13 Must-Have Twitter Plugins and Tools for WordPress Blogs

Alongside Facebook, Twitter has become increasingly and ridiculously popular and gains a lot of users. This is definitely good news for us as WordPress bloggers as we do not have to rely only Google to gain massive incoming traffics.

Social networking sites V Google?

We can now rely more on social networking sites as we can easily gather friends and fans that have same interest and would love to keep supporting us. Rather just reading our blog post, I am definitely sure that they would not mind to help us to promote our post if the post deserves to be shared with others.

Through this, we can diversify our source of traffics and reduce the risk that we have to face by relying too much on Google for example to be too focussed on SEO and improving pagerank at the expense of, for example the quality of our WordPress blog contents.

Here are your bullets…

Realising the importance of Twitter in the success of WordPress blog, I would love to share must-have Twitter Plugins and Tools for WordPress blog.

With these tool and plugins, hopefully they will help you to effectively integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog, improve your interactions with your fans and followers and make use at the fullest the potential that Twitter has for your WordPress blog.

Twitter Plugins


Tweetmeme is a digg-like site which let you to share your blog post and for others to retweet it. The site will record how many ‘digg’ your blog post get.

Tweetmeme also provides you plugin that let you to place retweet button i.e. Tweetmeme in your WordPress blog.

Tweetable Twitter

Tweetable Twitter - WordPress Twitter Plugin

Tweetable Twitter let you to update and manage your Twitter profile from your WordPress blog’s dashboard. Rather tjust let you to only tweet your latest blog post and update your Twitter, you can also display your latest tweets and number of followers in the sidebar.

TwitterLink Comments

With this plugin, it let you to add another extra field in your comment form for the commentators to enter in their Twitter ID. This plugin is actually an improved version of WP Twitip ID plus the WordPress plugin no longer supported by its developer.


Sometimes interactions related to our blog post do not only happen in our comment section. It can be also happened in Twitter. Therefore, this plugin will help you to bring the interactions in Twitter right back to your comment section as it brings tweets about your post as comments.


TweetStats - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin has been developed to compliment the TweetBacks plugin. With this plugin, it will add two new widgets to your WordPress blog – “Most Tweeted Post” and “Recently Tweeted Post”.

However, to let this plugin works, you have to install the TweetBacks plugin first.

@ Reply

@ Reply - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin let you to add Twitter-like reply icon for your readers to reply on any comments on your comments section. Their replied comments will then, have @user id – exactly the same with Twitter.

Twitter Avatars in Comments

Twitter Avatars in Comments - WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin integrates Twitter avatars in the comment section of your WordPress blog. Rather just only use Gravatar, this plugin let your commentators to use their Twitter profile picture in the comment section.

This plugin will definitely help you to promote your readers involvement in Twitter with you.

Twitter Tools

Friend or Follow

FriendorFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

This tool let you to know who are the persons that you have followed but not following back and user that have followed you but you are not following back. You can also check out the growth of Twitter users and couples of interesting statistics.


WeFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

WeFollow - WordPress Twitter Tools

With this Twitter tool, it can help you to find others in Twitter within your niche and industry as WeFollow groups out Twitter users into different categories base on their interests. The informations about the interest are being gathered during registration – therefore the categorization can be considered accurate.


Twitterless - WordPress Twitter Tools

Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views. You can also filter your followers by keywords in their description, sort them by a variety of attributes, and search for terms in their tweet history.


Qwitter - WordPress Twitter Tools

With Qwitter, it will inform you if there are Twitter users that have stopped following you. With this tool, you can then look to the matter in depth especially the reason why they have stopped follow you.

Nearby Tweets

Nearby Tweets - WordPress Twitter Tools

Nearby Tweets let you keep up to date with the latest tweets that have been sent by Twitter users around your area by integrating Google Maps and Twitter.

Therefore, rather just focussing on online networking, you can get more serious in building your network through the conventional networking such as through meet up with Nearby Tweets’ help.


Twitoria - WordPress twitter Tools

Sometimes, Twitter users that we are following not exactly a Twitter user as after using after a while, couple of users will abandon their account and will hardly use Twitter. Therefore, to keep us update with the actual status of our friends, Twitoria can help us to check who are the Twitter users have never tweeted or hardly tweeted.

Then, we can take necessary action from there.

How about you?

Do you have any WordPress Twitter plugins or tools that you would like to add? In case you have tried any of the plugins and tools that I have mentioned above, it would be great you can share your experience and opinions.

And you can keep up to date with what is going on with Huzzer Magazine through Twitter. Follow Us.

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  2. Suresh K says:

    thanks for giving more twitter plugins

  3. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    No problem, Suresh!

  4. Tech Maish says:

    This is great post Huzzer.
    Great job.

  5. titan says:

    fuhh..too many thing i don’t know about twitter. great post huzzer.

  6. ariff says:


    btw, since when i was recognized as a contributor?

  7. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    Actually what I mean with top contributors is for me, besides blog authors, commentators are also the contributors to the success of one particular blog.

    That is why I put the widget title “Top Contributors” rather than “Top Commentators” as there are a lot of this site’s commentators that have give great input through their comments.


  8. Helmi Asyraf (admin) says:

    No problems! Hope to see you again soon 😉

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  10. ariff says:

    I’ve been using most of the plugins and tools here.

    Tweetmeme is the most common, most blogger on WordPress have it. It’s just essential.

    Personally I love friend or follow. Been using it most of the time. At times, we dont really want to be a fan of someone when we treat them as friends

  11. ariff says:

    I see. Thanks a lot!!

  12. Kushal Chap says:

    Love the qwitter. Just makes me smile 🙂

  13. Kushal Chap says:

    Yea, tweetmeme is a really nice service

  14. Kushal Chap says:

    Am I one of them too 😉

  15. Kushal Chap says:

    That had me cofused for a bit too. Although I wish I could post. My article probably wouldn’t be good, unfortunately

  16. ariff says:

    But to get tweetmeme retweet your entry is a tough job. You just need lots of people retweeting your post to get that

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