7 WordPress Hacks For Better and Effective Blog Monetization

Rather just be a blogging platform, WordPress has been used extensively for online store, portfolio site, virtual business card, classifieds site and online magazine. If you are interested how can use WordPress as online sites that I have mentioned before, below links will definitely be handy for you.

Monetization for survival?

However, cost of maintaining our WordPress blog can be relatively high for some of us as without selling anything, there will be no cash inflows for us which can be demotivating. Therefore, it would be wise to monetize our WordPress blog.

So, for this post, I would like to share 7 WordPress hacks that will help you to get more money online by making the process easier, effective and less intrusive.

Display adsense to search engines visitors only

Display adsense to search engines visitors only

For most of time, WordPress visitors who come from search engine results are not your regular readers which the sole reason for their visits is to get what they are looking for through search engine.

Therefore, the chance of those visitors of clicking your advertisement banners for example Google Adsense will be higher. It is because the advertisements that appear will be based on the article’s keyword.

Hiding Advertisements For Single Posts

Hiding Advertisements For Single Posts

For frequent WordPress blog readers, they will usually keep themselves update with our latest blog post which usually appears in full in our blog front page.

It will definitely a great approach to hide advertisements for the first post as embedded ad will not distract your loyal blog followers from reading your latest blog post.

This hack will help you to hide advertisement banners on the selected blog posts made by you.

Compress WordPress Output and Speed Your Blog’s Load Speed

Compress WordPress output and speed your blog’s load speed

By increasing the speed of your WordPress blog, it will definitely help you increase the visits to your blog and the length of visits. It is because your visitors will not easily get pissed off of your long loading WordPress blog.

When those factors have increased, the chance to monetize your WordPress blog will definitely higher.

Make a Google Custom Search for Your Blog

 Make a Google Custom Search for Your Blog

WordPress Search feature is definitely crucial for WordPress blogs as it is the best way for your readers to search for articles on the topics that they are interested in. However, have you think about monetizing it and do not know how?

This hack will definitely be handy for you.

Valid, SEO-Friendly Post Translation Links

Valid, SEO-Friendly Post Translation Links

Make our WordPress blogs to have the ability to cater for different types of  WordPress readers is definitely a great way to increase your WordPress audience and therefore increase the possibilities for you to earn more from your blog. One of the ways is by making your WordPress blog translatable.

With this hack, it will not only let your blog to be translatable but the links will also be SEO friendly.

Banning a WordPress Spammer With .htaccess

Banning a WordPress Spammer With .htaccess

Spamming is the biggest recurring problem that WordPress bloggers have to face every day. Without proper and close control, there will definitely spam that have missed and appear in the comment section.

This will definitely not bring great first impression for our blog visitors especially if it seems that we are ‘helping’ others to promote their Viagra pills. This hack will show you the best way as compared to other options to ban your WordPress blog’s spammers.

Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hotlinking

Protect your WordPress blog from hotlinking

Hotlinking is the use of our WordPress blog’s images in other sites which can drain our hosting bandwidth if we fail to control the level of the hotlinking. This is definitely a bad situation for us as it can cost us extra money for our hosting as if the bandwidth reaches its limit, it will definitely bring disruption for our blogs.

Rather just focussing on making more money each day, we also have to keep close watch on our cost and expenditure to ensure that we can get our returns at the maximum level. Am I right?

How about you?

What do you think about the above WordPress hacks? Will those hacks help you to have better returns form your WordPress blog? Do you have any request on other hacks which you couldn’t find anywhere in the internet?

Feel free to share in the comment section. I am eager to hear from you. Cheers!

22 Responses to 7 WordPress Hacks For Better and Effective Blog Monetization

  1. Phaoloo says:

    Nice hacks. I really your photos in this post, just look at them and I know what hacks are for.

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  4. Great, detailed post. Very visually appealing, too.

  5. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Good to know that you love the hacks that I have put up along with the images.

    Do you have any hack that you want to share? It would be great to have it over here.


  6. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Thank you for your compliment.

    I put up great images because I believe that they will help to boost our understanding as it will ‘tickle’ our imagination which is important e element in understanding something.

    Do you agree?

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  8. abrablog says:

    thanks. i belive it will be a big help.

  9. Tech Maish says:

    All the Tips are very helpful, specially the post related to blocking spammers.

  10. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    No problem! Hope you enjoy reading Huzzer Magazine ans see you again soon.


  11. club penguin says:

    I thank you very much, webmaster, for this great blog. I really appreciate your posts.

  12. Mike says:

    This is a great post. I have never used google ads because I don’t want to irritate my users. The simple fact that I can enable them only for search engine traffic is amazing. For the first time I am going to try google ads on my site. Hopefully this will help me bring in some income through the blog.

  13. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I think the best is doing thing is to give a try first and assess the result afterwards as it is impossible to know the outcome without giving a try first.

    It would be great if you can share the result Mike. There must be a lot of readers are interested in knowing about it.

  14. Mike says:

    Sure thing, I’ll get some ads up maybe next week and if I can remember I’ll come back after about thirty days and post the results here. I’m most interested in seeing how the ads perform on the posts that I wrote using the google keyword tool that we discussed on the other post since those are the pages that are giving me the most search engine traffic and the information in your post says search engine visitors click ads the most.

  15. Kushal Chap says:

    I didn’t know much about hotlinking before thanks for the info.

  16. Mike says:

    So if my hosting plan has unlimited bandwith do I need to worry about hotlinking?

  17. ariff says:

    Nope. U dont have to worry about that.

  18. Mike says:

    oh ok thanks. I probably dont get enough traffic right now for it anyway. I dont see why someone would hotlink anyway. Its too easy to download the file and upload it to photobucket.

  19. ariff says:

    People sometimes can be very lazy. It’s as simple as Right click, copy and paste the image url. Done!

  20. Mike says:

    yeah that is pretty lazy and I can see why someone would do that. It just seems like a bad strategy. If someone deletes a pic from their site then your blog would look crazy with a bunch of empty images.

  21. ariff says:

    Well dont have to delete the images, just put the hotlinking protection would teach them a good lesson

  22. Hello, I have been recently enjoying your blog for a long time right now and like to go through your current posts. Just simply wished to give you a ton of feedback with this one. I think that anyone can make the most of this if it’s used correctly. Alright, hope you produce even more superb content rapidly. I can subscribe to your feed and also keep coming back the next day.

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