3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 1)

We have always been advised with the idea of the best way getting massive traffic for our site is by creating great content in terms of quality and quantity.

Within the same idea, we are also been given massive tips of improving the content that we have written for example by putting more of our WordPress blogs’ keywords into the contents. It is because it will help us to bring more traffic from the search engine as this process will help make our WordPress blogs and especially the content to be search engine friendly and ranked higher in the search results..

Advertisement – Important or Not?

However, for some of us, this process can be painfully slow and demotivating as after we have put such massive effort into our WordPress blog, the traffic still at really low level.

Although I do agree with the fact that we must be focussed and not easily demotivated with low traffic level, increase in traffics is definitely a great motivating factor. It is because after we have put so much effort, it will definitely bring a great feeling for those who just start blogging and push them to keep blogging.

One of the ways to boost traffic is by purchasing in advertisement spot in other sites and blogs as this will bring our brand further and to a greater extent which our WordPress blog hard to reach. Through advertisement, it can help us to channel the traffics that the sites which we invested in have into our blog.

With the new source of traffic and great content that we have, we then can build up our WordPress blog faster as we have more supportive and loyal visitors for our blog. The reasons are they will not only leave constructive comments to our WordPress blog which is the blood for a WordPress blog but they will also help us to promote our WordPress blogs virally through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Will the returns more than the cost of advertisement?

However, we cannot simply invest in every blogs that we love and find interesting as although the cost of purchasing the banner is low, it is not necessary that the return will be more than the cost that we have put in. If we fail to take this into account, it will not only bring not as much traffic as you expected, it can be a total waste of your money as especially for beginners who have limited amount of funds for investment.

To avoid such thing to happen, I would love to share with you first great tip for the first part of this series that can help you to make use our limited funds to get greater returns out of it.

Buy spot in growing blog, not the well established

The cost of investing in advertisement spot in the well established blogs are extremely high due to the high demand and the ranking that the blogs get through few different indicators. This definitely can affect us financially as the funds can be spent in better ways such as buying well designed premium themes and create contest with great prizes to reward your readers.

For me, the best way is buying advertisement spot in growing WordPress blogs. It is because the cost will be minimal and the traffic is at considerable level. However, the best approach is to buy the advertisement spot in a longer term as the cost will be at its minimal when the traffic level is at a really high level after having rapid growth.

However, it is important for you to observe the trend using proper tools. For me, I usually observe the trend of the unique visitors, visitors and pageviews through the graph provided in Compete.

3 Best Way to Advertise

Personally, I find it better to buy advertisement spot with sites that has low traffic but has sign of rapid growth like above rather sites that have high but stagnant traffic.

What is your experience?

How about you? What is the best approach that you see as the best way to invest in advertising? Is there any other tools that use to observe the trend of other sites traffic?

Lets share our knowledge and opinion so that others can get greater return with their advertisement and to ensure such investment to be a total waste.

I am eager to know more about this from you.

Let’s head to the part 2 of this series.

25 Responses to 3 Best Ways to Put Up Advertisement For Your WordPress Blogs (Part 1)

  1. I think that’s a very smart strategy to buy ad spots in new but fast growing blogs. The ad prices will be very low as well.

    At the end of the day I think it all comes down to testing, that’s the only way to know for sure what works for and what doesn’t.

    If you want to try and estimate organic traffic. You could looks for what keywords the site ranks for in the SERPS and find out how many searches those keywords get in googles keyword tool. That will just give you a general estimation but it can be a helpful indication.

    Another tip is to watch the blog ad spots for 3 or more months and if an advertiser is continuing to buy ads every month, chances are the traffic is many him more money than he’s spending. That’s only if you know it’s an advertiser and not an affiliate ad that the blog owner is running.

  2. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Good to see you over, Blaine. Hope you love the first experience of visiting this site.

    Such great tips that you have given up there Blaine. However, about observing the ad spot, I think if we use such amount of time to observe the ad spot, it will start to get more expensive each month and therefore will defeat the purpose of getting ad spot at minimal cost.

    What do you think Blaine?

  3. Interesting post. I will be sure to watch for the next part(s).

  4. Jim Clary says:

    I definitely agree looking for a blog that is growing is a great place to get lower priced advertising, it is a risk. What if the blog does not grow as anticipated?

    I joined your rss feed, can’t wait to see the rest of this topic

  5. I have never been use advertisement for my blog, but yeah i think it is a great idea. We can get reputation trough it beside traffic.

  6. When I buy ads, I am looking for blogs that are active; regular posts, interaction with commentators, etc. You are right, growing blogs are my target to advertise my blog. That is what i did with my last ad campaign.

  7. Ricky says:

    Buying advertisement from growing blog is good as the cost will be low. Thank you for the tip.

  8. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Although it can be risky, personally I think it is better to invest in few growing blogs rather that just one established blog which can be really expensive.

    By diversifying our investment, it can reduce the risk that we are facing. Although one of those investments does not turn out as what we are expected, the cost can still be lower than the return that we will get.

    By the way, it is great to see you over here, Jim. Hope to see you again.


  9. It’s good to comment here Helmi.

    Just as long as people know a few more points of view to consider. Well I guess 2 months would be minimum but if the site is small or even a little established, the prices more than likely still won’t grow.

    I guess though if you wanted to get in early but be safe. You could make up a contract where you agree or have the option to buy ad space at a defined price in the future.

    The site owner will be thrilled that he might get money when his site is small and you have the option to buy ad space in the future when the site grows further at a great price. Though if something bad happens to the site or doesn’t grow like you predicted and you have the option to buy, you then don’t actually have to buy the ad space.

  10. earnword says:

    i believe that advertisement is important. Especially for blogger like me.

  11. Also, if you see the potential on that blog, it is good idea if you could purchase the ad for long time, for instance 6 months. Because, eventually as the blog that you purchase ads will become more popular and the price of the ads will also increase.

  12. goood extablished blog..post a lot of skill with wordpress secret..tanx share your idea..

  13. Walte Call says:

    Thanx for this useful article. But I had difficult time navigating through your site as I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

  14. Ben Lang says:

    Great advice, if only though those advertisers could use my blog lol 🙂

  15. Mike says:

    So how do you find the right blog to advertise on? Do you look for something in your niche by searching blogs in google?
    Great tip about compete by the way. Yet another great resource I can add to my arsenal

  16. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Yes, most of the time I use Google. Sometimes, I will look the friends list of big sites such as John Chow. Form there, I will start to find smaller size blogs but with great readers.

  17. Mike says:

    I may try this. Advertising is a little scary for me. I have wasted money before using adsense and facebook ads with no results. Maybe this is a better strategy. Do you have someone to design your banner or do you do it yourself? I’d have to pay someone to make a banner for me.

  18. Kushal Chap says:

    I think using social sites like twitter and digg will bring bigger hits to your website.

  19. Mike says:

    I can definitely see using twitter. I don’t know anything about digg. I don’t think I know one person who uses it.

  20. ariff says:

    Wow~ Thousands of uniques views.
    btw. You have not posted anything yet on Google pagerank and alexa rank. I’d like to hear your view/tips on that subject

  21. Kushal Chap says:

    Digg is very popular you should definetly check it out along with delicious

  22. ariff says:

    For a personal blog, it is hard to get your content on Digg’s front page. Usually those big sites have the monopoly

  23. Mike says:

    ive never been to digg and probably never will. I just dont hear enough about it.

  24. Mike says:

    thanks I may check it out later this week

  25. Hi,
    I enjoyed viewing your blog site and will be looking forward to your future blog posts. ,
    Vincent James – VJ Global

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