5 Best Free Blogging Platforms : Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?

Blogs have become an important tool to share information in this era of Social media and Networking. Today, blogging Network is a most influential platform for passionate writers and provides the opportunity for the young talent to stage themselves online with their blogs and creative views on different topics.
We have many success stories of entrepreneurs turning their ideas into reality and earning million dollars by blogging websites. There are many ways to create a free blog and start earning as an earning writer. It is an amazing work and have become and trend to write your heart out and see what others think.
Here I give you the detail Information and tell you about best 5 blogging platform and tell you who’s the best of best and why.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is wordpress Best free blogging platform?
Vast features and good rating over the internet make WordPress most popular blogging website on the internet. It provides you with 35,000+ plugins and 3000+ theme design. It is being the most popular of all blogging platforms with free publishing tool, Search Engine Optimization friendly Content, and user-friendly functions. Enriched with WordPress system software, WordPress is highly flexible, user-friendly, and scalable and search engine optimized. This is what makes it best of the best today, the most lovable blogging platform.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Renowned by its popular name Blogspot, it is one of the first blogging platforms. This is one of the best bloggers for a new user and new blogger and it is very simple to use. The salient feature of blogger is that it is a product of Google and holding on the blogging platform for a very long time. Much loved by new blog writers, this is entirely free and does not cost any hosting fee. It has an overall rating of 8. You can earn money with AdSense Services.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Best known for micro-blogging, Tumblr is placed third on our list of the free blogging platform. Tumblr has quite an impression over the youngster, mostly used by them. Tumblr mainly focuses on visual sharing, like images or videos with very less amount of text with it. This is what attract user most towards it. Easy to handle, varying option in themes and also not to forget the mobile friendly look, some of the eye-catching features of Tumblr.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Created by the one of the masterminds behind the origin of twitter, Evan Williams. Acquire a very snappy user interface of all 5 listed blogging platform, medium sure is something to go for. This free blogging platform is very popular nowadays. Fast and growing, giving tougher competition to its rivals in the market. Medium allows you to set your customized domain and focuses mainly on the content-based blogs.


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms: Is WordPress Best free blogging platform?
Comes with a motto of “Blog Forever”, this blogging platform is to its competitor Medium. Not so old but still have managed to mark its feet in the market. It helps you write as easy as it can be, this is what SVBTLE focuses on. With needed customization control on its dashboard, the founder has tried to keep things very straight and manageable.

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