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simpleCart(js) 2.0 – Simple Free Online Store WordPress Theme

Sometimes, it is a huge waste for those who are investing so much in online store system but do not have much items to be sold to match the cost that they have incurred. At the end, most of them will incur losses

The alternative for expensive online store system

However, in recent months, communities around WordPress especially the developers has start to focus their attention in creating WordPress themes to ‘convert’ a simple blogging platform to an online store software which can be offered at cheaper price.

Although before this there are few online store WordPress themes have been developed, the design and structure has started to look similar with the expensive online store system for the past few months back.

simpleCart (js) – One page online store WordPress theme

simpleCart (js) 2.0 is a very light one page online store WordPress theme. It is simple javascript shopping cart in under 20kb that you can setup in minutes. What you need is just simple html and programming knowledge.

It comes with shopping cart, GoogleCheckout along with Paypal, easy currency settings, tax, shipping, and a new method for adding items to your cart that requires no javascript, and allows for different inputs and options.

Here are few screenshots of the free online store WordPress theme.

simpleCart (js) - Free Online Store WordPress theme

simpleCart (js) - Free Online Store WordPress theme

simpleCart (js) - Free Online Store WordPress theme

Personally, I think this theme definitely suitable for those who are planning to bring their small and medium size business online as the cost (plus cost of failure) is definitely low as the only cost that they will incur is web hosting.

However, this theme will only be effective tool if the products that are going to be put into this online store are limited as it would be frustrating for the customers if they have to keep scrolling the mouse and eyes to view one by one the products that we are selling.

For me, the maximum number of products should be only 12.

What do you think?

What do you think about this free online store WordPress theme? What is the maximum number of products should be in the page?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts. It is great to have it over here.

WpClassipress: Get The Better Classifieds WordPress Theme Version at Lower Price

For those who always keep themselves update with the development of WordPress and its related topics such as WordPress themes, you will know that there are couple developers has developed WordPress themes that will convert our WordPress from just simple blogging site into online classifieds site.

By the way, in case you have missed my previous post, I have shared about the classifieds WordPress themes before. You can check it out through below link.

Top 3 WordPress Classified Theme Developers You Must Know

WpClassipress – Top of Its Class

However, personally I think WpClassipress is the top of the WordPress classifieds themes league as compared to others; it has better structure, design and the most important thing, better communities support. For your information, I am among the WpClassipress early buyers as I have bought and used it after it was launched under the name of Classipress.

This post basically not a review post about WpClassipress but I just want to let you know that there will be 3.0 version which will be released in 2-3 months time base on plan of its developer, David Cowgill.

I am predicting that the new version of WpClassipress will be totally different with its predecessor in terms of design, structure and unfortunately price. Plus, there will probably club membership that comes along with the normal purchases. Unfortunately, the information is still limited. We have to wait to it is being launched to know more about it.

WpClassipress Version 3.0 – What they have to offer?

The most important thing you should know is the price will go up in the 3.0 version which I have been told by David. However, if you are planning to have online classifieds site or going to have similar project with your client any time soon, it would be wise to buy it now at cheaper price as you are going to get the update for free.

This few screenshots of the 3.0 version of WpClassipress which are still not finalized

WpClassiPress - Best Classifieds WordPress theme

WpClassiPress - Best Classifieds WordPress theme

You can check out more details about the latest version of WpClassipress through below links.

Sneek Peek | Details

Interested in getting one? You can head to its sales page by clicking on the below link

Buy WpClassipress now!

What do you think?

Have you buy and use WpClassipress before? What do you think about it? What is the feature that you love most and one that you feel need to redesign?

WordPress Freelancer: Get Hourly Rate Using FreelanceSwitch Calculator

Rather just being only WordPress blogger, some of us have gone further up by becoming freelancer after gathering enough skills and knowledge on the topic that they are blogging about.

They are also WordPress bloggers who take WordPress project as they are have familiar enough with WordPress and believe that they have enough knowledge to take up simple WordPress project at early stage.

What is the best pricing approach?

However, it is crucial for us to know what is the hourly rate that we should charge on any project that we are going to take. It is because we must balance up between profits that we decide to earn and the customer’s bargaining power as there are probably a lot of people out there that offers same service at cheaper price.

We should think what is the reason customer will choose us as compared to others and priced our service accordingly.

Freelance Swith Calculator – Simple tool for freelancer

FreelanceSwitch is a site that is specifically being set up for freelancers which has blog, forum, job board and freelancing resources. Among the freelancing sources that it has is tool that can give freelancer rough estimate on hourly rate that freelancer should charge.

The tool is called FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

This is the quote from the tool page:

We have developed this hourly rate calculator to give you a guide based on your costs, number of billable hours and desired profit. It is a simple tool for you to play with.

The way how it calculates the hourly rate is consisted of four elements which is business cost, personal cost, number of hours we can actually bill and amount of profit we would like to have.

What you should know about this tool is you will only you the benchmark i.e. rough idea on hourly rate that you should charge your client. The rate should be adjusted accordingly depends on market demand and complexity of the project for example.

Personally I think this is a great tool as rather just take only business cost into account, it also takes into consideration the personal cost that we incur which we should considered before taken any freelanced project. I also love for the fact that it will give us two final hourly rate figures which are ideal hourly rate and hourly rate to breakeven i.e. cost equal to revenue.

Few screenshots of the tool:

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

 FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator.

What do you think?

Have you used this tool before? What d you think about it? Does it help you to get rough idea on the hourly rate that you charge your client? I am eager to know more about it.


Google Adwords Keywords Tool : Secret of WordPress Blog Post’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a special place in the development of WordPress blog as if it is succeed, you can help us in generating huge incoming traffics from search engines. Without knowing the basic idea of SEO, it can be pretty tough for our WordPress blog to get the traffics that it deserves.

Keywords – Key of search engine optimization (SEO)

As most of us know, the best way to ‘SEO’ing  our blog post is by inserting keywords that not only related to our WordPress blog but has huge users/searchers that attached on the particular keywords.

It is because in general point of view, by taking into account both aspects, it will bring our whole blog further up in the search engine results as the same keyword will be repeated in every blog posts which therefore give strong ‘relationship’ between our WordPress blog and the keywords that we decide to use.

In more specific point of view, by using keywords that have high search volume, it can help our blog post to have better rank in the search engine result and therefore bring huge incoming traffics on that post.

However, it is important for you to know that the keywords that we have chosen suit our readers and search engine such as Google i.e. well blended into the blog post as if not, it will highly likely irritate your readers and do not stuff in the keywords which make it looks like you are spamming your own blog.

How can you know high volume keywords?

There are a lot of tools out there, free and paid that offer the service of providing you the figure of search volume on any keywords that we would like to know.

However, not each of them can give you accurate and user friendly data.

One of the tools that I find helpful for our WordPress blog is Google AdWords Keywords Tool. I have used it for quite some time and personally, I feel that this tool is user friendly and can give rough idea on which keywords should we use and consider. Plus, it is free!

Rather simply giving you only search volume for the keyword that you have chosen, this tool will give you two groups of figure – global search volume and local search volume which you change base on your target audience.This is definitely handy for those who only target their local audience due to for example language barrier and suitability of product that they are blogging about.

What else Google Adwords Keywords Tool offers?

This tool will also provide you more detailed figures that you can use to consider other related keywords. They are:

  • Keywords related to term(s) entered - Add (s) on keyword that Google feels relevant
  • Additional keywords to consider –  Give you list of related keywords that are within your keywords area

Google AdWords Keywods Tool Google AdWords Keywods Tool

With the help of this tool, you can know roughly how many search volume that the selected keyword has and give you suggestion on other related keywords.

Therefore, if the first keyword has low search volume, you can replace it with other related keyword which has higher search volume but will not affect the blog post’s quality directly.

What do you think?

Have you use Google AdWords Keywords Tool before? What do you think? Does it work great for you in terms of incoming traffics from search engine? Feel free to share your experience and opinions on this tool.

ThemeSmith: Simplest Way to Embed Multimedia Contents into WordPress Blog

For most of us will find that it is pretty hard to embed multimedia contents into our WordPress blogs. What I meant by multimedia contents are videos, mp3s and images. It may be due to the lack of knowledge and its complexity in beginner’s point of view.

For example, videos; Usually we will have to upload to other video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeoh and then use their video sharing features in our WordPress blog. Although it can save us from pushing our hosting bandwidth to its corner, it will be at the expense of our WordPress blog’s branding and appearance.

Want to get serious in blogging? Be professional!

Personally, I prefer WordPress blog that host their own videos rather use the videos that they took for YouTube for example. It is because it will look more professional for example videos by Shoemoney System. It is totally crucial for those who want bring their WordPress blog into more commercial level and really to want be serious in blogging.

Therefore, due to fact, I would like to share with you one WordPress plugin that I just found which will cater your need to integrate multimedia content into your blog post. The plugin is called ThemeSmith.

ThemeSmith – The key as simple media content integration

With ThemeSmith, it lets you to put in videos, mp3s and images into blog post by simply writing [videos],[audios] or [photos] in the part of blog post which you want them to appear. However, you have to upload them with the usual upload function which comes with your WordPress.

Here are few screenshots of the ThemeSmith:

ThemeSmith - Multimedia Content WordPress Plugin

Video for ThemeSmith

Audio for ThemeSmith

Images for ThemeSmith

Lightbox effect by ThemeSmith

Plus, the great thing about ThemeSmith is it is totally free!

Interested in knowing more about this great WordPress plugin and want to have one for you WordPress blog? Click on the link below as it will bring you to the ThemeSmith’s hompage.

WordPress Plugin – ThemeSmith

What do you think?

What do you think about ThemeSmith? Will it work great in making the process of bringing multimedia contents to our blog post easy and simple? I think it will. How about you?

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions I am eager to hear them from you. Cheers!

Share Blog Post Through Email With MailCounter

Sharing blog post through email has not really get into attention among blog readers as compared to the social media site such as Twitter and Facebook.

Base on my observation, WordPress bloggers themselves are the reason as they are hardly focus on this and highlight how blog readers can share the blog post through email.

Email: Its importance for WordPress blog

I believe that it is crucial for our WordPress blog and we should ‘invite’ our blog readers to help us promote our blog posts to their friends through email. It is because I’m sure that most of us will check out inbox for at least once each day.

There will also high possibility for the receivers of the emails to do same thing if they find our blog posts are worth sharing. The reason is for me, email has closer and more personal connection with me as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

The best way is

Before this, our blog readers can hardly find the icon that let them to email our blog post to their friends due to the size of the icon. It is definitely a huge lost as email can be another great source of quality traffics.

With the influence of TweetMeme and Facebook share button which we can easily see in most of blog posts, MailCounter has been developed by The Next Web to encourage more readers of our blog to share with their friends through email.

Email Counter button

Rather simply a sharing tool, it will also count the amount of emails that have been sent by your readers to their friends for one particular post. It will give psychological affect to your readers as if they find out that others are sharing our blog posts, they will feel that should too.

The best part of MailCounter is its simplicity. For you to have MailCounter button in your WordPress blog, you do not need to set up and install anything. You just need to have copy and paste below codes into your WordPress blog’s single.php file.

echo ‘<iframe src=”’;
echo ‘&title=’;
echo ‘” height=”64″ width=”50″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” ></iframe>’;

However, the weakness that MailCounter has, base on my opinion is when your readers want to share your blog post with their friends through email, they will be directed straight away  to Microsoft Outlook when they hit the MailCounter button.

Unfortunately, not many of us are comfortable and familiar with Microsoft Outlook.

What do you think?

What do you think on email’s role in bringing traffics to our WordPress blogs? Will it be substituted by social media sites in terms of bringing quality traffics?

And have you used MailCounter? What do you feel about this latest WordPress tool?

Share with us. It is great to have your thoughts and opinions over Huzzer Magazine.

21 Video WordPress Themes Podcasters and Video Bloggers Should Have in Mind

With huge buzz that video sharing sites get especially YouTube, more people have jumped into fame by becoming podcaster and video blogger by sharing their thoughts and rants through the video sharing sites.

Importance of Branding

However, it can pretty hard for the video sharing sites’ visitors to keep track on our latest video without subscribing our channel especially for those who accidentally bump to our videos.

This is the time when having WordPress blog can give us the edge as compared to others. It can be our branding tool. With the video embedding features which most of the video sharing sites have, we can easily our latest videos through our WordPress blog.

It would then be easier to keep track without latest videos as when the time goes by, our site name and its domain will stick into their mind. They just need to type in our WordPress blog’s address to check out our videos. Besides that, they can still subscribe with our RSS feeds.

There will also more variations as rather publishing videos only, we can still post articles. It will then make our sites more sticky and appealing for our readers and search engines.

Appearance: Key of Good Branding

Site design and appearance is crucial as that is the element when people will view first while waiting for our whole site to load. Personally, I think this element must get enough attention by WordPress bloggers as I believe there are a lot of WordPress blogs out there looks the same. We need something that will make our blogs step ahead as compared to others.

Specifically to podcasters and video bloggers, I have compiled most of the Video WordPress themes that have been developed out there – including free and premium video WordPress themes. Hope this list will help to boost your WordPress blog’s branding.


# Free Video WordPress Theme


Selecta - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Smashing Multimedia

Smashing Multimedia - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

High Definition

High Definition - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Video WordPress

Video WordPress - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


Videographer - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

# Premium Video WordPress Theme


Tubular - Video WordPress Theme



Pinotage - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WP Show

WP Show - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Zidalgo Playtime

Zidalgo Playtime - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


WooTube - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hash One

Hash One - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


Tv.elements - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

On Demand

On Demand - Video WordPress Theme



Evid - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Multimedia Reloaded

Multimedia Reloaded - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Video Elements

Video Elements - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Video Flick

Video Flick - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


Groovy - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


Quommunication - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


MyVideoBlog - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elite Video

Elite Video - Video WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

What is your say?

What do you think of the list of video WordPress themes that I have compiled? For me, the designs are massively impressive. How about you?

Have you tried any of the list video WordPress themes? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.


Best Resources for WordPress Blog You Should Know in 2009

For the past 5 months, Huzzer Magazine has provided you with all articles about WordPress from WordPress news, themes, plugins, tools and tips. There are basically 72 published post that I have specifically made for WordPress communities since I launched Huzzer Magazine on 6th August 2009.

If you are interested in knowing all of the post that I have published, you can head to the archives page through the link below the header.

Good bye 2009. Welcome 2010

After 5 months, Huzzer Magazine has reached to the level that I have not expected as it has grown extensively. The major reason behind this success is due to the support and contribution from the readers and commentators which I really appreciate.

So, before 2009 closes its stage, I would like to share best resources for WordPress blog that you may have missed and hopefully by knowing those resources, you can improve your WordPress further.

Best WordPress Resources are…

WordPress tools

Screenr – Instant Screencast Solution for Your WordPress Blog’s Video Tutorial

If you are looking for screencast software, this post will be handy. Screenr is online screencast software which can help you to produce HD screencast video out of it.

Now, you can have perfect video tutorial for your WordPress blog’s readers.

CommentBits: Best Way To Dramatically Redesign Boring WordPress Comment

Tweaking the styling of our WordPress can be hard for us who does not have any programming skills or background. With CommentBits, it let you to have customized styling for your WordPress blog’s comment section.

CommentBits helps you to have better looking and structure of comment section at low cost. Check it out – you will probably love it.

How to Integrate Testimonial Section into WordPress blog?

Having testimonial can boost our credibility as a blogger as It will show what others think about us from their experience with us. In this post, I am sharing about testimonial plugin that can help you out to integrate testimonial section into your WordPress blog.

Bring Your WordPress Blog Closer to Your Readers with Meebo Bar

Meebo Bar will help you to integrate social networking sites in more sophisticated way. With Meebo Bar, it will integrate the Mashable’s “Drag and Share” feature and footer bar which have social media sites button and chat box by Meebo.

It has just been opened for public download. So, give it a try because I really love it.

How to Integrate FAQ Management System into WordPress Blog?

It is important for WordPress bloggers especially for those who use their blogs to share knowledge and skills to have FAQ system. It is because rather have to wait for blog post t solve their problem, your readers can simply use the FAQ system to help them to get some assistance.

This post will share what plugin you can use to set up your very own FAQ system in your WordPress blog.

WordPress Tips

Secret Of Getting Hundreds Dollar Sponsors for Your Blog Contest

Tips on the process that you can use to find and get hundreds dollar sponsorship for your blog contest. Therefore, you can make the process of organizing contest easy; it will also make it more attractive for your readers.

7 WordPress Hacks For Better and Effective Blog Monetization

Hacks on how you can tweak your WordPress blog to make it to be more appealing for your readers and make the monetization process of your WordPress blog to be more effective. Sometimes it is hard of doing something without knowing proper methods right?

If that is the case, this article can be handy for you.

3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs

Sometimes, among us have spent a lot of money on advertising campaign but unfortunately, the results i.e. the incoming traffics can be dreadful. This article can help you by giving you the idea on what may have gone wrong and what is actually to hold an advertising campaign for our WordPress blog.

What is The Best Time to Publish Your Latest Blog Article?

Perfect timing in publishing article for our WordPress blog can play a crucial role in getting huge traffics and buzz in the social media sites. This article is base on the method that I’m using at the moment in knowing roughly what the busiest period which is the best time to publish our article within one particular day .

The Secret Elements of High Impact WordPress Blog Logo

Logo is the most important tool for our WordPress blog’s branding. Without having suitable logo, the process can be slow and maybe ineffective. The article is being made base on my observation on top blog’s logo such Shoemoney, JohnChow and Problogger.

Generate Fresh and New Blogging Idea through TweetDeck.

Getting fresh and new idea for our WordPress blog is important to ensure that our blog can, not only maintain the current readers but attract new readers. This post will give you the guidance on how to get fresh idea for your WordPress article that everybody will love.

WordPress Themes

33 Stunning Free WordPress Themes That Could Worth More Than Premium Themes

12 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Freelancers

Top 26 Photo WordPress Themes Which Photographer Should Use

Create Virtual Business Card Through WordPress Themes

Top 3 WordPress Classified Theme Developers You Must Know

ShopperPress – Ultimate WordPress Theme For Online Store

The Clothes Shop – Another Great WordPress Online Store Theme You Should Know

The Furniture Shop – Great Alternative for Online Store WordPress Themes

What is your say?

Which post that you think the best article so far? Do you other article that I have published in your mind?

Feel free to share thoughts and opinion. I am eager to know more about it.


Bring Your WordPress Blog Closer to Your Readers with Meebo Bar

Couple weeks before, I have shared with all of you about how can you have Mashable’s ‘drag and share’ feature in your WordPress blog. In case you have missed the post, below link can be handy for you.

Mashable Style ‘Drag and Share’ WordPress Plugin

For your information, the developer behind Mashable’s ‘drag and share’ feature is Meebo.

What is Meebo?

In case you have no clue at all what Meebo actually is, basically Meebo lets users gather their friends on a single buddy list where they can talk and share content in real-time across different IM platforms, communities, and traditional social networks.

Previously, Meebo’s main focus is providing online chatting platform for major chatting services such as Yahoo Messenger, Gmail and MSN. For you information, there are about 100 million people sharing over 6 billion messages and 75 million links every month through Meebo which have made Meebo as Web’s fastest growing social media companies.

Meebo Bar – Latest Awesome Tool from Meebo

This tool has been put into testing in Mashable in since early September this year which since then it is not opened for public use yet. However, this tool has just recently opened for public use.

In my first impression, Meebo Bar’s ‘drag and share’ feature performs and looks better as compared to the Mashable’s ‘drag and share’ WordPress plugin developed by Andrian Apan.

By installing this tool into our WordPress blog, your readers can easily share your blog post by dragging any pictures in the blog post.

mashable plugin - meebo bar

Unfortunately, Meebo Bar only allows you to drag blog post’s picture and share it to limited sites which are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Updates and Email. There is no option which allows you to other social media sites such as Digg, Del.ic.ous or Reddit.

What Else Meebo Bar Offers?

Besides the “Drag and Share” feature, Meebo Bar also offers two other features. It will definitely make your WordPress blog as a great place for your readers to gain new knowledge and interact with you and other readers with the same interests.

Meebo Bar - Mashable 'Drag and Share' tool chat

Along the ‘Drag and Share’ feature, Meebo Bar also comes with footer bar which will always appear in your WordPress blog regardless your readers scroll up or down your WordPress blog’s page.

With this bar, it complements the weakness the ‘drag and share’ feature. You can add the button of StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr and YouTube which your readers can make full use of them. You can also add your Facebook Fan Page in the footer bar which makes the interactions between you and your fans easier.

Meebo Bar also integrate its chatting service into the footer bar. With the chatting service in the footer bar, you and your readers can chat with friends and the best thing is you can use the ‘drag and share’ feature with it. Users just need to drag blog post’s image into the pop up chat box if you want to share blog post with their readers.

What do you think?

When the first time I heard about Meebo bar is open to public, I straight away installed it into Huzzer Magazine as I find it great.

How about you? Are you feel the same thing or have the opposite view? It would be great to know your opinions from your own point of view.

I am eager to know your feedback.


P/s it would be great if you can add me as your Meebo’s friends so that we can be closer and interact in better ways. Plus, what do you think with Huzzer Magazine’s new footer bar?