3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 2)

Advertisement can play major role for our WordPress blog especially in terms of branding. However, it can be a waste of our money if we simply invest in multiple advertisement campaigns without proper planning and research.

Therefore, with observation that I have carried out, there are 3 criteria of effective advertisement banners that I want to share will all of you in 3-part-series of article.

For those who have missed the first part of this series, I have mentioned about the importance of buying advertisement campaign in growing blog instead from the established blog. You can check out the post through below link:

For the second part of this series, I would like to share another tip that can definitely be handy for those who want to invest in advertisement campaigns for your WordPress blogs.

Simplicity – Quick but Effective

The element which brings the effectiveness of most of advertisement banners down is by making the banners to be too complex and fill with unnecessary details. It is because internet is a really fast environment and the visitors of one particular site will only spend limited amount of times on that site.

SimplicityTherefore, we have to make use of the limited time to get the attention of the visitors by ensuring our advertisement banners to be in pace with the internet environment and expectation of the visitors.

Personally, simplicity approach is the best way in ensuring our advertisement banners can keep up with high paced environment. It is because site visitors do not have to wait long to get the idea of our advertisement banners.

There are few tips that I want to share which can help you to keep your advertisement banners simple but effective.

Fewer Words for Better Impact

Our advertisement banners should not fill with too many words as it will bring dramatically the value down.

It is because it will not only make it harder for the visitors to ‘glance’ through your banner but it will also make the process of grabbing the idea behind our banner slower. It can also piss off those visitors as they have to strain their eyes to read the small ‘important’ words that we decide to put into the banner.

Keep the banner simple. Just put in words that will show what is the banner all about. If someone is interested of your products, they will definitely click on your banner and look for the further details on your site.

Less Flashy for Better Impact

Another problem that most of advertisement banners have is those banners are too flashy and ‘complex’ which distract the site visitors from getting the idea of the advertisement banners.

The problem is getting worst if we make our banners through combination of few frames (means have few pages within one banner).

We should make our banners straight to the point and minimise the amount of ‘distraction’ element. However, if it necessary to make our banner through combination of few frames, it would way better if the idea of our banner that we want everyone to know is in the first frame or in every frames.

Horizontal Please…

By combining horizontal and vertical positions of the words in the advertisement banners, it can be pretty confusing and sometimes, it can be irritating.

It is because it makes the banners hard to read and it will definitely not bring a good first impression if the site visitors have to tilt their head to read the words that we intentionally put in vertical position.

Personally, I don’t see the relevant of putting the words in vertical position especially in small size banner such 125×125 ad. How about you?

Advertisement Banners Of My Heart

I would like to share with you great advertisement banners that I found, although it is simple, can bring massive impact to its target viewers. For your information, the banners below are affiliates banners that are being provided for me.

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Stylewp WordPress Premium Themes


If you have carefully observed the above three banners, it will have all three elements as what I have said above – less words, straight forward plus have advertisement main idea that is always appear and all the words is on vertical position.

And what do you think about below banners? Will it bring greater impact and more effective than the above three banners?

StyleWp premium wordpress theme

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

How about you?

Do you think that by keeping our advertisement banner simple will help to the increase its effectiveness? What are the best and worst advertisement banners that you have seen?

Feel free to share as it would be great to have those in Huzzer Magazine.

14 Responses to 3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 2)

  1. mytheory says:

    i agree with your term: quick but effective. Most blog out there have low page-load time because of complex ads banner they put in their blogs. Many blogger should consider these things if they don’t want to lose their visitors.

  2. You really make great point here. I will try some of the tips in this post for better banner. Thanks.

  3. I would agree with you on this. You got to put enough information about what the product does? At the same time, it has to be short enough to be read in few seconds. Also, design should be simple and clear not to distract the message.

    First 4 banners are good examples. but the last two are not. They are distracting and don’t grap attention. Also, take time to deliver the message.

  4. Ben Lang says:

    Also great advice. Thanks

  5. Karl Foxley says:

    I totally agree. A banner ad needs to be punchy, grab attention and raise the viewers desire to click or curiosity.

    The design should certainly support the text and not detract from it!



  6. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    I am totally agree with you,Karl. Sometimes people to think much while creating their banner. As long they have their own banner, they will be happy although at the expense of its effectiveness.

    Good to have you hear Karl. Hope to see you again soon!


  7. Kushal Chap says:

    Totally agree with this one. You do need to have a quick, effective and catchy baner.

  8. ariff says:

    Could you give some good tool to create all this flashy banners? Dont really know any

  9. ariff says:

    One simple step I use to increase the click through for my text ads is to put it next to or nearby another link in the post. The possibility of people clicking the text ads would be higher that way

  10. Kushal Chap says:

    I think the best way would be to use flash. You can put different stuff every few secons.

  11. Kushal Chap says:

    I think the best way would be to make your ads funny.

  12. Mike says:

    Simplicity is always good I beleive. Is creating banners like this expensive?

  13. ariff says:

    Don’t think so. Won’t cost a thing if you know how to create one. Just need the right tools & knowledge to do it.

  14. Mike says:

    As far as ads go, I think the page the ad links to should have some sort of free product in exchange for their email address or some way for you to keep in contact with them after they leave.

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