPress – one copy of premium WordPress theme (individual licence) from StudioPress worth $59.95.
  • Obox Design – one copy of Hash One (individual licence – without support) from Obox Design worth $50 and lots of coupons worth up to $30 each!
  • WPWebHost – one Freedom Hosting Plan (1 year free) and lots of coupons worth up to $176 each.

WpWebHost is a hosting company which specialised in WordPress Hosting. The biggest distinctive difference between WPWebHost and other WordPress compatible web hosts are – they provide WordPress-related support (and do it very well).

WpWebHost - Best Webhost for WordPress Bloggers

Thank you for those who have sponsored this contest with great products and services that have made this contest a massive contest with great prizes. For those who still want to sponsor this contest, you can simply contact me through my contact page.

The Great Prizes will go to…

1st place

  • 1x StudioPress premium WordPress theme
  • 1x Freedom Hosting Plan (1 year free)
  • 1x copy of Ultimate traffic eBook
  • 1x  ‘Choosing the Right Words’ ebook
  • 1x 125×125 advertisement spot in AdesBlog
  • 1x 125×125 advertisement spot in Huzzer Magazine

2nd place

  • 1x ThemeForest premium WordPress theme
  • 1x copy of Ultimate traffic eBook
  • 1x 125×125 advertisement spot in RobsWebsTip
  • 1x 125×125 advertisement spot in Huzzer Magazine

3rd place

  • 1x Hash One theme from Obox Design (without support)
  • 1x copy of Ultimate traffic eBook
  • 1x 125×125 advertisement spot in RobsWebsTip

Bonus prizes

The most active person who actively promotes this contest for example by reviewing, retweeting this contest page through the retweet button or other kind of ways will get great and special gift from me to show my appreciation you who have made this contest a huge success.

Each participant will also get mystery gifts from Obox Design and WpWebHost which I will give through the email. So, don’t just leave your great comments – sign up for the contest mailing list so that you can claim the great prizes through below subscription button.

Contest@Huzzer Magazine

What Now?

Join this contest now as there is no way anyone will lost in this contest – every will win. However, if you want to get the great prizes from me and the supportive sponsors, there are 3 only simple things that you have to do – comment, promote and enjoy!

The contest will end at midnight on the 5th November 2009 and a winner will be announced on 6th November 2009.

Hope that all of you will enjoy this great contest!

p/s: Most probably there will also surprised prizes for lucky participants 😉 Enjoy!

Get Update of This Contest Through This Link

You may comment on any article on the site and your comments will count as entries in this contest.
The users with the most comments will be the winners.
The contest will end at midnight on the last day of September 2009 and a winner will be announced on October 1.

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67 Responses to Contest – Comments, Promote and Enjoy! Prizes Worth More than $500 Can Be Yours!

  1. mytheory says:

    when i try to click the ‘Submit Comment’ button. The page doesn’t respond anything. i need to refresh my page to see my comment appear.
    do you feel the same Huzzer?

  2. mytheory says:

    i will try to share this on facebook too.
    This is a great contest!

  3. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I have never received or faced such problem.

    If you don’t mid, what software that you use for internet browsing?

  4. lucifer says:

    i just came to ur blog contest nd subcribed by email (same email used while commenting)…hope to win something

  5. Wow, great contest. Although I am a beginner. It would be lovely to get those prizes

  6. mytheory says:

    i use firefox 3.5.4

  7. mytheory says:

    welcome to the contest folk..
    hope you can get something from this contest

  8. So I just have to comment? Cool!

  9. I think this type of competitions are good. Apart from winning the prizes, you could also discover some good content.


  10. Ariff says:

    how I wish I read this a couple of weeks ago. darn!

    you got talent kid.

  11. Tinh says:

    Really nice but I missed. I also have another interesting contest worth over $5000

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  13. MARK says:

    Great contest but i’m miss that..huhu.

  14. Kushal Chap says:

    Yea, it has also happened to me before.

  15. Kushal Chap says:

    By the way I use opera and chrome

  16. Kushal Chap says:

    I wish I did too 🙂

  17. I really love to do comments on blogs, articles and posts. I am confident of what I am doing and I can learn a lot of new ideas, knowledge, skills and information that makes me more updated of what is happening in the world. Internet has given as the best, and great opportunities in life that made us more sincere, patient and willing to learn a lot of skills. I appreciated the author’s post and willing to be part of the contest.

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