10 Most Important things, you must know for monetizing any blog

Blogging is the well known money making way. You may notice that whenever you google anything, there will be more than 70% of results from sites that are actually blogs.  All these blogs can give you every bit of information you want and these blogs are not only surviving but also making big bucks. Blogging is the way that everyone can adopt to make money online. But every blogger is not making money from their blogs, though most of them are trying hard.

With all my blogging experience and researches, I have managed to identify the secrets of  the popular money making blogs. Here are the 10 most important things that a blogger or blog owner must know for monetizing any blog.

1.  Content is King

content is king

Every reader or visitor of a blog expect some new information with each post. So it is extremely important to provide unique and  fresh content with each post. This is also important to get maximum exposure in search engine results. Blog’s content is primarily responsible for blog’s search engine rankings. Google and other popular search engines are always hungry of fresh and unique content. Good Search engine positions can provide you massive organic traffic.

2.  Presentation of Content

A blog can have lots of good, fresh and unique content and it will be well appreciated by search engines. But all of this will be worthless, if blog reader does not find it interesting to read.  In this era of web 2.0, a page full of only text lines will look so boring.  So it is very important to use other media like Images, graphs, slideshows or videos at every possible part of each post.

3.  Impress the visitors, Do not irritate them

Impress or irritate

As mentioned in top 2 points, we really want to impress search engines and blog readers/visitors. Blog readers have very important role in any blog’s success. With my research on popular money making blogs , I found that each one of those blog has massive amount of regular readers of their respective blogs.  They impress new visitors to make them regular reader and subscriber of their blog posts.

Placing many ads,many social media icons and many links around blog posts, really irritates readers/visitors and they feel like leaving those blogs quickly, no matter how good information you have provided in your blog posts.

 4.  Communicate with your readers/visitors


Replying or commenting to the readers comments, make them feel that their views are important to the post author or blog owner. Sharing thoughts and resources is extremely important in this social media dominated cyber world. This is very certain that it is impossible to attend each comment of  each post but a time to time commenting from author, will make post more lively.

5.  Page Breaks in every long post

Every post on the blog, should be very focused on the topic.  A very long post can take some time to finish loading. Too much images or graphics can make a reader to leave that post. So, to avoid this scenario, one should always use page breaks in long posts.

Providing page breaks  is very favorable for both visitors and blog owner. On the visitor/reader side, it takes very less time to complete loading of full page of blog. On other side, blog get more “Pageviews” than before . More pageviews means that ads on your blog will get more exposure which will lead your blog to make even more money.

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2 Responses to 10 Most Important things, you must know for monetizing any blog

  1. Great list! I managed to write some useful content on my a song of ice and fire fan website, which resulted in numerous visitors, but my monetizing of the site is extremely poor. Hopefully I´ll manage to improve on this aspect too 🙂

    (Found out that promoting amazon on my site doesn´t perform as I expected )

  2. Joz says:

    Try out some affiliate programs or ADSENSE.

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