9 Mind Blowing WordPress Online Store Themes That You Will Love

For the past few months, I have posted reviews about couple WordPress online store themes as at that time, it is pretty tough to look for WordPress online store theme that has decent design and theme structures. This probably due to the fact it can be pretty tough and has pretty steep learning curve.

Having online store now, is easy!

However, for the last few weeks, I just discovered that there are actually a lot of WordPress online store themes that we do not have any clue of their existence. Maybe, it is probably due to the theme developers, themselves. Although they are good in developing good WordPress theme, it is no necessary that they are good in marketing too.

There are also couple nice looking WordPress themes that have just been launched that still get a lot of attention yet.

WordPress online store themes you will love

So, for this post, I think it would be a great idea to make a list post about the WordPress online store themes as most of us will definitely want to know all the great themes that can help them to set up online store in easy and cheaper way.

It would be great if you can share this list to anyone that you know that need or planning to set up online store for their business.

By the way, for this list, I have categorized the themes into premium and free themes.

Premium WordPress Online Store Themes


ShopperPress - Best WordPress Online Store Theme

ShopperPress is the most advanced WordPress online store theme as it has a lot of features that other WordPress online theme doesn’t have. The features are more towards the expensive online store software and not using the simplicity concept of WordPress.

The advanced features that you will get are ‘Amazon, Ebay, Datafeedr Import Tools’ and ‘CSV Product Import Options’.

Features | Demo

The Furniture Shop

The Furniture Shop - Best WordPress online store themes

The Furniture Shop is developed by Sarah Neuber and for me; it is the prettiest WordPress online store themes. The structure and design is amazing. When I see the theme, it is so relaxing.

The feature that I love most is the Magic Zoom which when you hover your mouse on the product pictures, it will automatically zoom without any unacceptable lagging or delays. This feature is almost the same with the feature that you can find in Topman’s online store.

Cool right?

Features | Demo

The Clothes Shop

The Clothes Shop - Best WordPress Online Store WordPress Themes

This WordPress online store theme is also developed by Sarah Neuber which means it has the same features with The Furniture Shop.

However, The Clothes Shop has been designed in a way that it will perfectly suit for those who are planning to have online clothes shop. It is because there is feature which will show picture of the front part of our products i.e. clothes and when we hover our mouse over the picture, it will give us view from the back.



eshop - best WordPress online store theme

This WordPress online store is developed by Templatic. This WordPress theme is pretty basic but it still has the features of an online store.

In the front page, there is image slider for your featured products. It can be handy as you can use it as tool to promote products that give you a lot of returns and give some exposure for less popular but have huge potential products.



Store - Best WordPress Online Store Theme

This WordPress online theme focuses on making the online store to be simple and easy. Customers can straight away view the products that we are offering by clicking the slider that is situated on the tight hand side. The can also view product without have to click the slider by clicking on the products’ links located besides the slider.

You can also have blog for the online store which can help you to build closer relationship with your customers.



eGoods - Best WordPress online store themes

eGoods is the first WordPress online store theme that is developed by Sarah Neuber. In terms of design, it is pretty basic and unfortunately, the color scheme that is being used was badly chosen as it is pretty dull and unattractive.

However, it is still have basic features of an online store. Personally, if you are looking for WordPress online store theme, there are better option such as The Furniture Shop and The Clothes Shop.


Free WordPress Online Store Themes

Simplecart (js)

Simplecart (js) - Best WordPress Online Store theme

Simplecart (js) is a really good looking free WordPress online store theme. This online store is based on one page online store concept to make the process to be straight forward and fast for your customers.

In my opinion, this theme will only work effectively if it is being used for a limited number of products. It won’t look good if the page is lengthy.

FeaturesDemo | Download


Appcloud - best free WordPress online store theme

Appcloud is another simple free WordPress online store theme. The main feature of the online store theme is the image slider which covers almost half of the main page. It can work great for you if the products that you want to sell have designs that your visitors would like to see closer and clearly.

However, if you want more features, you can get those by purchasing the premium theme of Appcloud.


WordPress Store

WordPress store - best free wordpress online store theme

WordPress Store gained a lot of attentions from WordPress communities and pretty popular free WordPress online store theme. It is because it is the first WordPress online store theme that has shopping cart and have been integrated with Paypal. It was developed when others still busy using WordPress blog for blogging.

Other than the cuteness of this free WordPress online store theme, this theme cannot offer you much. There are still other themes that are better in terms of design and structure.


How mind blowing these themes are?

What do you think about the themes that I have listed above? Do the theme look great? In case if you have tried any of the above themes, would you mind to share your experience and thought?

It would be great to have it here!

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27 Responses to 9 Mind Blowing WordPress Online Store Themes That You Will Love

  1. Roman says:

    Great collection… I am designing my own worpress store and it was great to get some ideas and motivation for my new site!

  2. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Hi Roman,

    Good to know that the list above has helped to get some ideas and motivation.

    In case you want to see more of WordPress online store theme, you check below theme as it has just been launched last week


    Hope to see you again soon in Huzzer Magazine.

  3. Mike says:

    I use a great plug-in that I bought for $40. When someone buys a digital product it sends them the product via an encrypted download link that expires after a set amount of time so that no one knows where my file is located. It also imports customers automatically into my aweber list.

  4. adone says:

    The Furniture Shop, Clothes Shop – this is my favs premium themes.

  5. Kushal Chap says:

    My favoirte theme is the eshop. Kind of looks like apple.

  6. ariff says:

    The clothes shop looks nicer. But then, depending on the product people selling they still need to choose the right theme for their product

  7. Kushal Chap says:

    What plugin is this ? i am very very curious

  8. Kushal Chap says:

    I don’t but my favorites are the minimal look maybe I am just weird

  9. Kushal Chap says:

    By the ariff why do you like clothes shop so much. I am interested in others people opinion

  10. Mike says:

    the clothes shop looks very professional. for commercial products like this the theme needs to look clean and “safe” otherwise people will never put their credit card in.

  11. Mike says:

    it is called wpestore. Helmi wrote a post about an affiliate software on this site. it is made by the same developers

  12. Mike says:

    I am trying to figure out how I can make one of these themes fit a music blog and offer great multimedia but still offer the store functions for band related products.

  13. ariff says:

    If I’m not mistaken online sellers could get trust certificates from certain sites. Dont really know how, but it is possible

  14. Kushal Chap says:

    Check some themes from themeforest.

  15. Kushal Chap says:

    @ariff not sure about that

  16. Kushal Chap says:

    Not sure about that mike, I mean amazon doesn’t really look clean.

  17. Kushal Chap says:

    Yea, like for apple, its working really well for them

  18. Mike says:

    amazon doesn’t look clean but they have a strong reputation. All companies don’t have the brand trust of something like amazon. Smaller companies rely on the first impression which is often their websites appearance

  19. SmashinGeeks says:

    Nice collection, I liked the “Furniture Shop” Store Theme

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  22. Andres says:

    Nice … Thanks!

  23. Phil baker says:

    Shopping is my hobby. You are awesome!

  24. Cando4you says:

    This is the fantastic collection of themes mate. Thanks for sharing

  25. Online Calculator says:

    Good Themes Man Thanks ..

  26. Templatic has some good ones, I think I will try eShop 🙂 Thanks!

  27. Joseph says:

    These are great themes- do they do the shopping/math part too? Or do you need a cart provider? I get the impression one needs some kind of back end cart. I have a cart provider I am using for another project it should work well with this one. Very cool. They are all nice in their own way.

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