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Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The 58th Quadrennial U.S. Presidential Election is commencing its way to the final step for November 8, 2016, when the new President and Vice-President of United States of America will be declared. The Presidential Primary Elections and Caucuses is processing in a series between 1 February 2016 to 14 June 2016 among the 50 states in the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories.
As the campaigning is on its highest level, the rise in the activity of posting photoshopped images of presidential electors is also on its topmost level. No single politician is left safe from the attack of these photoshopped images. From Barack Obama to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and Macro Rubio all of them were targeted in a funny manner.
Here present you the list of most Popular photoshopped Images for US President Election 2016.
1.Rouhani-Obamas photoshop

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Picturing Obama and Rouhani together, they seem to meet is fake. The image is photoshopped from the picture in which Former Indian Prime Minister met US President Barack Obama and is replaced by the President of Iran met. The picture is made for a promotion of incumbent Republican Sen.

2.Obama laughing on Hillary and Trump

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Current president Barak Obama is taking a dig at both Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. Quite well photoshopped, in this President Barack Obama is laughing at Hillary Clinton who put a Caption America Mask on her face and Donald Trump who is tied with ropes. Hopefully, it tries to show that Hillary Clinton put an effect to tied Donald Trunk due to which she wears Superhero Mask.

3.The Incredubyas

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Picturing the U.S presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama as the famous “The Incredibles”, or as this photoshop is titled, “The Incredubyas”.

4.Ben Carson enjoying his Yo-yo skills

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This picture is perfectly photoshopped, describe the retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson showing yo-yo skills in his hands when he was speaking in his way in an event. The Neurosurgeon mostly remains far away from these types of news, but this time, he did get caught.

5.Is it, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This photoshopped picture, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are their faces as a single. It seems that this picture shows that the next President is inside it whether it may be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as both may have a large number of Delegates as expected.

6.Clinton Trolled Obama

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The President Barack Obama with one of his official seems that Hillary Clinton will love the new video of Justin Bieber whereas The Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton told to her officials for back to work. This shows the consistency in the campaign to become the U.S. President.

7.Macro Rubio The Waterboy

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

In another Rubio photoshop, U.S. Senator from Florida is titled The Waterboy due to his thirst in events. Macro Rubio used to drink more water as compared to other peoples and there is an unforgettable moment in an event with his water bottle.

8.Trump cant control his hairs

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

Another Trump Photoshop, it shows the carelessness of Businessman Donald Trump who cant even control his hairs but wants to control the Country. The picture perfect it is.

9.Rubio-Obama “the handshake” by Ted Cruz

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

This is an unsuccessful attempt by Ted Cruz campaign to defame Marco Rubio. Such a bad Cruz photoshop skill by Cruz, which just revoke the whole which can be created by this picture of Rubio handshaking with Barak Obama.

10.The “Trumpbrige”

Most Popular photshopped Images for US President Election 2016

The mash-up of famous harry potter character Dolores Umbridge with one of the favourite for US presidency, Donald Trump. One of the favourites of this list, this definitely earns the top spot on the list.

Adding jquery – colorbox,thickbox popup on your blog/site with a time delay

Happy New Year, Everybody !!

You may have seen many sites/blogs use a time delayed light weight Jquery popups like colorbox,thickbox and lightbox etc. for capturing leads or promoting something. See a example here -> Facebook Profits ( First we see their normal salepage, but after some seconds they serve a discounted price page with the help of colorbox )

Lets do this here. I hope it will help you.

We are going to setup a content colorbox using a “settimeout” javascript function. For this we need to include two .js files and a .css file in our webpage’s header.

1. jquery core file        2. colorbox widget files

Add following lines before </head> tag of webpage.

<script src="file-path/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="file-path/colorbox.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="file-path/colorbox.css" type="text/css" />

Download these files via following links :

Jquery.js : jQuery JavaScript library
Colorbox : colorbox widget

Colorbox can be used in many different ways like showing any outside URL in a frame box on any trigger of html element. You can find all example in the colorbox download. We are going to supply a url to colorbox main function which will popup a box with the supplied url.

So here is the colorbox function, we will use to pass url… 

How To Import Back Comments In Facebook Into WordPress Blog?

In the previous post, I have shared a detailed tutorial on how can you import your WordPress blog’s latest post to your Facebook’s wall for you to share with your friends. Personally, it is a great way to have quality incoming traffics and bring more exposure to our blog post to greater extent.

If you have missed the post, you can check out the post using below link:

How to Import Latest WordPress Blog Post to Facebook Page

Embed Official Facebook Share Button Into Your WordPress Blog

Comments in Facebook?

Comments are important for blogs – it is the blood. By failing to integrate our WordPress blog and Facebook well enough to let any comments in Facebook to appear in our WordPress blog, it would be a waste for us.

It is because well commented blog will definitely give great first impression and great environment for our blog.

Facebook Comments

Due to this fact, a plugin – Facebook Comments TNG has been developed. With this plugin, it will import comments from your Facebook notes back into your WordPress blog. Therefore, you can reconcile back the comments that you received in both platforms.

Facebook Comments TNG

If you are looking this kind of plugin and want to know more about it, you can head to the plugin’s site through below link:

Facebook Comments TNG

What is my take?

However, as for me, I still prefer to use the Facebook button to share my latest blog post to my friend which they still have to go to this blog to read the full blog post.

It is because I find that the post that is being imported to Facebook through Notes application do not look good in terms of type and size font that is being used and its structure. It looks really boring.

How about you?

What do you think about this plugin? Is it practical for our WordPress blog? Which method do you prefer – use Facebook’s notes application or Facebook button to share your latest blog post?

Feel free to share your thoughts and says. It would be great to have them over here.

Create Your Own StumbleUpon With Your WordPress Blog

StumbleUpon is such a great site which let us to ‘stumble’ great sites in the internet which have been submitted by either the owners of the sites or its visitors who think that the sites are worth to be shared with others.

How StumbleUpon works?

It has huge followers as its users just need to click on the StumbleUpon button to find new online sites. If that particular site turns out to be great, it can thumb up the site which will increase the possibility for the site to be stumbled by others.

However, if site that we stumbled to turns to out to be worthless, we can simply hit the StumbleUpon button again to stumble with other online sites that have been submitted into StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon element in WordPress?

WordPress bloggers can also integrate the element of StumbleUpon into WordPress blog which let our blog visitors to browse through our WordPress blog using the same way how StumbleUpon works. Your blog visitors can just hit your own ‘StumbleUpon’ button and they will be brought to new page of your WordPress blog.

Actually it is really simple to have such element in our WordPress blogs.

First, you have to download a WordPress plugin – Random Redirect. This plugin helps to create link which will redirect to a random post on your WordPress blog. For your information, this plugin is developed by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress.

Once you have installed the plugin, you have to create your own customized ‘StumbleUpon’ button which you WordPress blog visitors can click on. Then, you have to hyperlink the button with below link.

By linking the button with the above link, it will bring your WordPress blog visitors to random page of your blog each time they click on the button.

You can also make the button to only bring your blog visitors to random posts within a specific category through random_cat_id parameter.

Improvement for WordPress blogs navigation?

By having the ‘StumbleUpon’ element within our WordPress blogs, it gives new alternative of browsing though our WordPress blogs for our readers and visitors. This is definitely a great way to compliment your Categories widget, Most Popular Post widget and Recent Post widget which help to improve the navigation of your WordPress blog.

This plugin will help to increase the pageviews and reduce the bounce rate of WordPress blogs as it gives equal chance for your posts either it is new or old to be stumbled by your readers. This helps to offset the weakness of other widgets and WordPress plugins as it can’t bring equal chance to all of your posts to get further exposures.

What do you think?

What do you think about this plugin? Will it be great idea to use this plugin in bringing ‘StumbleUpon’ element into our WordPress blogs? Do you have any creative idea to make use this tutorial further?

It would be great to read your opinions and your creative idea in the comment section below.

CommentBits: Best Way To Dramatically Redesign Boring WordPress Comment

For WordPress users especially those who are still new with WordPress and those who have no background in programming, tweaking and redesign our WordPress theme can be a really difficult task. It will definitely give us great frustrating feeling.

Can great WordPress themes help us?

Due to this fact, there are a lot of themes either free and premium have been developed to support the WordPress communities by providing them quick way of having great WordPress blogs design. Below are few great WordPress themes that have great designs which I have shared before.

However, although we have such great theme, the design of the comment section that comes along with the theme may not suit the concept of design that would love to have. And again, our lack of knowledge in programming has limit us from dramatically redesign the comment section of our WordPress blog.

Is there anything that can help us then?

The good news is WordPress is blessed with great programmers that are well-equipped with programming knowledge who have the backbone of the WordPress communities.

In helping you to completely redesign the comment section of you WordPress blog, CommentBits has launched a great service which will help you to transform your boring looking comment section to a well designed and structured comment section. Your visitors will definitely impress with it.

Basically, CommentBits is a baby project of Theme Playground, a blog about WordPress. It focuses in creating quick and simple solution for WordPress communities who want to redesign the comment section through few different styles that can be choose from at minimal cost.

What can CommentBits offer?

redesign WordPress comment with CommentBits

CommentBits comes with different styles of comment section that you can choose from and all of them look impressive. However, it depends on you to choose the design the will blend well into your WordPress blog.

The styles that up for grab are:


Redesign WordPress comment with CommentBits

SideBySide is straightforward, clean, and won’t draw any attention away from your content.


Redesign WordPress comment with CommnetBits

Neatly is a comment style for your WordPress blog based off of popular forum thread designs. It comes with four colour styles, which can be swapped out by changing a single line in the CSS.


redesign WordPress comment with CommentBits

Quotable is clean, bold, and pixel perfect. And with eight different colour schemes you can easily integrate it into the theme you are using right now.

It comes with 8 different colour styles which you choose from and easily use.


redesign wordpress comment with CommentBits

Boxy is clean, bold, and pixel perfect. And with eight different colour schemes you can easily integrate it into the theme you are using right now.

Expensive or a bargain?

This product is totally a bargain as for each style, it will only cost you $7 and you can grab all of the styles for only $50. This can be the best way to reward your WordPress blogs readers as you can reward your readers and help them to improve their WordPress blogs at minimal price.

This product also comes with PSD files and under GPL license. For those who are not familiar with this term, this type of licence means you are free to do what you want with them, even offer them on your own.

It is totally a bargain right?

If you are interested, you can head to CommentBits to get further information about this product and purchase it.

redesign WordPress comment with CommentBits

Will CommentBits solve our problem?

What do you think about CommentBits? Will it help to solve our problem to redesign the comment section of our WordPress blog and will you buy CommentBits? It would be great if you can share your opinions and experiences.

Create Virtual Business Card Through WordPress Themes

Business card can play a crucial role in business networking especially during events and public functions. Its design is an important element to give the quick and effective first impression.

However, sometimes we will probably face a problem – what website should we put on the business card especially if the card is more towards personal business card? I think the best way to create another specific site to represent us in the online world and act as digital business card.

Conventional V digital? The winner is….

Through this, our conventional business card can be the medium to represent us in off line world with off line communication’s information such as handphone number and address while for the online site that will act as our virtual business card, it will have our address to our social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked.

Just like the conventional business card, digital business card should also have proper design to give quick and effective impression to the site visitors. It also has to be easy to browse through and simple enough to deliver our message to the visitors.

New WordPress Theme’s Trend – Virtual Business Card Theme

For WordPress users, we definitely have been blessed with active communities especially from the theme developers who have created thousands of great WordPress themes – either free or premium. Base on observation, the trend at the moment is to create WordPress theme for those who are interested in creating digital business cards.

Here are the Top 3 themes that have a great designed and suitable to act as digital business card. Plus, it is free!

The Digital Business card

Digital business card theme

This theme release was originally a customized theme project for a developer’s client who was actually willing to give it away to the community after it is finished.

Obviously inspired by sites like and Tim Van Damme, this theme is perfect for those that need a good “Digital Business Card” or “Digital Curriculum Vitae” or “Personal Branding Landing Page” or even if you simply need a simple website with a few bits of information and links to social networks.

There are more than 65 social networks built in that you can add if you’d like.

Virtual business card wordpress theme

Virtual business card wordpress theme

Details | Demo | Download

Visiting Card

Virtual business card wordpress theme

Visiting Card theme by Premium Themes is for WordPress blog that you would love set up as your personal website and use it as virtual business card for yourselves or business.

Good thing about Visiting Card theme is you won’t have to touch a single line of code. The theme comes with Theme Control Panel from where you could set all the aspects of the theme. If you don’t need some of them to show, simply leave them blank and they won’t appear.

Virtual business card WordPress themes

Details | Demo | Download

Ipseity Personal Branding

Virtual business card WordPress theme

“Ipseity” means selfhood, or individual identity. It’s powered by WordPress, it’s super light weight, around 150kb total file size (without background images), only 3 .php files, 1 .css file, and 2 essential .gifs (the arrow keys), and a js folder for the side-scrolling action.

It’s also easily styled with H1/H2/H3 tags and you can add images… heck, you could even make it a photo portfolio with style!

This theme’s developer has also included a few backgrounds for inspiration. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Here are few screenshots of the background:

Virtual business card WordPress theme

Virtual business card WordPress theme

Virtual business card WordPress theme

Virtual business card WordPress theme

Details | Demo | Download

Hope these themes will help you to create stronger brand and personal identity through WordPress. WordPress is not only blogging software – it is very flexible software that can be used for various purpose and function if you how to tweak it or find proper themes and plugins that suit with you.

What do you think about the above themes? Do you have online site that act as virtual business card? I would love to know your opinion on these themes and experience of having virtual business card to help to boost personal branding and exposure.

Top 13 Perfect Designed Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking iconBy having perfect designed social bookmarking icons – well designed and eye catchy, it will boost the chance of your WordPress blog’s readers to click on those icons which then will lead to social bookmarking site such as Facebook, Digg and Twitter.

However, before downloading the social bookmarking sites icon for your WordPress blog, it would be best gor you to know how to integrate in those icons to your WordPress blog.

You can head on to this article – Top 10 Best WordPress Tweaking Tutorials which I have published before to know further on the tutorial of integrating these social bookmarking sites’ icons into your WordPress blog.

Take a look on this collections of hand drawn social bookmarking sites’ icons which I believe that can give your WordPress blog a fresher and unique design and helps to boost your WordPress blog’s popularity from the effort your own blog readers who click on those well designed hand drawn icons.


Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by : Web Designer Depot – Download


Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by : Janko At Warp Speed – Download

Social Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by : TheG-Force – Download

Social Networking Hand Drawn Photoshop Shapes

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by : My Site My Way – Download

Coloured Pencil  Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Icon Expo – Download

Social Media Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Plechi – Download

Grungy Watercolor Social Media Symbols

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: My Site My Way – Download

Sketch’d up

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Iyecon – Download


Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Mfayaz – Download

Simple Black Magic Marker Social Bookmarking Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: My Site My Way – Download

Handycons 2

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking iconA

by : Web Designer Depot – Download

Hand Drawn Doodle Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Spoon Graphics – Download

Hand-drawn Social Media Icons

Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking icon

by: Alex Latimer – Download

What do you think of above collection of the Top 13 Perfect Designed Hand Drawn Social Bookmarking Icons? Hope you enjoy and share this collection.