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For those who knows Mark Fail, will definitely impress by him as he has developed many great WordPress themes especially ShopperPress, an online store WordPress theme. Base on m observation, basically Mark Fail’s WordPress themes design is more toward commercial website and tries not to have blog elements in the themes he created.

And to expand his portfolio in as WordPress theme developer, he has acquired an Classifieds WordPress theme and have totally redesigned the theme and make it looks unique and commercial as the theme originally looks identical to WpClassipress, pioneer in classifieds WordPress theme.


classifieds WordPress theme


WordPress Classifieds Theme

What do you think about this redesigned classifieds WordPress theme? Pretty cool and has the commercial looking right? If there is a WordPress blog uses this theme and I have not been told it is actually a WordPress blog, there is no way that I have any clue about the site is using WordPress to create such great looking online classifieds site.

The good site…

The good site of this WordPress theme is it come with 5 templates that you can choose from and it is well built with features that will you help to deal with Google as the this online classifieds WordPress theme is well integrated with Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster tool.

Instead of just Paypal, you can also have other method of payments if you decide to make paid online classifieds site instead of free.  Classifieds Theme is built in with many different payment gateways allowing you to access different type of credit, debit and bank transfer payments on your shopping cart website.

The best part is the cost for you to have such great WordPress theme is pretty low for the features that this online classifieds site has to offer. This will only cost you $79 if you buy it right now as the original price is $179. This offer is only available for limited time.

You can buy this theme or check out the demo through below links:

Classifieds Theme ($79) | Demo

The bad side…

Everything in this world comes in pair. If there is good side, there will definitely bad side.

Unfortunately, the bad side of this theme is also the good side that I have just mentioned i.e. the 5 templates. Although it can give alternative to the users, I expect better design in terms of color scheme and better Featured Ad section.

You will know what I am trying to say with below images of all 5 templates.

Online Classifieds WordPress Theme

Online Classifieds WordPress Theme

Online Classifieds WordPress Theme

Online Classifieds WordPress Theme

Online Classifieds WordPress Theme

Personally, I think only the first template that looks great and for the others, they are unacceptably dull and boring. To be honest, I prefer the design of the theme under the previous owner. I’m not sure what has gone wrong with Mark Fail on this project as for his other projects, they are look awesome and well designed.

What do you think?

For the Featured ad section, I think the problem is the type of font that is being used. It doesn’t look great and suit the theme. I think if other font is being used, the look and feel of this section will radically improve.

Will you buy this theme?

What do you think about the theme? Will you buy one if you are planning to have online classifieds site? For me, I will not as I believe that there is better option. How about you?

13 Responses to Classifieds Theme – Professionally Designed Classifieds WordPress Theme

  1. All the five templates look same for me. The creator should customize it more so each template give significant difference.

  2. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Totally agree you. Instead of using same structure and design, Mark should consider to bring some variation in the template. I don’t think he need to follow other developers’ footsteps in only providing different color scheme for a theme.

  3. I agree as well. It seems a lot of designers do this though, simply changing a few colors. And especially for a premium theme, the developer should tweak certain aspects of the theme to give character to each of the different versions

  4. ariff says:

    For $79, they should provide more style options instead of just color options for the template.

  5. Kushal Chap says:

    Not sure how this could be worth $79. The 5 color themes should have something different and agree with @ariff about the customization.

  6. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I think it will worth $79 in few months time as from what I heard, the developer is in the process improving the theme.

    Latest news that I got is there is new version for this classifieds theme. The new features that come with it are Ebay import tools, image managers, listing expiry lengths and multiple language pack options.

  7. Kushal Chap says:

    Ohh, now if what you say is correct it might even be worth more than $100. The multiple language would be an awesome idea.

  8. ariff says:

    I see. Well that’s good for them. I’m sure they will improve their product. It’s a shame if they don’t

  9. Mike says:

    I dont know much about classified sites. How are they monetized? Can they be lucrative? Id like to know a little more about this type of site

  10. Kushal Chap says:

    A example of classified site is craigslist.

  11. Kushal Chap says:

    I will have to learn more about classified sites.

  12. Kanon Kulpa says:

    BAMM!!! Dana nailed it on the head. I’m a graphic designer with 14 years of design experience and I’m not impressed with the cookie-cutter sites that are being put out there for wordpress. And don’t even get me started on the various classified themes that are currently available. The best looking one I found was from, but I heard their coding and product support suck so it doesn’t really matter.

  13. Kanon Kulpa says:

    I challenge someone, anyone to come up with some classified themes that are worth looking at. doesn’t have a classified listing theme but they have a real estate theme that is awesome. Now if I could just get them to design a classified theme.

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