3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 3)

I have shared with all of you two tips that can help you to make use of your money to invest in advertisement campaigns. In case you have missed those tips, you can check it out through below links:

For the last part of this series, I would like to share another great tips about how can you make effective advertisement campaigns that will bring traffic to your WordPress blog.

There is one element that you should focus on in driving more traffic into your WordPress blog. Rather plainly focus on how much traffics will our advertisement campaigns bring, we should focus on getting the best out of the incoming traffics i.e. retain them longer in our WordPress blog which possibly will lead then to be loyal and supportive blog followers.

What do you have?

In order to retain your incoming traffic which most probably, have their first time visit to your WordPress blog, it is important for you to have something that can be the reason to make the incoming traffic prolong their visit. For WordPress blogs, what else can be the solid reason besides good and quality contents? I am afraid that there is nothing, unfortunately.

It is because it is important to have something that you can share and attract others to stay longer in your WordPress blog, keep coming and contribute to your WordPress blogs.

You must think what is the reason why you want such amount of traffics? After you have bring them to your WordPress blog, what then?

Without thinking these 2 important questions, your advertisement campaigns will completely a waste of time and money as the incoming traffics will only visit for a while and leave it after few moments.

It is not because they don’t want to enjoy and be part of the excitement of your WordPress blog. It is because there is nothing to enjoy with and excite about.

How about your WordPress blog? Do you think about the two questions before you decide to buy advertisement campaigns?

Want to improve further?

Sometimes, due to the huge collection of articles that we have written, good articles and great section of our WordPress blogs can be ‘hidden’ from the incoming traffics.

This is definitely not a great situation that we should be in after we have invested our money to attract more traffic through advertising campaigns. It is always a great idea to ‘serve’ the best of our WordPress blogs instead of require the incoming traffics to browse through one page and another and if they are lucky, they will find the good articles and great section of our WordPress blogs.

One of the way that can work great to ‘serve’ the good articles and great section of our WordPress blogs to the incoming traffic is by creating specific landing page for them. Depending on your creativity, you can create a page either through WordPress or ‘minisite’ landing page that has a list of most popular posts, most commented post, latest posts, posts that you want to give further highlight and even subscription form.

What do you think?

Do you want to share other tips that can help to retain the incoming traffics longer and encourage them to come again besides using landing page? Is by having great amount and quality contents will help to encourage more quality visits?

Share with us. There will definitely a lot of people want to what is your say.

7 Responses to 3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 3)

  1. Of course, the quality content helps your visitors to come back for more. Post frequency can also be an advantage for traffic from search engines.

  2. Ben Lang says:

    Awesome continuation, I hope I start finding some more advertisers!

  3. Mike says:

    I agree, a landing page is very important. If they land on your page they will leave quickly if they can’t see all of what your site has to offer

  4. Mike says:

    I use an large email opt in form with a free product to lure people into signing up. Once they sign up one of the email that goes to them contains our most popular posts.

  5. ariff says:

    Good tactic you have there =)

  6. Mike says:

    its worked for me so far. That way I can send them the best articles my site has to offer to keep them interested instead of just hoping they land on it. I do have some optimized landing pages though but im still learning

  7. Mike says:

    I do agree though that ads should be directed to a landing page instead of directing to your home page. Take them exactly to where you want them to go instead of taking them to your site and hoping they look around. Landing pages should be clear and simple about what you want them to do or look at.

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